How to delete Words With Friends account| Best Guide (2022)

Here we will discuss how to delete words with friends account today becuase many people are fedup using this app and playing games but on the other hand many parents want to delete it due to their usage of moblile by children. Some people want to remove it due to spam mailing but if you want to due to this reason we will recommend to unsubscribe it. Before jump to deletion process we should know about words with friends.

What is Words with Friends:

An allowed to-play online multiplayer word game, established in 2009, where players alternate structure words in a crossword-puzzle style way, like other exemplary prepackaged games. Words With Friends is not difficult to learn, can assist with fortifying jargon information, and will give long stretches of intellectually invigorating diversion for all ages.

What should you do before deleting account:

There are two main things that You should have to do before deleting your account. That are 

(a). download all your data

(b). Remove payment method

But how you can do it before knowing how to delete words with friends account we will discuss it in the below. It is necessary  to do that because you can’t do that after deletion.Let’s start to discuss one by one

(A). Download Your data:

You should have to download your all data from words with friends before going to deleting of your account.For downloading your data you should have to follow the below steps:

  • Pick your game from the rundown and snap Next
  • You will presently require your Player ID and PIN. If it’s not too much trouble, note that your Player ID and PIN are distinctive for each game you play.

login to your account

  • Whenever you have logged into the site with your Player ID and PIN, click on Request a Copy of Your Account Data to present your solicitation for a duplicate of your game record information.

click request to download

  • Your solicitation is presently forthcoming. Information duplicate downloads ordinarily require a couple of hours to a couple of days.

request to download

  • To beware of the situation with your solicitation, you can sign once again into the Personal Data Request Portal whenever utilizing your Player ID and PIN. Or on the other hand you can demand to be told by email when your download is prepared

get notification

(B). Removing Payment methods:

You can add or remove payment methods from words with friends.It accepts Credit card, paypal payment methods.So let’s start to remove your cards from android and Apple devices.Follow the below steps

(A). From Android:

  • Open the Google Play application Google Play.
  • At the upper right, tap the profile symbol.
  • Tap Payments and memberships and afterward Payment techniques and More and afterward Payment settings.
  • Whenever asked, sign in to Google Pay.
  • Under the installment technique, you need to eliminate, tap Remove and afterward Remove.

(B). From Apple:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap Payment and Shipping. You may be approached to sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Tap Edit, tap the red Delete button, then, at that point, tap Remove

Methods of how to delete words with friends account:

There are two main methods to remove your account that accepts words with freinds.Here we will discuss  methods that are:

(A). Through website

(B). By sending Email

We will discuss them in the below one by one that you will follow one of them not both if one is not working then you should follow the next method.Moreover you will follow all the steps other wise you will able to remove your account.Let’s start to discuss them here.

(A). How to delete words with friends Account through website:   

Actually there is no direct button to delete your account but you can request them to close your account.When they recieve your request they will delete your account .But keep in mind that you should have to download your data and remove your payment methods before requesting them.How you can request them for that you can follow the below steps:

  • Click on the FAQ tab on the top route bar.

how to delete words with friends account

  • Then, at that point, click “Go here to demand account cancellation“.

go here for reuqest delete account

  •  Peruse the record cancellation data cautiously. To delete your record, click the case showing your agreement and afterward click Continue.

check in for confirming

  • To affirm cancellation, click the case, select an explanation, and afterward click Delete My Account.

choose your reason

  • Your record cancellation demand is presently forthcoming. We expect to finish cancellation demands inside 30 days of the solicitation. In the event that you wish to drop your record cancellation demand, you can do as such for as long as 7 days by clicking Cancel Account Deletion or getting back to the Player Data Request Portal and marking in with your Player ID and PIN.

deletion pending

  • Assuming that you decide to drop your record deletion demand, if it’s not too much trouble, permit as long as a day for your abrogation solicitation to completely process. During this time, you might be blocked from playing the game.

You can cancel your reuqest within 7 days after clicking cancel your account.

