How To Delete MyLife Account Best Guide In 2022

This article brings about all the info about how to delete mylife account that you were searching in SERP page. We will guide you about all info related to Mylife account like subscriptions, removing app from your devices (Android ).First we will know a little bit about Mylife.

What is Mylife?

Mylife is American platform that accumulates your own data utilizing your different profiles and openly available reports online from numerous sources that have data about you. Your profile is consequently created utilizing all the data accessible with regards to you on the web. 

How to Delete Mylife Account

Before going to main topic you should cancel your memberships from your account. You can’t do it after deleting account.

For cancelling memberships you should have to email them at email address [email protected] and request them to remove.

According to official website, we can delete our account through two ways both are simple and easy methods.

(a). Through Website 

(b). By sending Email

Let’s discuss these methods one by one in the below with details.

(A). How to Remove From Mylife Through Website:

If you want to close Mylie account and confirm about it then you should have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to official website and login if you are not login.

HOW TO DELETE mylife account.

  • Click on My Account after login to your account.
  • A list will appear then choose delete account from the list.
  • Confirm deletion process by clicking on “yes, delete my account
  • After confirming you account will be deleted permanently.

You can also call them at the given number 1-888-704-1900 and request them to remove your account.


(B). By sending Email:

You can also use this methods for deletion process in which you request them to remove your account.

You should have to compose an email and send it to their email address [email protected].If you want to get complete info about it then see the below video.

About company:

In 2007, got $25 million in adventure financing from Oak Investment Partners. The organization changed its name from to after converging with the web crawler organization, Wink in the fall of 2008.

As indicated by Tinsley, the organization’s 2008 income was assessed at 52 million dollars with 90% of the company’s income coming from paid memberships.

Starting at 2009, the organization had gained a few more modest organizations including Planet Alumni, GoodContacts, HighSchoolAlumni, and In 2009 started an information imparting organization to MyLife.


We learned how to delete mylife account with easy steps and cancel subscriptions and remove app with easy ways. You can contact us if you have any questions or you can also like them at social media like 






Is MyLife com legitimate?

MyLife has a “terrible standing” for charging clients after the 7-day preliminary even after you drop your participation. It’s a trick site.

How did MyLife get my information?

MyLife accumulates individual data through openly available reports and different sources to consequently create a “MyLife Public Page” for every individual. MyLife professes to give public foundation information on north of 325 million personalities. Public pages can be altered or eliminated by email/telephone demand without paying.

What is a reputation score on MyLife?

A Reputation Score is a mathematical worth relegated to an individual in light of records, subtleties, and surveys pulled with regards to them from across the web. MyLife assembles data from an assortment of sources, including: Court and criminal records.

How do I shut down MyLife com?

Send your solicitation to [email protected] certain to remember your URL for the email so your data (and not another person’s) gets removed the site.

How to delete Mylife account?

Open your Internet program and go to the MyLife website. Click the “My Account” tab in the upper right of the screen. Click “close Account” in the rundown of choices under the “My Account” heading. Click the “Indeed, Delete My Account” button.

Why does MyLife say I have Court records? might show your experience report contains an “capture or criminal record,” when you have no criminal history at all or a minor offense, for example, a speeding ticket which in no way, shape or form establishes a criminal conviction.

How to deactivate mylife account?

Open the Mylife site. snap on profile symbol. Click my record. Tap on deactivate account.
Click deactivate your record. Click deactivate your record.

What is MyLife app?

MyLife just sent off another Android application that allows clients to plug into different informal communities like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter across the board place. The application additionally permits clients to look through in excess of 700 million profiles across every one of the organizations and see who’s been looking for them as well. MyLife was established in 2002.

How do I get my information off of MyLife?

You can remove your all info from Mylife by sending an email at given email address in this article. You can take a complete instructions from here.

What is MyLife rating?

MyLife has a buyer rating of 1.08 stars from 399 surveys demonstrating that most clients are by and large disappointed with their buys.


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