How To Delete Parcel Pending Account Perfect Info In 2022

You are at this page which means that you want to close your account.We will discuss here about how to delete parcel pending account with simple and easy steps.You should cancel your subscriptions before going to deletion process.

What is Parcel pending?

Parcel pending is electronic smart locker strorage system for multi-family housing services provided by Quadient.they convey north of 2 million bundles month to month, offering a wide scope of arrangements that guarantee the straightforward and secure conveyance and recovery of bundles and online orders.

How to delete parcel pending account:

Before going to deletion process you should cancel your subscriptions which is possible at parcel pending app that you have downloaded for your devices like Android and Apple.After cancelled your subscriptions you should have to deletion process.For that you should have to request them to close you account because there is no direct button to remove account.

For requesting you should have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to gmail account and login if you are not login.
  • Click on compose button and write “request to delete account” in subject.
  • Enter email address  [email protected]
  • Write all the reasons and request of deletion account in Subject and click submit/send.

If you feel any difficulty to compose and send an email then you can take guidence from given video.

What will happen after sending email?

They will recieve you email request and verify your data and delete your account but if your data does not match their database they will not able to complete your request. If you will not verify your data they will also ignore your email.After deleting your account you should have to remove your app that will usless after close your account.


In this article we concluded all th possible ways of how to delete parcel pending account .If you have any query you can contact us by commenting section.or you can also use this email address  [email protected].You can follow them and direct message at social media platforms by clicking below links.






What is a parcel pending account?

parcel Pending by Quadient is a brilliant storage framework that gives a safe and straightforward way for occupants to get their bundle conveyances all day, every day. Incredible about Parcel Pending that inhabitants don’t need to trust that their attendant will be available to have the option to get their package conveyances.

Does parcel pending work with Amazon?

Go to the Parcel Pending storage space and recover your bundle by composing your one-of-a-kind access code into the screen.

How does my parcel pending work?

With the Parcel Pending application, a client’s cell phone can speak with the bundle storage framework itself. Inhabitants can essentially tap a button on their telephone, and the relating storage will open. Beneficiaries are then allowed to gather their bundle and continue ahead with their day

How long does mail stay in parcel locker?

Normally, bundles can stay in storage spaces for seven days to ten days. Many transportation administrations set their rules for stays, fluctuating from a couple of days to years.

What does it mean when a parcel is pending?

Assuming your shipment’s conveyance status is “presently forthcoming,” it implies conveyance responsibilities were changed in view of a few kind of postponement and our endeavors to relieve that deferral. You can follow your bundle, or you can utilize FedEx Delivery Manager to get to the most modern data with respect to your bundle.

How to delete parcel pending account?

Sign in to your record at and select the choice to close your record. If it’s not too much trouble, note that, by shutting your record, you may not get every one of the bundles that are shipped off you and you might have to make plans with another conveyance administration.

How does a parcel work?

Since bundle bundles are little, they’re gotten from your preferred get area or a drop-off area. Then, they’re put on transport lines and auto-arranged by machines. Once arranged, they’re stacked into trucks by people.


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