How To Delete Lendingtree Account | Finest Complete Guide 2022

Have you a LendingTree account and you want to delete it but don’t know how to delete LendingTree account then you are at the right place where we will guide you all the ways about removing your account with easy steps. So, you can follow the below methods.

Lendingtree is a web-based loaning stage in which different merchants, banking organizations, and credit accomplices interface with giving the advance to site clients. The site allows its clients to make and alter account data, transfer pictures, peruse a rundown of online advanced classifications like understudy, house.

How to Delete Lendingtree Account

There are almost three ways or methods to delete your account that we can use to remove our account from LendingTree.

  1. Through the website
  2. By sending email
  3. Through Phone call

We will explain them one by one below with easy steps and screenshots. Let’s discuss them in detail.

(A). By Website:

If you want to delete your LendingTree account through the website then follow the below steps 

How to delete Lendingtree Account
How to delete Lendingtree Account

Step 1: Go to the Contact us :

In step one, you should go to the contact us page. Where you will see a Picture shown in the Below

lendingtree customer service
lendingtree customer service

Step 2: Select Your topic & Reason:

Select your topic as you can see above the picture when you click on it you will see a dropdown from which you will select your topic. We will recommend that you will select technical assistance. When you will choose it then you will see more options shown below. where you can need to click on any radio button then

technical assistance


After choosing your reason you will go down you will see an information form that you will fill in if you didn’t find you can see the below:

Step 3: Fill-Up the Form:

First of all, you will give your first and second name then you will give your email address and phone number. Then in the comment box or question box, you will enter your reason to delete your account.

click submit

Step 4: Click submit:

After filling up your form check again all credentials that you have given then fill up the check shown in the picture and click on submit button.

After submitting your request they will contact you Within 72 hours. After that, your account will be deleted

(B): Close lendingtree account by sending an email:

If you want to send an email to a LendingTree account then you should follow the below steps:

  1. Go to compose button
  2. Write in subject : I want to delete my lendingtree account
  3. Enter the email address that is [email protected] 
  4. In body section you need to write down your issue in details
  5. Then click send button

If you don’t know how to write an email then you can take guidelines in detail.

Alternative Way [lendingtree customer service]:

You can delete your account by phone call. According to LendingTree customer care, you can call them and tell them your all reasons for the deletion of your account and request them to delete your account. Their customer service phone numbers and timing gave in the picture.

lendingtree customer service number
LendingTree customer service number

How to Delete lendingtree App from Mobile: 

Have you a LendingTree app on your phone android or apple but when you delete your account then your app will be useless for you and it is a wastage of your memory or space. You should delete it permanently. If you make a decision to delete it then you can take guidelines on how to delete or remove the app from your mobile.

About Company: 

LendingTree is a web-based loaning commercial center settled in the United States. The business stage permits expected borrowers to associate with numerous advance administrators to track down ideal terms for advances, charge cards, store accounts, protection, and so forth In 1998, LendingTree was dispatched on the web.

The lendingtree website offers a number of tools for borrowers, including calculators for loan repayments and potential profits, as well as comparisons between lenders’ rates, fees and terms.

LendingTree has received criticism over the accuracy of its estimates which have been seen by some to be rigged towards making LendingTree appear more competitive than it actually is.


How do I remove myself from LendingTree?

Log in to your account Click the “Remove Me” button on the left side of the page near all of your information from LendingTree under “My Accounts.” Click “Yes, I wish to permanently delete my account and data from this site.

Is LendingTree trustworthy?

LendingTree is 100%, ensured genuine. LendingTree will interface you with loan specialists, and the help is totally free. 

How do I stop LendingTree calls?

For those wishing to prevent calls from LendingTree and different loan specialists, there is a complementary number and a site for the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry Opt-in and Opt-out. Nonetheless, this doesn’t ensure the calls and messages will stop endlessly.

Does LendingTree affect credit Reddit?

The FICO rating that contract borrowers use will lump together numerous hard pulls for exactly the same thing. There is an insignificant effect on your FICO rating or by and large home loan endorsement from these checks.

Who owns LendingTree?

IAS owns LendingTree  

Is LendingTree a direct lender?

No, LendingTree is not a direct lender 


Here we discuss how to delete LendingTree account with different methods that you can use easily but if you face any problem then feel free to submit your feedback we will contact you instantly

There are more ways to contact them through social media if you have still any issues.





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