How To Search Facebook Posts By Date Easy Guide In 2023

Are you looking for How To Search Facebook Posts By Date? Then you are at the right place where you will get info about Facebook posts with specific dates, months, or years. 

As we know Facebook is one of the most well-known person-to-person communication stages, having more than 2.6 billion dynamic clients. As of late, Facebook has made a lot of changes, providing you with the choice of a more current-looking point of interaction separated from the exemplary look.

How to search Facebook posts by date:

If you want to search posts by a specific date, it depends upon your device where you want to search posts. Like if you are using a mobile app or a laptop (pc) both have different methods. We will discuss here all the ways you can use to search posts.

how to search facebook posts by date

Search Facebook app In the Mobile app:

If you are currently using the Facebook mobile app, then you can see the specific post with a specific post. But it depends upon your app Facebook main app or fb lite app, Because every app gives different facilities or accessibility to you. 

If you are using Facebook’s main app, which gives you access to search specific posts for months or a year that you have created. But if you are using FB lite it gives you access to posts for only specific days, one or two days. 

How to search Facebook posts by date at Main App:

Here we discuss searching posts by date at the original app that you have downloaded for your devices like Android and Apple.

As of late Facebook, Main App is giving you a choice to channel posts by going under the “manage Posts” Section. Be that as it may, this appears to turn out just for the posts made by you, despite the fact that it gives choices to choose Post by Anyone or Others. Utilizing the Manage Posts choice to channel your own Posts on Facebook Main App

  • Go to the three dots underneath your FB Profile Pic, which opens the Profile Settings
  • Select “manage Posts” from the rundown
  • Channel Date utilizing the “Go-To” Field

How to search Facebook posts by date at FB lite App:

If you are using the Lite app for your devices (Android or Apple) then you should have to follow the below steps to find specific posts. 

  • Type Relevant Keywords in Search Bar and press enter to run a widespread pursuit on Facebook
  • On the following screen, aside from list items, you get a lot of Tabs to limit your indexed lists to incorporate just Posts, Photographs, People, Videos, and so on. Click on the Posts tab, and you will actually want to see a lot of choices to channel your query items further.
  • You currently get explicit channels to limit the list items like Post From, Post Type, Posted in Group, Tagged Location, and Date Posted. In the event that you are utilizing the Facebook App on a portable, these choices are shown on a level plane, and on a PC, it is shown upward.
  • Select Date Posted. Utilizing this channel, you can channel on a specific year. To channel further continuously, select “Pick Date” to choose the month and the year. Assuming you are utilizing Facebook Lite App, it permits you much more explicit choices to choose a specific date or custom time frame between 2 dates.

How to search Facebook posts by date at pc:

You can look for Facebook posts by date by composing the important catchphrases in the Facebook search bar and utilizing the channel of Posts and Date (Year) to show just the particular posts for a specific time frame period.

If you are utilizing the Facebook work area, change to Facebook Classic Look by tapping on Down Icon on Home Page-Right Side. The choice to change to a Classic look has been as of late impaired by Facebook for most clients. Nonetheless, a few clients are utilizing Chrome program augmentations like “Change to Classic plan on Facebook” and so forth to bring back the exemplary point of interaction

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Other facilities or filters on Facebook:

Facebook also provides filters when you search for a post on the search bar, we will also discuss here about them.

Posts From: This enables you to look through the posts from explicit individuals, pages, or gatherings. You can channel on posts from you, from your companions, from your gatherings or pages or other public Posts To limit the outcome to a particular page or a gathering, click on “Pick a Source”

Posts Type: This is straightforward. You can channel all posts, or just those posts which you have seen before.

Posted in Group: It filters those posts that we posted in groups

Tagged Location: Sometimes, We tagged a location in posts, and from this filter we can find locations that we tagged in the posts.


In this article, we discussed all the possible ways how to search Facebook posts by date on mobile apps and desktops. You can use the lite app for searching posts for limited days, the main app for searching for a year, and the classic look of a desktop is used for searching for months and years. Feel free to ask any query n the comment section.


How does Facebook search group posts by date?

Open your Facebook application. Pick the groups. Search the date in the inquiry bar in the upper right corner. Type the legitimate date and partake in your post.

How to search Facebook page posts by date?

You can look for Facebook posts by date by composing in the applicable watchwords in the Facebook search bar and utilizing the channel of Posts and Date to show just the particular posts for a specific time frame period.

How to find posts on Facebook by date?

You can search for Facebook posts by date by creating the pertinent watchwords in the Facebook search bar and using the channel of Posts and Date to show simply the specific posts for a particular time frame outline period.

Can you scroll to a specific date on Facebook?

Facebook has acquainted the capacity to leap to date on a singular’s timetable, which we’re calling “Channel by Date.” This technique is just accessible on a unique individual’s Facebook course of events, it’s anything but a choice on business pages or gatherings

How do I search for a post on Facebook by date?

Click the year for which you need to see your announcements from the rundown of years to one side of your course of events posts. All your notices will be displayed for the year you chose, separated by month. Each update is joined by the specific date and time it was distributed.

How do I find a certain month on my Facebook timeline?

Explore  the course of events on the extreme right-hand part of the page, which is coordinated continuously in which you’ve held the record, starting with “now.” Click on the year from which you need to see posts. Click on the particular month when it shows up on the course of events.

How do I find yesterday’s memories on Facebook?

On the sidebar of Facebook’s primary page, under “explore,” click “See More.” Look down and click “memories” to see your recollections. At the base right of your screen, tap the three-level lines to open the menu. Tap “Memories” to see your recollections.

How do I sort my Facebook posts by oldest?

When you get the new (old) sort highlight, this is the way to utilize it: Click on the new “sort” connect, situated at the highest point of your newsfeed. Naturally, you’ll see that “Featured Stories First” is checked. Click on “Late Stories First” to sort your newsfeed in sequential requests.

How do I arrange my Facebook Group posts by date?

Go to your beloved groups and look down at the posts. Over the principal post, you will see a choice to sort the posts. As a matter of course, the setting is at New Activity. This will be a post with another remark. Assuming you select Recent Posts, you will see the most current posts first.

How do I scroll to the beginning of my Facebook timeline?

You can tap the one on the right of the top menu bar or in the left sidebar. Look down and click Recent. This will show up in the upper left as you look down past your profile picture. Click the year you need to leap to.

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