How to Delete Roblox Account Best Guide in 2022

In the event that you are stressed over your kid’s security, look at this instructional exercise to figure out how to delete Roblox account. We will clarify a few strategies that you can use to dispose of your child’s Roblox account.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an internet gaming stage that permits you to make a game programming framework also. The web based gaming stage empowers players to meet up from around the world to set themselves in opposition to each other in multiplayer games. What makes it not the same as other gaming stores like Steam is that every one of the games on Roblox are made by its clients. The organization asserts that clients have distributed in excess of 20 million games on the stage throughout the long term.

Reasons to delete Roblox account:

In excess of 50% of all American children younger than 16 are said to have played on Roblox last year. Nonetheless, with its ascent in ubiquity, the stage has additionally seen an upsetting increase in improper substance for youngsters. Furthermore it has the extraordinarily stressed parent’s over their kid’s security while playing apparently hurtful games. All things considered, to stop such concerns, we will let you know deletion of Roblox premium participation and remove your child’s Roblox account in this article.

Methods of How to delete Roblox account:

There are many ways that you can use to remove your account easily here we are describing some simple and easy ways that you may use fo solving your problem.

(a). Through contact support

(b). Through sending email

(c). Through Phone Call

We will discuss them in the below one by one.Follow all the steps and don’t skip any step to complete your process.

(A). How to Delete Roblox Account Guide Step by Step 

Roblox doesn’t have the alternative to remove the record off the bat however assuming you need to incapacitate it for some time, here’s the manner by which you can do it. 

  • Sign in to your record, in the event that you’re not previously endorsed.

  • Explore the Help Center in the settings.

how to delete roblox account (2)

  • It will guide you toward the landing page of the site.

how to delete roblox account (6)

  • Look through the screen to tap on Contact Us underneath the limited-time items.

how to delete roblox account (5)

  • On the coordinated page, click on the Support form to report your concern.

how to delete roblox account (4)

  • Complete the application as shown by the bolts and submit.

how to delete roblox account (3)

  • On the off chance that you don’t get an email, contact Customer Service at [email protected] and demand that your record be deleted.
  • You may likewise contact Customer Support at 888-858-BLOX.
  • On the off chance that you don’t utilize your Roblox representation over a year, it will drop it for you. 
  • Whenever you have settled your record issues, eliminate the application from your gadgets. For ISO, you need to discover it in the archives, while an Android client should go to neighborhood plate C to remove it and let it lose some space.

(B). How to delete Roblox account through email:

  • First, open your browser and open your email account.
  • Click on the compose button located at the left top corner for a new email.

select compose

  • In the subject line write “Request to delete Roblox account
  • Give a support link in the “To” section.

requesting a delete account

(C). How to delete Roblox account through Phone call:

You can contact customer service by phone if you want to delete your account. Their contact number is 888-858-2569 where you can call and request them to delete your account.

Alternative ways to deactivate your Roblox account:

  • Inactive from your Roblox account:

Try not to utilize your Roblox to represent a year, and Roblox recognizes it as an inert record and deletes it for you. It’s a slow-speed process, however, it’s ensured to work.

  • Avoid to follow terms and conditions:

We don’t recommend this method, but if you get your account banned 3 times, your account is ultimately deleted by Roblox. This is often not a friendly way of doing things, but if all other options fail, it’s an option.

How to Restore a Deleted Roblox Account

If you’ve changed your mind about an account you’ve deleted, there’s one option available to you which will get your account restored.

If you redeem your Roblox card visit here for more information.

  • Provide the maximum amount of detail as possible about your old account and explain why you want it restored.
  • Hope for the best! there is no guarantee your data remains available, but it’s worth asking just in case.

If you feel any difficulty or technical problem then may be it is resolved by uninstalling roblox from different devices So you should uninstall it from your devices.

About Company:

Roblox is a web based game stage and game creation framework created by Roblox Corporation. It permits clients to program games and mess around made by different clients. Made by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and delivered in 2006, the stage has client made rounds of different kinds coded in the programming language Lua.

For the vast majority of Roblox’s set of experiences, it was generally little, both as a stage and an organization, because of both prime supporter Baszucki’s absence of interest in press inclusion and it being “lost among the group” in an enormous number of stages delivered around a similar time. Roblox started to fill quickly in the final part of the 2010, and this development has been sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the last we concluded that roblox is an online gamming platfrom due to which parents feel worry about their children so that why they want to know how to delete roblox account in easy ways.We discussed here all the methods of remove account and app from your devices.Feel free to contact us for any query and you can also follow roblox at social media like:






How to re-establish my record?

In the event that your record isn’t erased, you are all set as you can sign in and have your account back. Be that as it may, in the event that you presented the email to the email address, send it to them and clarify the circumstance. 

How is Roblox instructive? 

We as individuals and youthful personalities learn through training or dynamic methods for learning. Along these lines, Roblox utilizes this plan to draw in the client in the parts of creators and developers to permit them to investigate and build structures or take care of complex issues inside the application by encoding.

How to get free Robux? 

You can procure Robux by buying them on the application or by buying into the participation that allows you to sell things at a decent pace of benefit. It is absurd to expect to get Robux for nothing without getting your pilfered account any methods you can do Robux is referenced.

How to reset the secret phrase on the off chance that somebody hacked into the record? 

Access the settings whenever you are endorsed in and click on the secret key, at that point enter your old secret key and your new secret phrase with a solid mix of letters and numbers.

How to recuperate my record subsequent to failing to remember the secret phrase? 

You should simply enter your email address and it discloses to you how to reset your secret word without rolling out any improvements or deactivating your record.

Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

Roblox doesn’t erase accounts due to inertia. In the event that a record has been disconnected for quite a long time and unexpectedly it becomes dynamic, Roblox may think the record is undermined and erase it.

Can you get a terminated Roblox account back?

You can contact the Roblox Appeals group to survey the circumstance if your record has been prohibited or directed. The Appeals group will give the control another once-over and make any important changes in accordance with your record’s balance status. Presenting an allure doesn’t ensure your boycott will be eliminated.

How do you delete the coco account?

If you want to know how to delete the coco account click here for detailed information about it.

How to delete Roblox account in easy ways?

You can delete your roblox account in easy ways that we described above.If you want to delete your account then follow all the steps in a series.

How to deactivate roblox account?

Roblox doesn’t give a robotized method for erasing your Roblox account. All things considered, you’ll need to contact Roblox client service by utilizing the organization’s online help structure in an internet browser and request that they erase your record.


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