How to sign in Hotmail account| Best Guide in 2022

Do you want to login or sign in to your account but don’t know method? here are some instructions which guides you how to sign in Hotmail account. You can login or sign in to your hotmail account by using web browser as well as mobile.Before going to main topic we should know about Hotmail well.

What is Hotmail?

It is the second most well known email administration, after Gmail, and it was previously called Hotmail. With an Outlook or Hotmail account, you will get sufficiently close to the expansive’s scope of items, including those supported by Windows and other Microsoft items.

Why Hotmail login is important or compulsory?

Hotmail login gives you access to Hotmail inbox from where you’ll send, receive and manage emails.Hotmail login interface is changing continuously, and even inbox is being regularly upgraded.

All Microsoft emails are now Outlook mail. Only your email address are going to be can log in to Hotmail email from PC/Desktop, tablets, Mac, and mobiles

It is a free email service provided to Internet users by Microsoft. If you’re a new user of this service and don’t exactly know how the Hotmail login account process works, you’ll follow the steps below to log in to your Hotmail account. But if you’re new at Microsoft and don’t have an account on Microsoft Just make a new account easily.

Methods of how to sign in hotmail account:

There are three methods that you can use to login to your account If you are unable to sign in your account then check sign in problems that you are facing in your login account.But for that you know about how to let’s see the methods

(a). Through webpage

(b). By mobile 

(c).  Using window app

We will discuss one by one these methods in the below you can use any method according to your platfrom.

(A). How to sign in Hotmail account from a web page:

If you want to sign in Hotmail from your web page just follow below steps which guides you easily.

Visit Official web page:

visit Hotmail’s official page and click on the “Sign in” button. Your browser automatically redirects to the Hotmail check in page.

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Entering your email address:

Enter your email address, it should end with “”. otherwise you may type Your Phone or Skype name. Then click “Next“.

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Entering Password:

Enter your password. to urge to your inbox without having to check in whenever , select Keep me signed in. Select “Sign in“.If you forgot your password then change your password or reset it.

Welcome to Hotmail login Interface:

Below is the Hotmail login interface successfully. 

How to check the Hotmail login history

“If you would like your device to recollect your login details, check the box ‘Keep me signed in‘ before clicking ‘Sign in‘, so you don’t need to enter login credentials each time. Please note, this is often only recommended for private computers and laptops.

(B). How to sign in to Hotmail from your phone (Android) easily?

Your Hotmail account also can be accessed from Android and iOS devices also . The Hotmail email app is known as Outlook in the App Store and Google Play store. Here are the steps for Hotmail login from mobile.

  • Install ‘Outlook app to your mobile device.
  • After installation, open the app.
  • You are on the home interface of the app, click start to check in to your Hotmail for mobile.
  • Enter your Hotmail email and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Now , you would like to enter the password of your Hotmail account. Please confirm you enter the right password for your email. then . click ‘Sign In’.
  • On subsequent steps, you’ll be notified that your account has been added to Hotmail mobile app. If you would like to feature more accounts, you’ll continue. Or click ‘Skip’ to travel to your inbox.
  • You will get an introduction on the way to use the app in subsequent step. you’ll skip this if you’re familiar with the Hotmail mobile app.
  • Congratulations! you’ve successfully signed in to your Hotmail mobile app.

(C). How to Sign in  Hotmail account from the window App?

You can also sign in to your Hotmail account from the window app, if you have a window app and want to login or sign in just follow below steps which helps you sign in Hotmail.

Open Mail app:

Open Mail app from programs or search ‘Mail’ from Start/Search box.

Go to Menu: 

Click on the menu of Mail app and choose Accounts > Add Account. you’ll also do that by setting > Manage Accounts > Add account

Select Outlook:

You’ll be asked to settle on the sort of your email, select

Login in to your account:

Enter your Microsoft account and password and click on check in .

Entering in Hotmail box:

You will reach your Hotmail inbox which is now named Outlook Mail. you’ll access all of your old Hotmail emails and contacts at If you face any issues with Hotmail account login, please visit the Hotmail login problems to solve your problems.

Do you Know How to sign in Hotmail account by two step verification?

 Two-step authentication allows you to check in to your Hotmail email account securely. If your Hotmail account contains sensitive personal or business information, it might be better to use two-step verification for Outlook email login. 

What happens when Two verification is enabled?

If two-step verification is enabled, you’ve got to enter a further security code after you enter the Hotmail login password. you’ll get security codes via Text, Email, or the Authenticate app.

If you don’t need two step verification for sign in Hotmail:

To your personal and trusted device, check/tick on the choice ‘I check in frequently on this device. Don’t ask me for a code.’ By doing so, you don’t need to enter a two-factor authentication code for Hotmail sign-in for that specific device.

How can you enable two step verification?

Follow below steps if you want enable two step verification for your business and personal account:

  • Go to Microsoft Account Settings 
  •  Security & Privacy
  •  More Security Settings
  • Two-Step Verification 
  • activate two-step verification.

How to disable two step verification:

To disable, follow a similar process, and click on deactivate or close up two step verification. As enable it same steps will use it but the last step is deifferent in which we use close or deactivate two step verification.


In this article we learned about how to sign in hotmail account with different methods with simple ways and knew about security like two step authentication.You can apply these methods fro solve your problem but if you still finding any reason then send or share your problem through comment section.


How to sign in Hotmail account?

Go to the sign-in page and select Sign in.Enter your email address or telephone number and select Next.On the following page, enter your secret phrase and select Sign in.


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