How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook Shortly In 2022

Facebook updates day by day itself according to its clients requirments and provides facilities according to user’s wish.So, If you have deleted your comment accidentally and want to know how to recover deleted comments on facebook then this post will guide you about it.Similarly Facebook give facilites about retrieve deleted posts, poke friends easily at this platform. But if you are fed up from using fb or about noifications then you can also remove your account from facebook.

Is Facebook store data?

Yes, facebook stored client’s or user’s data because it has an its own server. Where you can restore your data like if you find deleted comments and posts and everythings that you have deleted you can recover it from there.It also launched another tool Manage Activity Tool where you can restore your data that you have deleted accidentally.So here will restore deleted comments.

How to Recover Deleted Comments on facebook: 

You can find your deleted comment by following the below methods with simple steps.There are two methods that you can use for it. 

(a). Instant recover/Undo comment

(b). Recover from server.

These processes will be discussed here one by one in the below.You will use according to your situation.

how to recover deleted comments on facebook

(A). Instant Recover/Undo comment:

This is for instant or short period of time in which you can undo your comment. Whe you delete your comment you see a notification or pop up of undo feature for just 5 seconds.If you feel you don’t have to remove it then you will press on undo that will make recover it again.But you should have to keep in mind that this is very short time just 5 seconds to undo your action.If you will not use undo feature in 5 seconds then you will recover it through below methods.

(B). Recover from server:

If you could not use undo feature in limited time then you can use this way to restore or retrieve your comments.If you want to know how to recover deleted comments on facebook through server then you have to follow the below steps.

  • Go to web browser then facebook and login if you are not.
  • If you are using Facebook app for your device Android or Apple then open it.
  • Now go to menu icon or 3 horizontol lines and click on it.

menu icon

  • Go to settings and then your download your information.

download information

  • Deselect all the points nad choose just comments and click on downlaod.

deselect except comments

  • You have to wait for sometime then your data will be downlaoded.
  • You can repost your comment by finding here.

Types of Comments:

There are two types of comments that you can do on facebook like

(a). Good comments (encouragment, congrats to anyone,etc)

(b). Negative comments  

In Negative comments there are also 3 types.You can control these comments if you have running an facebook page, or a group by applying restrictions to members.Types of negative comments are 

  • Abusive Comments (You can block users who use abusive languages)
  • Spam comments or Messages ( Too much irrelevent comments or posts)
  • Reported Comments (Some other users report these comments)

If you found these types of comments then you control these comments on your page or group.But keep in mind that Sometimes Facebook also hide your comment if your comment have any vulger language or things just like instagram.You should the difference between Hide and delete comment. 

Difference Between Hide and Dlelete Comments:

Hiding a comment:

A Facebook remark will say something to be stowed away from every other person separated from the client who recorded the bit of feedback and their companions. 

Deleting a Comment:

When facebook delete a comment no one can see this comment and facebook does not notify them to at the time of delete comment.


We leaned How to recover deleted comments on facebook in this post.We can also retrieve deleted posts easily.If you have nay query about finding deleted comment then you can ask us in the below comment section.But going to write us first read our FAQS in the blow.


Can I restore deleted Facebook comment?

An removes comment  is just taken out from your view however not by and large erased from Facebook’s framework. This is on the grounds that Facebook has capacity on its server for Facebook clients where all their past exercises on Facebook are saved. This implies you might erase your whole record regardless reestablish it.

Can you see a comment you deleted on Facebook?

No, when removed comment never again show up on your divider or the post. I would have a companion or relative check to confirm the remark is erased by having them utilize their record profile to see the remark being referred to.

Can you find comments you deleted on Facebook?

After you remove a post or a comment, you can’t actually take a look at what was erased. You couldn’t figure out who deleted it. The substance vanished. So basically, you can’t understand who removed a remark on Facebook assuming that you’re just utilizing Facebook to direct remarks and messages

What happens if you delete a comment on Facebook?

Removing the Facebook remark will delete it; nobody will actually want to see it. The client will realize that the negative remark has been removed assuming they go to see it once more, yet they will not be informed of its cancellation. Restricting clients will hold that specific client back from remarking on any of your posts at any point down the road.

How to recover deleted comments on facebook post?

You willl use same methods that we describe above in this article Just go above and again recheck how you can retrieve your comments.

How to retrieve deleted comments on facebook?

You can retrieve your deleted comments by following manage activity tool or gven steps in this post.

How to undo deleted comment on facebook?


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