How to delete weheartit account best Guidance 2022:

This is the best advance on the most proficient method that how to delete WeHeartIt account on the authority site. I need to guarantee you that you have at long last discovered what you have been searching for, as we have painstakingly given you a guide on the best way to delete it.

Quickly steps to delete weheartit account:

Open Wehearit:

       Open weheartit application from any program, I utilized show smaller than normal.

Login your ID:

        Now login to your ID that you need to erase forever.

Click need assistance:

       Afterward, look down and tap on the assistance place “Need assistance”.

Go to delete my account:

        Then hunt “delete my account”.Next, you will discover a connection in the subsequent line, simply tap on it.

Your ID will show up:

        And then your ID will show up with an erasing choice.

Delete Wehearit permanently:

        Now you can forever delete your account from weheartit.

(A). How to delete weheartit account through website:

If you don’t know how you can delete weheartit account then here we are giving detail about how to delete weheartit account

  • First of all, you should go to any browser like chrome, etc

  • Open weheartit webpage and log in to your account which you want to delete.

how to delete weheartit account

  • Go to “my profile and account setting”

how to delete weheartit account

  • Now you can click “delete my account

how to delete weheartit account

  • Press on the link

how to delete weheartit account

  • Scroll down and click the box “delete my account

how to delete weheartit account

  • It’s done, now you will log out automatically. You have completed deleting your account.

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(B). How to delete Weheartit account by sending email:

  • Open your email account that is enrolled with the site.
  •  Presently create an email and enter the email address [email protected]

requesting a delete account

  • Presently compose an email in regards to deleting your account test given here and compose your legitimate explanation in regards to deleting your account.

(C). How to delete weheartit account on mobile:

If you have a mobile or tab and you want to delete an account then follow these steps:

  • Go to any browser and search weheartit in the search bar.

  • You will find the official webpage of Weheartit.
  • Now you should go to need help and go to my profile and account settings.

how to delete weheartit account

  • Scroll down and click on delete my account.

how to delete weheartit account

  • You will find a link given above so click it.

how to delete weheartit account

  • Now click delete my account then you will complete your process.

how to delete weheartit account

You should cancel your subscriptions before deleting app.

About company:

We Heart It was established in 2008 by Fabio Giolito, a local of Brazil. He began the site as a side task around the possibility of “hearting” photographs and saving them for offering to companions. Which began as an instrument for him as well as his companions, the item developed naturally from that point. At the point when development started to flood, Fabio welcomed on prime supporter Bruno Zanchet to help center around framework. The two took on some seed financing and the site turned into a fused business in California in 2011.


In the last we concluded that we learned here all the possible ways about how to delete weheartit account, cancel subscriptions, and removing app with simple steps. For more queries contact us by comment section.However, you can follow them at social media like:






How to delete Weheartit account?

You may delete your account whenever on the web: Please note, deactivation isn’t accessible on our portable applications.

Can you make your Weheartit private?

You can ensure your profile by making it private or shroud your record with the goal that you can’t be discovered utilizing your email address.

How do you delete an account on Tumblr?

To erase your whole record, go to your essential blog’s settings page or your record settings page and hit the “erase account” button at the lower part of the page. Know: Your essential blog will be erased.

Is Weheartit safe?

Indeed. We Heart It hushes up protected to utilize yet use with alert. This depends on our NLP (Natural language handling) examination

How do I contact Weheartit?

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, remarks, or worries about these Terms of Service or potentially our Services you may get in touch with us by means of email at [email protected].

How do you see who hearted on we heart it?

 Directly underneath your assortments, you will actually want to see the most recent hearts. You can likewise see hearts and assortments independently by utilizing the tabs at the highest point of your profile. (directly underneath the cover picture).

How do I change my Weheartit password?         

Snap-on the “account settings” connection to open your settings page. At that point pick the Password interface in your settings menu: You’ll get an email with an extraordinary connection. Clicking this connection will take you to We Heart It, log you in naturally, and let you make another password.

What is Weheartit com?

We Heart It is a picture-based informal organization. We Heart It depicts itself as “A permanent spot for your motivation” and a spot to “Sort out and share the things you love.” Users can gather (or “heart”) their favorite pictures to impart to companions and coordinate into assortments.

Can you message on Weheartit?

There are countless pleasant individuals on this application/site! You can DM somebody by following them and they follow you back. Hit the little message symbol on the upper option to message them.

How do I make my we heart it private?

Click on the “account settings” connection to open your settings page. On this page, you’ll see every one of the choices that you can change. Account: Your own data like showcase name, username, email address. You can likewise change your inclinations for appearing or concealing perilous pictures in your record settings.