How To Remove Friends Except List On Facebook Easy Guide 2022

Do you want to hide some posts or videos or statuses from any person? Or are you fed up from too much disturbances of dislike people then here is amazing feature of facebook.In which we discuss How To Remove Friends Except List On Facebook.According to this you can now hide your posts from special one.

What is Friends Except List:

It is a list of facebook that you can use to hide your posts, timeline from someone or all friends.sometimes we would rather not show a particular post or story to individuals since they would pass judgment or because of some other explanation. To tackle this issue, Facebook acquainted a fabulous component with pick the companions you would rather not share the post with. 

Here we select names of friends and add thm in this so when we add new or next post they will not able to get your post’s notification and never see again your timeline.

How To Remove Friends Except List On Facebook:

You can remove friends except list by two ways That will discuss here one by one in datails.If you want to know how to hide friends then go and follow the steps according to your devices.

(A). From Browser

(B). From Mobile Phone App

These methods we will discuss one by one in the below:

how to remove friends except list on facebook

(A). From Browser:

You should have to follow the below steps if you are going to use browser.If you don’t have facebook app then you can also use browser.

  • Go to browser any one lcike chrome, firefox etc. and search facebook.
  • open facebook and login your accoutn if you are not.
  • In the left sidebar, you’ll see the explore choice. Click on this choice, and you’ll see the Friends except tab.
  • In the event that you don’t see it, click on the down bolt close to the see more choice, and the Friends except tab will show up.
  • Here go to the Restricted rundown and snap on the manage list choice. Presently you can add or eliminate anybody as you need.    

(B). From Mobile app:

If you have an mobile app and you also want to know how to remove friends except list on facebook.Follow the below steps to remove friends

  • Open your Facebook application on your telephone and sign into your record.
  • Tap the three lines on the upper right corner and go to the Settings and Privacy choice.
  • Here, go into the Privacy Shortcuts tab. Presently click on the “see more security settings” choice.
  • Under the Activity choice, click on the absolute first tab. It will take you to a screen and guide you on adding or eliminating the companions aside from list.
  • Click on Try it from time to time click on that particular button on your post.
  • Here you will see the Friends except list. Click on it and pick people with whom you would rather not share that particular post.

How we can see Restricted Lists On Facebook:

We need Computer or pc for see restricted lists. Without them, you won’t have the choice to see your bound summary. To see and adjust the restricted summary, follow these methods:

  • Go to and sign into your record.
  • In your news channel, on the left sidebar, you will see an explore decision.
  • Inside here, you can see the Friends list decision.
  • If you don’t, click on the down bolt, and it will open a drop-down menu in which you can notice the Friends list decision.
  • Here, click on the Restricted decision and go into the manage list tab.
  • You can see and manage your restricted list at any rate you want.


In this article we learned how to remove friends except lists on facebook in details with two simple and easy ways we also discussed here how we can see restricted list easily.Feel free for any query for more info first read all the FAQS.


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