How to delete Tidal account permanently| Easy steps 2022

Tidal is a web-based music streaming site that let its client to make or alter profile, make their own playlist, watch video melody or listen tunes to different collection at month to month membership.But if you want to get rid from tidal account then you should have to cancel your subscriptions first.Anyhow, we will give you all the detail about how to delete tidal account and cancel its memberships.

How to cancel membership or subscriptions quickly:

You can cancel your memberships or subscriptions from tidal through different platforms like

(a). From website

(b). Through Android

(c). Through Apple

We will discuss them one by one in the below so you can use according to your devices.

(A). From Website:

You want to cancel your subscriptons from website then you should follow the below steps:

  • Open the website and login to your account.
  • Go to subscriptions
  • Click cancel subscriptions.Your subscriptions will be cancelled automatically.

But if you have an android device app then you should follow the below method.

(B). Through Android:

have you an tidal app on your android and you want to cancel subscriptions then follow the below steps and don’t skip step.

  • Go to mobile app and open it
  • Login to your account if you are not logged in.
  • Click on “My collections” and then go to settings.
  • Click on edit profile and Go to manage subscriptions.
  • Click on subscriptions and cancel it.

(C). Through Apple:

For apple or itunes apps you should go to cancel your subscriptions easily.For that you should follow all the steps that we describe in the given link.

Now after cancel memberships let’s start to discuss about deletion process.

Methods of How to delete Tidal account:

There are mainly two methods that you should use to remove your account easily and quickly.

(a). Through Website

(b). By sending email

You can use any method from both of above but if one is not working then you can use other one.Let’s discuss on by one.

(A). How to delete Tidal account through Website:

You can remove your account through website by following the below steps.Kepp in mind that you will not be able to close your account after skip any step.

There is no delete button for remove your account.You will submit a request through website.

  • For submitting a request go to
  • Submit your name, email and language.
  • In the subject field you will submit “Delete my account

submit a request

  • In country section put your country name
  • In device operating system you will enter your device
  • In the “tell us more” you will request them to delete your account in detail and you will give all the info about your account.

how to delete tidal account

  • If you have any file then you can attach it by clicking attched file.
  • After that, You will click on submit button.

click submit button

(B). How to delete tidal account through app:

You can delete your app through your mobile app. If you are confirmed to close your account then folloe the below the steps:

  • Sign in to your app if you are not login.
  • Go to app settings
  • Find delete account button
  • Click on it.
  • Your data and account will be deleted permanently.

(C). How to delete tidal account By sending Email:

You can also send an email them and request them to remove your account. For removing your account you will follow th below steps:

  • Go to gmail account and click on compose button.
  •  In the subject “Request to delete my tidal account
  • In the “TO” section enter email address [email protected]
  • In the body you will enter all your reasons and info about your account.
  • Click send button after that.

You can delete your redbox account By using this method.

  • we discuss all the steps but if you did not understand anything then follow the complete instruction that given in the below video.

You should cancel your subscriptions from your devices before deleting your app.

About Company:

Tidal is Norwegian membership-based music, digital broadcast, and video real-time feature that offers sound and music recordings. Tidal was sent off in 2014 by Norwegian public organization Aspiro and is presently greater part claimed by Block, an American installment handling organization.

With circulation concurrences with each of the three significant record names and numerous free labels, Tidal professes to give admittance to in excess of 70 million tracks and 250,000 music videos. Tidal professes to pay the most noteworthy level of eminence to music craftsmen and musicians inside the music streaming business sector.


Here we discussesd all the possible methods of how to delete tidal account easily and cancel your subscriptions before removing account.We also discussed removing tidal app here.You can contact us for any query. For more you can follow them at social plateforms like Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram

Here we discussed some FAQS that will helpful  for you.


How do I delete my tidal account from my iPhone?

Tap ‘Settings’, and afterward your name.Tap ‘Memberships’. In the event that this choice doesn’t show up, tap ‘iTunes and AppStore’, your ‘Apple ID’ and afterward ‘View Apple ID’.  Tap ‘Tidal Subscription’, tap the drop choice and afterward tap again to affirm your undoing.

How do I remove my card from tidal?

Sign into your Tidal record on the Tidal web application. In the upper-left corner press “. . .” Click “Oversee Subscription” on the drop-down menu. Once on membership settings, click the “Installment” box with the charge card symbols. Click the dark “Update Payment Method” box.

How do I access my tidal account?

Oversee Account==> TIDAL. Dynamic Subscription: The simplest spot to check assuming you have a functioning TIDAL membership is to go to and afterward sign in.

Is tidal free?

Indeed! You can attempt TIDAL Free, which gives you admittance to our profound music inventory with restricted advertisement interferences. Or then again you can pursue a free preliminary of TIDAL HiFi or HiFi Plus for an advertisement free, completely intuitive listening experience.

Can I change my TIDAL username?

Tidal usernames are super durable once set. Nonetheless, the record email is the place where all correspondence seeing the record, for example, secret word resets, updates or advancements will be sent.

What happens if you cancel TIDAL?

Assuming you drop the membership, you can get to the Tidal music till the following charging date. After then, at that point, you’ll lose admittance to Tidal music, including the Tidal tunes that you used to pay attention to or download. Flowing is a music web-based feature. To prefer the assistance is the best way to get to Tidal melodies.

Can you deactivate a Tidal account?

Sign in and go to App Settings to observe the Delete Account button at the base. Tap it then, at that point, affirm. The information and matches are forever deleted from your record.

Does TIDAL make money?

Like other real-time features, Tidal pays its specialists or podcasters at whatever point a shopper streams their substance. Through Tunecore, whenever you’ve transferred your work, Tidal will pay you the last level of the month to month membership or promoting income they get from the sponsor or shopper.

How do I change my TIDAL account?

Sign in at Click on Subscription. Select Upgrade or Downgrade. Affirm your choice.

How do I disconnect TIDAL from Facebook?

Go to “account settings.” Click “applications” on the left-hand sidebar. Click the “X” on the right of each application to deny admittance to your information. Affirm “eliminate” when the window prompts you to do as such.


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