How To View Old Stories On Facebook Archive| Best Guide 2023

Facebook also have facility of stories just like instagram. You can view and make your own stories but question is how you can view?So we will disucss here how to view old stories on facebook or fb.Some users also want to know about facebook poke that we have discussed in the given article.

What is Story on facebook?

Facebook stories are a short made grouping of photos and accounts that the group can see up to two times and stay for 24 hours on your channel. Facebook stories feature licenses clients to click fun shots with various channels and fun central focuses.

How to View Old Stories on Facebook:

You can view old storeies by two different ways at different platfroms like desktop and mobile.We will disscuss both of them in the below:

(A). View Old stories from desktop:

  • Go to facebook and login to your account.

how to view old stories on facebook

click on more

  • Tap on stroy archive option from drop down.

click archive

  • Here you will see all the old stories.

(B). From Mobile:

Follow the below steps to view old stories from mobile:

  • Go to app and open it.Go to profile page
  • Click on menu button or three dots sign.
  • Choose archive from dorp down menu.
  • Click on story archive(move to right if not find).
  • Here you will find stories in the below.

Hope so your doubt about how to view old stories on facebook will be removed.

How to view friend’s old stories?

If you want to see friend’s old stories then you should have to go to highlights if they will save in highlights you will find all the stories. Otherwise you will not find any story.

About Stories:

Facebook Stories are short client-delivered photos or video arrangements that can be moved to the client’s Facebook. Facebook Stories was made on March 28, 2017. They are seen as an ensuing news hotspot for the internet-based media website. It is revolved around Facebook’s in-application camera which grants clients to use fun channels and Snapchat-like central focuses to their substance as well as add visual geolocation marks to their photos and accounts. The substance can be posted uninhibitedly on the Facebook application for only 24 hours or can be sent as a prompt message to a Facebook sidekick.


We discussed all the possible ways of how to view old stories on facebook in this article. We also discussed about story and its features and View old friend’s stories.If you still facing any info about it then you should have to contact us.You must follow the below faqs that may helpful for you.


How do you find old stories on Facebook?

Tap in the upper right of Facebook, then, tap your name. click under your cover photo. Press on Archive, then, tap Story Archive at the top.

Can I see someone’s old stories on Facebook?

You can find and view the old stories made by you by going to Story Archives (under Archives Section) which is accessible under Settings choice. Naturally, the story file choice is turned on in Facebook Settings.

How can I find an old story?

Luckily there is a method for surveying your own IG Stories. Accepting you haven’t switched the document settings off, your recently posted stories will be situated in the chronicle envelope. All you really want to do to get to this envelope is tap on three level lines in the upper right-hand corner from you profile page.

Do FB stories disappear?

Facebook Stories are short client-produced photographs and video assortments that can be seen up to twice and vanish following 24 hours.

How long does a story last on Facebook?

Every photograph or video you offer to your story is accessible in the Stories area on Facebook and the Messenger application for 24 hours. Following 24 hours, you can keep the narratives you’ve partaken in your story document, which might be noticeable to you.

Can you search for stories on Facebook?

Stories show up in succession at the highest point of your News Feed. On the off chance that somebody you’re companions with or a Page you follow has posted a story, you can see it by doing any of the accompanying choices: Tap their story at the highest point of News Feed. Go to their profile or Page and tap their profile picture.

How to view old stories on facebook app?

On the Facebook App Home Page, open your profile by tapping on profile pic. Click on the 3 flat specks beneath profile pic to open up Profile Settings. Select “Document”from the rundown of choices. Scroll right and tap on Story Archives tab.

How to view old stories on facebook mobile?

You can view old stories on mobile by following method that we desribed in the above article.APP==>Profile pic==>profile settings==> Document==>Story archive

How do you find old stories on Facebook?

You can follow the below methods:

Go o facebook==> Click on name==>menu button under cover photo==>Archive==> story Archive.


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