How to delete urban outfitters account In easy ways 2022

Do you know Urban outfitter is a platform that provides products like clothes, cosmetics, etc to their customers with their perfect fit? But if you are not satisfied with their products and want to delete your account but don’t know how to delete urban outfitters account easily. Don’t worry we are here to guide you about deleting, canceling, remove and deactivating your account easily.

But if you are worried about notifications or email spamming then you can unsubscribe easily by unfollowing their website from your email list.

Before deleting your account you should have to delete your cards info from your account

How to delete Credit cards from Urban outfitters account:

According to customer care you can delete own your credit cards from your account and when you delete your acount your all information deleted from your account.Anyhow if you want to delete your cards yourself then you should follow below steps:

  • login to your account
  • Go to My account and select payment from drop down
  • Go to cards info and delete your cards here.

After removing your cards info you will go to delete your account.That’s why we are describing different methods of how to delete urban outfitters account.

Methods of How to delete urban outfitters account:

There are many methods to remove urban outfitters’ accounts but we are explaining those methods which are easy for you. So there are three methods according to their website to contact them.

  1. How to cancel urban outfitters account through email
  2. Can you delete the urban outfitter account by text 
  3. How to remove urban outfitter account by live chat

From these methods, you can use anyone that is easy for you. But how you can use them to delete your account we explain below.

 How to delete outfitters account Live Chat:

This is a short and simple method that you can use to know how to delete urban outfitter account from live chat. But how can you live chat with their customer care? Urban outfitters provide a platform where you can chat with them. If you want to chat with then just go to the below link 

When you click on this you will see the given portfolio that you can see in the picture.

How to delete urban outfitters account

Here you see a black button containing the text “Chat with us” When you click on this you will start to chat with their customer care. Where you can request them to delete your account by providing your account information.  

chat with us

  You can type all your information and request them in the “Type your message” section. The above picture shows the section where you can type. 

By texting:

You can text them by using the same method described above. You will click on text us except click on chat with us shown in the picture.

contact us page

you can click on “text us”  or you can text them on mobile on the given number 800-282-2200 and request them to delete your account. But still, you will not get a response from them then you can call them at the same number that described above. 

Keep in mind:

You should keep in mind that you should call them at the specific time that  7 AM – 12 AM EST, 7 days a week. Otherwise, they will not respond to you.

You can discuss all the information about the account and then request them to delete your account.

By sending an email:

You can deactivate your account by sending them an email and requesting them to delete your account. But how can you compose an email to them? Don’t know here is a sample where you can take guidance to compose an email to the company.

But If you know how to compose email then you can follow the below steps to request them easily.

  • Open email account
  • Click compose
  • Enter  [email protected] email address 
  • Write in subject
  • Compose a detailed email
  • Click send

This is the short way to write an email but if you want to know how to request them in detail then follow the below steps

Can you contact them on social networks?

Yes, you can contact them on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest on their pages. You can contact them by sending messages in private and requesting them to remove your account. Then they will give detailed information and you have to follow it.

According to Urban Outfitters, you can join it if you are 18 age or above if you want to join your account then you will use this [email protected]. Under 13 age it doesn’t collect data.

How to delete Urban outfitters app from different devices:

As you know Urban outfitters provides app for your devices like Android and Apple that you used after downloading But if you delete your account then it will be deleted from your mobile if you use same email when it deleted from mobile it means your mobile app is useless for that’s why you should have to delete it from your mobile.  

Alternatives of Urban outfitters:

When you know how to delete urban outfitters account then you will need a new platform where you can buy different products. Here are some alternatives of urban outfitters that are  Madewell, Zara, Free people section, etc where you can buy the best collection of clothes.

Hope that will be helpful for you to find the best collections.

About company:

Urban Outfitters is a life-related retailer which specializes in dealing with a vesture, apparel accessories, and apartment products. It primarily targets teens and youthful grown-ups who are interested in fossil folklore and indispensable fashion.

The organization was established as the retail location Free People by Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks, and Scott Belair in 1970 as a venture for a business class at the University of Pennsylvania. It was renamed Urban Outfitters and joined in 1976.

Urban Outfitters conveys different stores inside the URBN arrangement of brands, which likewise incorporates Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, BHLDN, and the Vetri Family café bunch.


How long do you have to cancel an Urban Outfitters?

Either way, you must shoot your completed Cancellation Form or your dispatch/ letter to our Client Services address before the end of the 14 day cancellation period.

How Can you return online orders to Urban Outfitters?

Returning online orders is easy  shoot back your unwanted particulars by correspondence or take them to a UO store. To return by correspondence, click then to start the process and publish your FREEpre-paid return shipping marker.

Who does Urban Outfitters target?

Civic Outfitters targets youthful grown-ups progressed 18 to 28 through a unique wares blend, compelling store terrain, websites, and mobile operations.

How to delete urban outfitters account?

You can delete your urban utfitters account by using three methods that all goes to contact them so easy method is to call them and request them to delete your account.all three methods we discussed above you can take review them. 

Can we deactivate Urban outitters account?

No you can not deactivate your account for a limited time you can direct delete your account with contact them.

How do I cancel my Urban Outfitters texts?

When you have appropriately message informed your Message, you will get an instant message affirming receipt of your accommodation. You might quit from partaking in this Contest through this strategy at whenever by messaging any of the accompanying words to 34264: STOP, QUIT, END, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL.

How long do you have to cancel an Urban Outfitters order?

Notwithstanding our overall 30-day returns strategy for undesirable items, customers have a multi day time span in which to drop their agreement with us and get a full discount.

Is Urban Outfitters cruelty free?

Metropolitan Outfitters is on the Cruelty-Free Investing creature use list because of the items its brands sell that are produced using calfskin, stow away or hide.




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