How To Delete USPS Account with Easy methods in 2022

As we know USPS is an Amrican company that provides mailing facilities to its people but if you are not satisfied with it then you can delete usps account but how?If you are worried about it then don’t worry we will discuss here how to delete USPS account with all the possible methods.

So we will guide you about removing of your account and app from your devices and cancel subscriptions with easy and simple steps that will useful for you. keep in mind that follow all the steps don’t skip any step. Here we will discuss methods about deletion.

Methods of How to delete USPS account:

You can delete or remove your USPS account through many ways like

  • Through the website
  • Through requesting email

Let’s discuss how you can use these ways to delete your USPS account.

Delete USPS account through Website:

If you want to cancel your account through the website then you should follow the below steps in sequence. If you will skip any step then you will not able to delete your account

email us

  •  Presently, click on, situated on the base left segment of the Email Us page. As shown in the below picture.


. Snap-on my Online Account and then Snap-on OTHERS 

po box

  • Presently, a spring-up menu will show up. 

account information

  • Give your username 
  • Enter any data you like 
  • In the segment, “Extra Information”, express “Solicitation TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” Also make sure to enter your genuine justification for deleting your record. 
  • Presently Click NEXT 
  • Finish up the frame and afterward present your solicitation to start your record cancellation measure.

Cancel USPS account by sending the email:

Here we are giving a method to delete your account by sending an email to the company that will request from you. When they will meet with your request then they will respond to you speedily.

  • Open your email account that is enrolled with more joy. 
  • Presently make an email and enter the email address [email protected] 
  • On Subject Type “Deactivate Account“. 
  • Presently compose an email in regards to deleting your record test given here. Snap-on the send button.

requesting a delete usps account

Before deleting you should unfollow or unsubscribe USPS how you can unsubscribe following the below steps. But what happened when you unsubscribe and which things are necessary before deleting subscriptions

Things are necessary before deleting subscriptions:

There are a couple of things you should think about dropping subscrptions. They incorporate the accompanying: 

  • When you prefer an arrangement and you don’t drop it physically as you bought in, that arrangement will recharge consequently in light of the fact that you gave them consent. 
  • At the point when you buy in for a time for testing and afterward you drop, you risk losing that preliminary substance inside and out. 

You should make sure to physically drop a membership 24 hours before the time for testing closes. 

How to delete USPS App: 

if you have an USPS app in your devices like Android and Apple having same account as in website then When you delete your usps account and cancel your subscriptions then your account also deleted from mobile. After deleting account,your mobile app is useless for you. You should delete it from your mobile.     

Alternatives of USPS:

Here we will discuss alternatives of USPS. When you know how to delete USPS account and you have deleted your account then you need alternatives to USPS, So, the alternatives of USPS are  Shipstation, FedEx, Amazon FBA, etc. These platforms can use after deleting your account.

About Company:

The United States Postal Service is an autonomous office of the presidential part of the United States national government answerable for offering postal assistance in the United States, including its isolated regions and related states.

The USPS, starting at 2021, has 516,636 vocation representatives and 136,531 non-profession workers.

The USPS follows its underlying foundations to 1775 during the Second Continental Congress when Benjamin Franklin was delegated the main postmaster general; he likewise served a comparable situation for the provinces of the Kingdom of Great Britain. The Post Office Department was made in 1792 with the section of the Postal Service Act. It was raised to a bureau level division in 1872 and was changed by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 into the United States Postal Service as an autonomous office.


How would I reset my USPS account? 

Sign in to your USPS online record. Snap the “My Profile” interface from the login part of the page. Snap the “Inclinations” interface from the left-side menu. Snap the “Record Recovery” box. 

How would I change my name with USPS? 

On the off chance that you would like to change your name via telephone as opposed to on the web or face to face, you can contact USPS at 1-800-ASK-USPS — 1-800-275-8777 and request to address an agent. 

For what reason did USPS charge me $40 to change my location? 

The $1.05 charge to your card is a character check expense to forestall misrepresentation and ensure you’re the one rolling out the improvement. Caution: You don’t have to pay a different organization to change your location. 

What occurs in the event that I change my location without authorization? 

Calling your nearby mail center will not do a lot to really report the individual or element who is utilizing your location illicitly. For this, you should call the United States Postal Inspection Service. 

Is quick location change genuine? 

Quick Address Change is genuine. Quick Address Change is incredible assistance for anybody not willing to pay additional bucks for an exceptional attendant.

Why can’t I create a USPS account?

you’ll need to guarantee that you’re utilizing an actual boat from address; this doesn’t need to match your charging address. Assuming you are utilizing a PO box or have a location that doesn’t get mail conveyance, then, at that point, you’ll need to utilize the location of your Post Office where you drop off your mail.

How do I cancel a USPS informed delivery?

To presently don’t get messages in your inbox, sign into your record at, select “Settings” from your dashboard, and uncheck the crate named “Turn on my Informed Delivery email warnings” under Daily Mail Updates.

How to delete my USPS account?

You can delete your usps account by using different methods that we described in this article  like by using website,sending email.You can take details from the above.

How do I remove my address from Informed Delivery?

The most effective way to forestall this issue is to present an Official Change of Address online at, face to face at a Post Office™, or through your transporter.

How do I return unwanted mail USPS?

Return junk mail unopened to the sender by stating “Denied. Get back to sender.” on the envelope. Without this extraordinary documentation; the mail center won’t return the mail to the sender.


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