How To Delete Mega Account With Easy Steps 2022

Do you want to know how to delete mega account then you are at the right place it doesn’t matter what you have reasons to delete? Here we will discuss cancellation, removal, deactivate of mega account. before deleting your account you should know about mega. So that’s why we know some intro about mega. 

What is Mega?

Mega is a distributed storage and facilitating site that allows its clients to store or save records on their worker and offer the download interface with your companion circle.This service is presented through applications. Mega applications are likewise accessible for Android and iOS.

Howover, in this article we will guide you on how to delete mega account , cancel subscriptons, and delete your mega app from your devices.

How to Delete Mega Account with different ways: 

There are two main methods that are used to delete mega accounts:

  • Through  email 
  • Through Website

we will discuss both methods in the below one by one. You will use one of them for deleting your account if you face difficulty then use other.

How to delete mega account through Website: 

This is a method that provides by mega so if you want to delete your account through website then Follow the below steps: 

  • Go to the accompanying URL “ to website
  • Sign in to your record. here you will click on login for sign in and enter your credentials.
  • login to mega  Snap-on MENU, which is situated at the upper right part of the page. 

go to settings

  • Quickly, a drop-down menu will show up.
  • Presently, click on MY ACCOUNT


  • Snap-on CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT.  Presently, a message will spring up with regards to your record cancellation affirmation. 

click close my account

  • Snap-on YES for confirmation. 

confirmation pop up

  •  Browse your email, a mail has been shipped off you. 
  • Presently, on the mail, click on CLOSE ACCOUNT to forever remove your record.
  • Choose your reason from the given options and click submit.

reasons to delete

If you face any difficulty in deleting your account through website then you can email to mega and request them to delete your account.But how you can compose email? don’t worry for that we discuss below you can take information.

How to delete mega account by email:

You can remove your record by sending an email to the organization, mentioning them to remove your record from their data set. 

  • Open your email account that is enrolled with the application or site. 
  • Presently make an email and enter the email address [email protected]  
  • On Subject Type “Request/Solicitation TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT“. 
  • Stage 4. Presently compose an email mentioning them to remove your record from their data set, and to wipe all your data with them, assuming any. requesting a mega delete account

How to cancel subscriptions from your different devices:

If you want to cancel subscription due to notifications then you can cancel subscriptions easily from your devices like Android, Apple, Mac and others easily. You should go to their subscriptions options and cancel your subscriptions but if you need more information then you can take detail information by reading continue how to cancel subscriptions.

How to delete mega account app from different devices:

After knowing how to delete your mega account you want to know how to delete app from you devices like Android and Apple then you can delete it in easy way. You can just press and hold app and click delete button. But if you want to more detail then keep reading how to delete apps.

Alternatives of mega:

Assuming you need to discard the mega unexpectedly, you should use another web-based development association to override it. There are a lot of other comparative associations like,, etc

About company:

MEGA is a distributed storage and record facilitating administration presented by Mega Limited, an organization situated in Auckland, New Zealand. The help is presented through electronic apps.MEGA portable applications are additionally accessible for Android and iOS. MEGA is known for the biggest completely included free distributed storage on the planet with 20 GB.

MEGA additionally utilizes CloudRAID innovation,which means records are parted into generally equivalent estimated parts and put away in various nations. They likewise store one more part in one more nation recording whether the quantity of “1” bits at a specific situation inside all parts is even or odd. This implies that clients can recreate information in any event, when one of the parts is inaccessible.


Does Mega remove idle records? 

We’ve thusly established a possibility for MEGA to end idle records or non-responsive records following 3 months. Have confidence, MEGA would not like to lose authentic clients, so you will get sufficient notification before we do this. 

Is the Mega record safe? 

Mega is a solid distributed storage administration that works with no information on individuals’ encryption keys. In such assistance all reports are encoded locally utilizing a key that is never imparted to MEGA. 

Is downloading from mega unlawful? 

The utilization of MEGA is entirely legitimate. It’s the substance you download that could be illicit. Anyway, the odds of stumbling into difficulty downloading said content from MEGA is really thin. 

Does mega track your IP? 

Super tracks the IP address of every client who signs in to a record.

How do I delete my MEGA data account?

You can delete your account through 2 ways that we described above in this article. If you still facing any problem then you can contact us freely.

Does MEGA delete accounts?

On the off chance that you are utilizing a free record, they can delete your record following 3 months of inertia. MEGA to end latent records or non-responsive records following 3 months.

Does Mega automatically delete files?

To quote from Mega’s terms of administration, “Our administration may naturally delete a piece of information you transfer or give another person admittance to where it confirms that that information is a careful copy of unique information currently on our administration.


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