(B). How to delete words with friends account by sending email:

You can send an email to them and request them to remove your account.But for that you should have to know composing an email if you know very well then follow the below steps:

  • Open gmail account press compose button.
  • Enter email address [email protected] 
  • In subject write “Request to delete account
  • Compose an detail email in the body where you will give all the info about your account and reasons of deletion account.Then press send button.

Here we discussed all the steps to send an email through gmail but if you don’t understand to write an email in detail then go down and see complete video that will give you all info in detail.

After deleting your account you want to know about deletion of your mobile app from Android and Apple.You can easily remove your app by using drag and drop method. 

Before removng your app you should have to cancel your subscriptionsif you subscribed.

About company:

Words with Friends is a multiplayer word game created by Newtoy. Players alternate structure words crossword-puzzle style in a way like the exemplary prepackaged game Scrabble. The principles of the two games are comparable, yet Words with Friends isn’t related with the Scrabble brand. Up to 40 games can be played all the while utilizing message pop-ups to alarm players when it is their move. Players might look into companions either by username or through Facebook, or be haphazardly alloted a rival through “Shrewd Match“. Players can likewise observe potential rivals utilizing Community Match.


Here we discussed all the possible methods of how to delete words with friends account  in detail with simple steps.We also discussed removing payment methods and downloading data. Here we also discussed also about removing app and cancel subscriptions in detail.If you feel any difficulty you can contact us by comment section but you can follow words with friends at social platforms that links are given below.




We also discussed some FAQS that will helpful for you.So read all the questions first if you still face any problem then contact us.


How do I delete my Zynga account? 

There is no computerized interaction for shutting a Zynga account, consequently you should email Zynga support straightforwardly at [email protected] utilizing “delete My Account” as the title and including the record holder’s first name, last name, email address and client ID number in the body.

What happens if I delete Words with Friends app?

In the event that you uninstall and, reinstall the application you will not lose your advancement in light of the fact that your game insights are straightforwardly connected to your email address. Therefore, as long as you sign in with a similar email address you used to make your record, you will not lose your advancement.

How do you clear data on Words With Friends?

Open iTunes on your PC or Mac. Select your iPad/iPhone from the Devices list. Click Apps. Look down to find “Words with Friends” Select “Stores and Data” Clear all information by actually looking at each case close to Words with Friends, then, at that point, clicking Delete.

Is there a charge for Words With Friends 2?

Words With Friends 2 is a free crossword prepackaged game, yet you can play without outsider advertisements between moves assuming that you recently bought either Words With Friends Pro or no outsider promotions in the first Words With Friends word tabletop game on any cell phone.

What is difference between Words With Friends and Words With Friends 2?

The fundamental contrast is that Words With Friends 2 is normally refreshed with the most current elements before the others. For instance, that adaptation can switch tile styles for each game independently which the others don’t yet have.

How many games can you have in Words With Friends 2?

Up to 40 games can be played all the while utilizing pop-up messages to alarm players when it is their move. Players might look into companions either by username or through Facebook, or be haphazardly appointed a rival through “Shrewd Match”.

How to deactivate words with friends account?

On the “Individual Data Request” screen, tap “More Options – Visit Our FAQ” On the “FAQ” screen, tap “How would I erase my Words With Friends/Words With Friends 2 record, including my game record information?” It ought to uncover a connection perusing, “Go here to demand account cancellation.” Tap on that.

How to delete words with friends account quickly?

You can use the request methods to delete your account easily that we discussed above in this article.If you don’t know then go above and see in details.

How do you delete a Wanelo account?

There is a choice to close your Wanelo account on your Settings page. You can get to Settings by means of the menu you see when you drift over your symbol on the upper right of any page on the site. Click the “Nearby Account” connect at the lower part of the Settings page.

How do I unlink Zynga from Facebook?

Find and float over the Zynga Poker application connect. Click the “X” mark that will show up. A little window named Remove Zynga Poker will seem to affirm the expulsion. Click the “Eliminate” button on the affirmation window, and Zynga Poker will be taken out from your rundown of applications on Facebook; it won’t be connected any longer.


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