How to delete TextNow account Easy steps in 2022

Everything within the world has some faults. And this app isn’t an exception too. At times, users feel irritating by using it. So, they’ll want to urge obviate it. Thereby, they seek ways to delete the account. So here we describe to you how to delete textnow account.

 But before knowing the methods of deletion of textnow accounts we should know about textnow.

What is textnow?

Textnow may be a wonderful way to make phone calls. There are not any limits. And you’ll make the calls for free within the USA and in Canada.At a similar time, you’ll also send text SMSs through this app (android and Apple)For free.

So, this is often a powerful way for communication. an outsized number of individuals are using the app. They use the app for his or her everyday communication, business, and family purposes. Thus, textnow made famous among users.

Do you know about the benefits of textnow?

Before knowing how to cancel textnow account you should know about the benefits of textnow.

  • Most of the users feel they get flexibility. Having no bills for phone calls may be a plus for them to create nationwide calls.
  • Also, you’ll get a chosen number against your connection.

If you still want to continue about to know how to remove textnow account. You should follow the below methods

How to remove the textnow account?

To be frank there is no way to delete the textnow account because there is no direct delete button but you can choose some alternative ways for deactivating of textnow account.

Methods of How to delete textnow account:

There are some other ways that are used to deactivate/cancel or remove textnow account.

(a). Change profile information

(b). Change or remove your data from textnow server

(c). Deactivate Account

(d). How to delete textnow account through email.

We will discuss all these points in the below that you can use to remove your account.


You can change your profile information for the worthless of your account for textnow the authority. but how you can change your profile information for that you should follow the below steps:

How to change profile information: 

  • Open the textnow app and click on three straight lines given at top of the page.

how to delete textnow account

  • Once you click three straight lines then click on the GEAR-like icon which takes you to the SETTINGS page.

profile change


  • On the Settings page click on link PROFILE and alter your profile information. You can change your name, address, telephone number, and email.

profile information chnaged


(B). Change or remove your data from textnow server:

You can change or remove your personal data like calls history or messages etc from the textnow for deactivating the account.

  • To change or remove your data go to the textnow app and open it.
  • Now you go to call history and mark all history and now press on delete (or delete icon)
  • Go to messages if you have any data there. Then mark all messages and press delete

delete messages

  • It will remove your all information about calls and messages. 

(C). How to Deactivate your textnow account:

When you delete your all data (messages/calls etc)then you go to deactivate your account. If you want to deactivate your account you should not more use it again. When text authority notices your no activity your account, they will close your account. But if you want to reactivate your account then download again and login to your account.

(D). How to delete textnow account by Sending Email:

Follow the below steps to delete your account here you wll request them to remove your account and they will contact you after receiving your request.

  • Open your email account that’s registered with the account. Press compose for new email.

select compose

  • Now compose an email and enter the e-mail address
  • Now write an email regarding changing your account information.

requesting a delete textnow account

  •   Click on the send button.If you feel any dfficulty to compose an request then you can advanced information from the below video

How to delete or uninstall textnow app from mobile:

After deleting all information you want to delete the app from mobile then follow the below method

  • First, uninstall the TextNow app from your device. you’ll uninstall a phone app by tapping on the app’s name in your Settings and selecting the “Uninstall” option.
  • After you remove the app from your device, your telephone number is going to be released in seven days, if you are doing not reactivate the account.

How to delete or uninstall premium textnow app from mobile:

If you’ve got a premium TextNow account, it’ll a touch bit more complicated to delete TextNow account.

  • Before you’ll delete the TextNow app, you want to cancel your Premium subscription. If you delete the TextNow app without canceling your TextNow subscription, you’ll still be charged.For cancelling your membership follow the below steps:
  • To cancel your TextNow subscription, you want to first open the TextNow app.
  • Go to the Account Balance section of the TextNow main menu.
  • Choose the Manage Subscription option. From here, you’ll unsubscribe to the Premium plan.
  • Once you’ve got unsubscribed, you’ll delete the TextNow app.
  • After deleting your TextNow app, your telephone number is going to be released during a week, even as it might be if you were employing a free plan.

About company:

Established in 2009 by two college understudies hoping to get a good deal on their telephone charges, TextNow has been sans putting telephone administration innovation under the control of clients for over a decade.TextNow Wireless assistance, making us the very first full-administration freemium remote organization. They acquaint worldwide calling with our foundation and make TextNow accessible in two dozen nations outside the US and Canada.(Source)


Here we learned all the methods of how to delete textnow account and removing of app and cancel memberships in detail.If you are cofirmed to remove your account you should follow all the steps.If you face any problem then you can contact us through comments section and follow the textnow authority at social where you can direct text them. 





We also discuss some FAQS here that will help you.Before contacting read all the FAQS in detail.


How do you delete your TextNow number?

Text app=>Menu botton=>settings=>account=> textnow number=>menu button=> release number

How do I delete my TextFree account?

Settings=> support=> close account=> choose reason=> close account.

How do I reactivate my TextNow account?

TextNow app=> Menu app=> => Activate your device=> reactivate my account=>restart.

Can police track TextNow?

Both applications permit police to get to records. TextNow gives police admittance to the email address associated with the record, first and last name and IP address. You really want to watch their conduct you want to get their telephones here and there and simply go through it.” a cop said. 

Can you deactivate TextNow?

Go to My record page in your TextNow record and snap on Cancel my membership. TextNow> Main menu> account balance> oversee membership.

Is TextNow dangerous?

The application is recorded in SmartSocial’s Red Zone which implies it isn’t alright for understudies to use without grown-up management. There have been reports of hunters utilizing TextNow to target kids, along these lines, as usual, it is ideal to get little youngsters far from PDAs and such.

How do I recover my old TextNow number?

Sadly, you can’t recuperate TextNow number or get back your old number. At the point when your record isn’t being used for a more drawn out timeframe, they might eliminate that number from your record and allocate it to individuals who truly need it. However, you can contact the help group and request that they assist with recuperating your number.

What’s the catch with TextNow?

There are a few gets: TextNow offers you an individual telephone number and associations with make free, advertisement upheld calls and messages. Yet, it must be with a telephone that is viable with the Sprint organization. Furthermore you can’t ride the web too. That will cost you basically $19.99 month to month.

Is TextNow completely anonymous?

TextNow application permits you to send free mysterious messages and settle on decisions on your gadget with the TextNow account. Mysterious Texting incorporates an unknown telephone number, so you can utilize it to convey message with counterfeit number.

Will TextNow work without Wi-Fi?

TextNow utilizes your WiFi association when it is free so everything goes over the web for the two texts and calls (USA and Canada). No calls or texts can be made/got when there is no WiFi association.








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