How to Lock your Profile on Facebook

If you don’t know how Facebook works or are extremely concerned about privacy, you may not know that you can lock your Facebook profile. 

It prevents anyone from looking at your personal information. You are literally unaware of who is stalking your profile because Facebook has a profile lock feature that limits content visibility, so you have no idea who is watching you.

Facebook first introduced the feature of locking your profile in May 2020. It is now available globally for all Facebook users.

Many of you may not be aware of the importance of locking your Facebook profile, one of the most important privacy features introduced by the social media network. You can prevent anyone from viewing your personal data, such as photos, videos, and so on, except for those who are friends with you on Facebook.

Here’s how to lock your profile on Facebook on your iPhone, Android, or computer in a few simple steps.

Why Should You Lock Your Facebook Profile?

It is a good idea to lock your Facebook profile if you are concerned about your privacy and safety. Additionally, if you dislike socializing but want to enjoy social platforms, you can use Facebook’s lock feature to block interactions and attention from people outside of your circle.

Benefits Of Locking Your Facebook Profile?

Only your friends will be able to access your data if you lock your Facebook profile

  • User timeline posts and photos. The full-size profile picture and cover photo.
  • A new update has been uploaded to the user’s story.
  • On the profile, only a tiny portion of the information will be displayed for tag reviews and timeline reviews.

How to Lock your Profile on Facebook

Method 1: On Mobile

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on your Profile.
  • Click the three dots icon which is located next to +Add Story.
  • Then tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • Go to the Audience and Visibility section, and select “Profile Locking.”.
  • Here, you need to tap on “Lock your profile” on the new screen.

Method 2: web

  • Using any web browser, visit the Facebook website and log in.
  •  Visit your main profile page.
  •  Then click on the “three dots” icon and select “Lock profile”.
  • Click “Lock your Profile”It will appear in the new window,
  • All photos and newsfeeds on your Facebook account are now visible only to your friends.

Method 3:

  • Use your mobile or PC to access your Facebook account.
  • If the Facebook profile of a user is already locked, you need to visit its profile.
  • Click “Learn more” here.
  • simply click “Lock your profile” It will appear in the new window,

How to Lock Facebook Profile Picture? 

  • Go to Your Profile in the Facebook app
  • Select Turn on Profile Picture Guard from your Profile Picture 
  • Tap on Next to proceed
  • By choosing Save, you will now have a profile guard locked on your profile picture.

What happens if you Lock your Profile on Facebook

Facebook users can benefit from the profile lock feature This feature will allow you to hide your Facebook activity from strangers in case you don’t want people to see your posts or stories. Your Facebook account’s newsfeed cannot be viewed or downloaded by those who aren’t your friends.

How to Unlock Facebook Profile?

  • On Facebook, tap the three dots next to the Edit Profile icon on your profile 
  • Then tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • Choose Unlock Profile and tap on Unlock
  • To confirm, click on  Unlock your Profile 

Why is the Facebook lock profile option not showing?

As the Facebook lock profile is only available in certain countries, the lock profile option doesn’t appear in your country. Only residents of Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Myanmar, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, UAE, and Ukraine will be able to lock their profiles as of 2022.

Are Facebook profile locks available in all countries?

No, Only residents of Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Myanmar, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, UAE, and Ukraine will be able to lock their profiles as of 2022.


Those are the steps that you need to follow in order to lock your Facebook profile if you lock it, you will not be able to post anything publicly. 

However, if you still want to post things publicly, you will have to unlock your profile. The easiest way to lock your Facebook profile using the desktop, Facebook app is to turn off the profile lock feature. 

In these modern times when online stalking and bullying are on the rise, Facebook’s new online privacy protection feature makes it easy for you to secure your profile. Social media users are ensured to be safe and well with this feature, which is specifically designed for women who are concerned about their privacy.

Facebook’s decision to launch this feature in the USA and around the world was a good one since US citizens have become more concerned about their privacy.