How to Delete Loseit Account Easy Steps In 2022

If you are searching for a way how to delete Loseit account, you have gone to the correct spot. Assuming you are not utilizing your LoseIt account you don’t have anything to lose by deleting it while permitting LoseIt to keep your information leaves you open to different web-based assaults. 

What is Loseit:

LoseIt is a calorie burning application that assists you with arriving at your weight reduction objective. Basically, download the application, put forward your objectives, and track your food sources and activities to shed pounds.

How to delete Loseit Account Step by Step Guide:

There are two main methods that we can use for removing account. There is no direct button or way in app to remove your account you need to do it from its website. The remaining methods are

(a). Close / Delete Through website 

(b). By Sending Email

These methods described here in the below step by step that will helpful you.

Are you premium subscriber or member then delete your memberships before deleting your account.

(A). How to Close Loseit Account through website: 

You don’t have the choice to delete your account on a portable application, so you should do it through the work area. 

Here are a couple of basic strides for you to follow and dispose of your account. 

Step 1: 

  • Go to on the program and sign in to your account. 
how to delete loseit account

Step 2: 

  • On the landing page, go to Settings in the upper left corner. 
Go to loseit settings

Step 3: 

  • Discover the Account Information’s alternative and snap on it. 
How to delete loseit account

Step 4: 

  • There at the base is the ‘Close Account‘ button tap on it. 
how to delte loseit account
 How to Close Loseit Account
How to Close Loseit Account

Step 5: 

  • Peruse the ready that expresses that once you delete your account you will not have the option to recuperate the information nor can you drop your membership like this.

(B). How to Delete Loseit Account through Email? 

Assuming you wish to realize another approach to delete your account, adhere to the given directions down beneath for your direction. 

  • Sign in to your email account. Press on compose button.
select compose
  • Compose ‘Request to Delete My Account in the title. 
  • Make an organized email resolving your issue with the account and motivation to delete it. 
  • Then, at that point ask the clients for assistance to eliminate your own data and different subtleties alongside your account. 
  • Send the email out to this location [email protected]
 How to Delete Loseit Account
How to Delete Loseit Account

You can delete your drizly account by following the above method.

In the above we gave some insructions to write email and send it to requesting them to delete your account but if you face any difficulty then you can see in this video.

How to cancel subscriptions From different devices:

Before deleting your account or application it is necessary to cancel your subscriptions and memberships otherwise you will not able to cancel it. So we recommend that cancel your subscriptions then delete your app that you downloaded from your devices like Adnroid and Apple.

About the Company :

Lose It! is a calorie counter & food journal diet application that assists you with adhering to your eating regimen and accomplish weight reduction that fits! So clients can download the application, put forward their objectives, and track their eating routine, food, and activities to get in shape. You can undoubtedly follow full scale, carb, and calorie consumption with Lose It!(Source)


We are here to walk you through how to delete loseit account , and all the necessary things step by step. But if you feel any problem in deletion process or any query just contact us below commenting section. You can also follow them at social and message them privately here





How to delete my information from loseit account? 

Go to your profile, in the activity segment. Then, at that point click on it and move it to the waste symbol.

How to withdraw from loseit account? 

In google play, select loseit. Then, at that point got to membership to drop it.

How to log out of loseit? 

Loseit doesn’t have a log-out alternative. However, on the off chance that you are stressed over the security of your following information, you can utilize the password highlight for your confirmation.

How to get a discount on Loseit? 

You should present a structure beginning with your issue, email address, and contact data.

How to delete my loseit account? 

In the profile, go to account and tap on the close account

How to reach out to loseit? 

On, click on ‘Find support.’ Then pose your inquiry to see the favored articles or go to contact structure and round out the subtleties to get a speedy reaction.

How to make changes to my arrangement? 

Go to your profile, in the ‘Objectives’ and snap-on ‘Alter Plan’ to roll out the ideal improvements.

Why steps are not counting in Google fit?

Fit doesn’t follow exercises by any means. Check to ensure movement location is turned on. Tap Track action measurements and ensure it is turned on.

Does lose it sync with Google fit?

Lose It! shares exercises, steps, and weight with Google Fit. This choice will permit Lose It! to peruse steps followed in Google Fit and apply it toward a calorie reward. At the point when Lose It! remembers you’ve found a way enough ways to represent what Lose It!


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