How to Delete StubHub Account In Easy 2 Ways

Are you searching for a ticket provider service, Stubhub is a platform that provides you tickets for support, theaters concerts, etc. It provides service for sellers and buyers.

But if you are not satisfied with StubHub and want to know how to delete StubHub accounts in easy ways then you are at the right place we will discuss all the methods of how to delete StubHub account, remove its app, and cancel subscriptions

In this article, we will guide you through all the methods of How to remove a StubHub account, removing the app, and cancel subscriptions in detail.

Keep in mind that you should delete your credit cards from your account before deleting the account.

How to remove credit cards from my account?

You should delete your credit cards from your account before knowing how to delete your Stubhub account because when you delete your account, your info will not be deleted. So, For deletion of your cards, you should follow the below steps:

  • Open the stub hub website and log into your account
  • Go to your profile and settings
  • Go down to payment options for buying tickets and click on Remove card
  • confirm the deletion of your cards

Methods of How to delete Stubhub account:

According to the StubHub team, you can delete your account through three ways or methods that are shown below. You can follow them to delete your account

  1. Send them a private message
  2. By phone call
  3. Email them

These are methods that we will discuss below one by one 

Method 1: How to cancel a Stubhub account by sending a message: 

 According to the comment that the StubHub team mentioned in a portion of the comments, you can send a private message and request them to delete your account

how to delete stubhub account

If you want to know how to request them to delete your account, then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the following link
  2. Fill up and send to the section
  3. Write in the subject line
  4. Request them in the message box
  5. Click send message

This is the shortest way to send a message to them but if you want to know detailed information then follow the below instructions

Step 1: 

Firstly, if you are not logged in to your account then you will log in to your account and then go to the link when you click on it, you will directly go to the private message page without any difficulty. You will see a form that is given below

fill up form

This is your private message page that you will fill up when you request them.

 Step 2: 

There is confusion about what should write here but according to the comment we can see that we can send a request to the Stubhub team so we will write StubHub team here as mentioned in the picture shown below

write in send to and message box

Step 3: 

As you saw in the above image we write in the subject “delete my account” because we want to delete our account so that’s why we will write here.

Step 4: 

 In the message box, you will mention your reasons and you’re all data about your account and request them to delete your account. But remember to include your email address, zip/postal code, etc.

write in messgae body

Step 5: 

When you write all the info about your account and request it, you will click on the send message button in the blue color mentioned in the above picture. When you click on it, your message will be sent to them, and then they will reply to you as soon as possible.

Method 2: How to delete Stubhub account through phone call:     

You can call them by phone and request them to delete your account, but you will think which number you use for contacting them. So, don’t worry we mentioned here numbers with countries, then you will choose according to your country. See the below table for the contact number. But keep in mind, their available time is 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM Pacific time. So call them during this time.



The United States and Canada 











All other countries


(long-distance rates apply)

Method 3: How to delete a Stubhub account by sending the email:

You can email them to delete your account but for that, you have to have some knowledge about composing an email professionally if you know then follow the below steps to compose an email to them and send them

  1. Open your email account
  2. Click on compose button
  3. Write in the subject line
  4. Enter email address 
  5. Request them in the body section
  6. Click on the send button

This is the shortest way to compose an email to delete your account, But if you want to know in detail how to compose an email then follow the given instructions.

You can not delete your account if you have pending order of tickets

How to remove the Stuhub app from different devices:

As you know, it provides apps for your devices like Android and Apple. You can buy and sell tickets from its app easily from your mobile. But when you delete your account your app will be useless for you so you should delete the app from your devices.


Here we discussed how to delete the StubHub account easily, we hope you will understand all the methods and success of deleting your account. We also discussed removing apps from devices. But if you feel any difficulty then you contact us, or you can also contact them on social like




Alternatives of Stubhub account:

After deleting the StubHub account you will see alternatives to the StubHub account, then we are here to mention some alternatives that you can join easily just click on them. Some alternatives are Seat Geek, eBay, Ticketmaster, Ticket Network, and so on there are many platforms where you can sell and buy tickets easily.


How do I delete a payment method on StubHub?

You can add and eliminate both installment types by signing in to your record and going to the ‘My Hub’ part of the site. Once there you’ll go to the “Settings” tab, then, at that point, the “Installment” tab under that.

What is a StubHub account?

StubHub is free from any dangerous ticket commercial center. Fans purchase from and offer passes to each other. L. Lindsay is the writer of this arrangement article.

How do I remove PayPal from StubHub?

Go to ‘Profile’ then Settings. The ‘Installment’ tab is consequently open. Under ‘Installment choices for purchasing tickets,’ click the garbage bin close to the PayPal account you need to eliminate.

Is StubHub legitimate?

The organization is altogether genuine and has the privilege to sell or exchange every one of the tickets on its site.

Is StubHub 3rd party?

StubHub fills in as an immediate ticket commercial center for ticket exchange. Tickets are frequently sent from the ticket holders to ticket purchasers straightforwardly.

How to delete a Stubhub account permanently?

You can delete your account by contacting StubHub customer services in three different ways phone call, email, and request through message as we described above.

 How do I deactivate stubhub account?

You can just deactivate your StubHub listing, not your account, when you delete your account it means you will delete all the listings from your account.