How to Delete Meetup Account Best Guide In 2022

Assuming you’ve concluded that Meetup is done gathering your requirements, you might be believing it’s the ideal opportunity for a change. All things considered, you might be needing to know how to delete Meetup account. Fortunately, you are here because we have composed a simple to-follow instructional exercise for dropping your Meetup account. Follow our basic advances, or go through the itemized bit by bit guide with pictures assuming you want somewhat more bearing. before jumping to main topic we will remind you about little meetup:

What is meetup:

Meetup is assistance used to put together online gatherings that host face-to-face and virtual occasions for people with comparative interests.however, rather than simply discussing these interests on the web, Meetup is utilized to coordinate disconnected and in-person gatherings in your space. Normal areas for Meetup bunches incorporate bistros, parks, and now and then even individuals’ homes.   

Methods of how to delete Meetup account:

According to meetup, You can only delete your account from web not on phone but if you make an account on iphone then you can delete your account on also join it by sign up from google and facebook so you can also delete it from them.So accoding to above discussion there are three ways to remove our account.

(a). Through Website

(b). By iphone

(c). Through Google or Facebook

We will discuss them one by one here in the below But keep in mind don’t skip any step.

Removing meetup account is a permanent process or non reversible process that you can not find again. You will make new one if you use it again.

(A). How to Delete Meetup Account through Website: 

Need some assistance to remove the meetup account? As you track down a preferred option over a meetup. Here’s the way to delete meetup account. 

  1. Sign in to your record, if not as of now. 

how to delete meetup account (2)

  1. Go to your profile by clicking the top left corner side profile picture.

how to delete meetup account (4)

  1. when you click on the profile picture you will see a menu from which Snap-on ‘Setting.’ 

how to delete meetup account (3)

  1. Subsequent to tapping on the setting, look down to discover the choice of deactivating your record

how to delete meetup account (6)

  1. Tap on ‘Deactivate Your Account,’ which will take you to the deactivation page, where you will be, requested to enter your secret word

how to delete meetup account (5)

  1. In the event that you don’t recall your secret key, click on ‘Fail to remember Password‘, which will request that you enter your email record and reset your secret key through a connection in the email. 

how to delete meetup account

  1. In the wake of resetting your secret key, you can return to the record deactivation page and enter your secret key to deactivate your record. You will get an email to affirm your activities and remove your record. 

(B). How to Delete Meetup Account through Mobile ? 

To remove your meetup account on your portable, follow the means referenced previously. 

  •  Log in to your record. 
  •  Click on your ‘Profile.’ 
  •  Tap on the ‘Setting.’ 
  •  Scroll down to ‘Deactivate Your Account.’ 
  •  Click on the deactivation record, and it will take you to the deactivate page. 
  • Then enter your email address, and affirm it by tapping on the connection in the email address. 

For removing app from your mobile you should cancel subscriptions.

(C). How to delete Meetup account made through Facebook, Google:

In the event that you have joined on Meetup utilizing your Facebook, Google, you need to make a secret phrase for your Meetup account prior to deleting your record. Once done, making a secret key, follow the means referenced previously. 

Steps to make a Meetup Password: 

  • Go to the Password reset page and ensure you are endorsed into your record. 
  • Snap-on Submit. You’ll get an email from Meetup with the guidance to make your Meetup password.

About Company:

Meetup was established in June 2002 by Scott Heiferman and five prime supporters. The thought for Meetup came from Heiferman meeting his neighbors in New York City interestingly after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. Heiferman was additionally affected by the book Bowling Alone, which is about the crumbling of local area in American culture. Some underlying subsidizing for the endeavor was raised from loved ones, which was trailed by a financing round with private supporters.


As we learn meetup is connection app with people but if you tired up to use it then we gave all the information about how to delete meetup account in detail and all types of account but keep in mind that deletion of account is unreversible process.You can’t get back your account.If you want to search meetup at social then you can follow them through below links






How would I deactivate my previous occasion? 

As a client, you don’t have the choice to erase any occasion made by an outsider. So you should contact the client support and express your issue to them in an email.

How to contact a meetup? 

Look down on the site at the base to discover the ‘Get Help’ alternative, click on and fill the structure as per your protest. 

How to join a gathering at a meetup? 

On the landing page of the meetup, you can discover a few pages to join. You should simply demand to participate or fill in certain inquiries to be a piece of the page.

How to stop a gathering? 

Go to the gatherings you need to leave. Snap-on the drop-down menu to choose the gathering, then, at that point Tap on ‘Leave.’

How to change my profile data?

Go to your profile and snap-on ‘Settings.’ 

Then, at that point proceed to alter the data by tapping on the ‘Alter’ button.

How to change my advantage? 

In the profile under the settings, look down to ‘Your Interests.’ Then add what you need to and substrate what doesn’t revenue you any longer.

How do I set up a Meetup account?

To make a Meetup account from your work area or portable internet browser, visit and click Sign up in the upper right-hand corner. To make a Meetup account from your Android or iOS gadget, download the application, open it, and basically tap Sign up. It’s as simple to join as it is amusing to get together.

What type of website is Meetup?

Meetup is an informal communication site that permits you to find and join bunches connected with your very own advantages. Be that as it may, rather than simply discussing these interests on the web, Meetup is utilized to put together disconnected and in-person gatherings in your space.

How to  delete Meetup account permanently?

Go to in your internet browser and sign into your record.Click on your profile picture, and afterward select Settings from the menu that shows up.Look to the lower part of the page and snap Delete Your Meetup Account.

How do I remove my credit card from Meetup?

Meetup doesn’t permit clients to eliminate charge card | Hacker News. Meetup doesn’t permit the clients to eliminate their charge card. I was once a coordinator of a gathering, so I added my charge card to pay for the membership.

How much does Meetup subscription cost?

Coordinators pay somewhere in the range of $9.99 and $23.99 every month, contingent upon area and the membership model of decision. This permits you to coordinate up to three gatherings with limitless individuals.


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