How To Fill Out A Receipt Book Best Guide In 2022

Here we will discuss all the possible ways of how to fill out a receipt book professionally easily with simple steps But we should know what is receipt book first.So let’s start to know about it.

What is Receipt:

A receipt is a composed affirmation that something of significant worth hosts been moved to start with one gathering then onto the next. Moreover, the receipts customers regularly get from merchants and specialist organizations, receipts are likewise given in business-to-transactions just as financial exchange exchanges.

What is Receipt Book:

The receipt book needs to make somewhere around two copies in which one for the client and one duplicate that remaining parts in the book for your records. You can then add up to deals toward the finish of the bookkeeping period.Include the recognizable proof number or name of the worker that made the deal at the top or lower part of the receipt.

Types of Reciept book:

There are many types that we describe in the below.we will discuss how to fill out a receipt book according to its type.But for that we should know about its types that are giving below:

  • Sales invoice
  • Purchase invoice
  • Travel invoice
  • Expense invoice
  • Journal
  • Salary
  • VAT summary
  • Tax Return for Self Assessed Taxes
  • Bank statement as a receipt (TITO) and reference payment
  • Employer’s separate report
  • Earnings payment report

Things that are compulsory for fill out receipt:

There are many important things that are necessary for fill out a receipt.So you should have to enter in the receipt.

  • Company’s details (name, address, phone, and email)
  •  Date of the day.
  • List of products or services with descriptions.

(A). How to fill out a receipt book for sales invoice:

Select “Lists” and afterward “Layouts” from the QuickBooks menu. Select and open the business receipt layout you need to redo, click “Extra Customization” and afterward click “Make a Copy.” Type in a name for the business receipt.

(B). For purchase invoice:

Follow the below steps for fill out a receipt book for purchase invoice:

  • Enter date of the day at the top of the receipt.
  • Write organization’s name and contact information If you have not customized receipt book.
  •  write Name and number of employee
  • Write products details now completely.
  • Write product’s price at which you purchase.
  • If you hve more than one products then use multiplication and summition method.
  • The tax that is applicable also included here.
  • You will also include all other payments like delivery charges oe sales tax etc.

 (C). For travel invoice:

Here we will discuss how to fill out a receipt book for travel invoice in detail.If you want to face problems fill out this then check it in detail in the below:

  • First of all you will enter your company’s logo at the top of the page.
  • Then you will enter your all details about company
  • On the other hand you will also enter details about traveller or client.
  • In the below you will enter all the travelling history and then sum all the prices in the last.

(D).    For expense Invoice:

In this invoice you will enter all your details about your expenses like your staff,hospitality, salling and purchasing,travelling etc and you will sum all the expenses then you will write total payments that is expense in a month or a year.

(E). For Journal:

Record any money installments as a charge in your money receipts diary like common. Then, at that point, charge the client’s records receivable record for any buy made using a loan. In your business diary, record the all out credit section.

(F). For Salary:

If you have a company and you want to pay a salary to workers then you write a. salary invoice or receipt.You will use a process that we are describing below:

  • First of all enter your company’s name with details
  • Then enter worker’s name and details
  •  Enter his or her salary according to agreement
  • On the other hand write all the deduction if you hav any one like late, absent charges etc.
  • Then total all the payment and deduct if have any money in deduction.
  • Enter cheque number and details if you give cheque otherwise you will simple write money.
  • In he last you will sign this and on the other hand worker’s sign.

(G). VAT Summary:

A legitimate VAT receipt ought to incorporate the entirety of the accompanying subtleties:

  • A remarkable receipt number.
  • The vender’s name or exchanging name and address.
  • The vender’s VAT enrollment number.
  • The receipt date.
  • The expense date (the date of supply which is otherwise called charge point – if unique in relation to the receipt date)

(H). For Tax return

After you have made the assessment installment, you really want to outfit this data in your annual government form. Go to Taxes Paid Summary Page on ClearTax to refresh this data. Select “Oneself Tax Payments” tab and enter the BSR code and challan number from Challan 280.

(I). Bank statement as a receipt (TITO) and reference payment:

TITO and reference installment receipts are naturally produced when bank proclamation and reference installment materials are gotten from the bank.
You can get to the bookkeeping pages of these receipt types from Payments > Bank articulations and reference installments.

Receipt for opening the accounts: 

Opening receipts are produced naturally when periods are shut.
Opening receipts can be remembered for the overall diary and general record by ticking the Show the initial receipts for the monetary period thing. The bookkeeping pages of opening receipts can be gotten to just through broad diaries or general records made in itemized structure. The bookkeeping columns can’t be altered on these pages, however they can be dimensioned.
The deals of the past period will be considered when producing opening receipts.

(J). For Employer’s separate report:

The business’ different report is simply used to report an ailment protection charge and to make good on settle keeping charge and an affliction protection.
Sent boss’ different reports make installment receipt and bookkeeping sections.

(K). Earnings payment report:

This is only for reporting about payment that earns in which you don’t need any invoice or receipt.


In this article we learned all the types of receipt and how to fill out a receipt book easily with easy steps. We explained one by one each receipt that you can use but if you feel any problem in understanding then you can contact us easily by comment section.But we also discuss some FAQS that may be helpful for you.


What is receipt in accounting?

Receipts are how much money a business takes in during any one bookkeeping period, whether or not the cash came from a deal or other source, as per IRS rules. Receipts are cash deals, just as cash got in a client’s record.

How do you prepare a receipt and payment statement?

Following are the means associated with the arrangement of receipts and installments account: a) Record the initial equilibrium of money close by and good bank balance on the charge side of receipts and installments account. In the event that there is bank overdraft, it should be recorded on the credit side.

How do you write a cash receipt book?

The exchange date. Notes about the exchange.Really take a look at number (if pertinent)
Sum.Cash receipt account types (e.g., records of sales). Any business limits.

How to fill out a receipt book?

There are many types of receipt and every reciept has its own method but generally we summarize that you should have date, client’s data, company data, data according to receipt.Then you can fill out receipt.

What is the basis for preparing receipt and payment account?

Receipts and Payments Account is ready on Cash Basis of Accounting. According to this premise, all receipts are charged and all installments are credited to Receipts and Payments Account.

What are the steps in preparation of receipt and payment account?

Take opening equilibrium of money close by and cash at bank from the Cash Book and enter on the charge side of Receipts and Payments Accounts as its first thing. Credit Balance, if any, of bank balance (i.e., Bank Overdraft) will be displayed on the credit side of Receipts and Payments Account as its first thing.

How do I confirm receipt of payment?

“If it’s not too much trouble, affirm receipt” is an articulation regularly utilized in business correspondence. Furthermore, it is utilized for affirmation of the receipt of a message or an installment by the source.

What information should a receipt contain?

Your business name, logo, and contact data. The date of offer.An organized rundown of sold items and administrations.The cost of each sold item and administration.Any limits or coupons.

What points should be kept in mind while preparing the receipt and payment account?

While we are planning receipt and installment account we need to consistently remembered that the livelihoods which we had gotten forever are gone to receipt account which is made on charge side and the cost or on the other hand in the event that the money goes out, it ought to goes to installments account which is using a credit card side.

What is the difference between cash book and receipt and payment account?

Receipts and installments account is a periodical record that is ready toward the finish of a specific period which is typically one year. A Cash Book is a sort of auxiliary book where money (or) bank receipts and money (or) bank installments made during a period are recorded in sequential request.


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