How to delete Kijiji account with easy ways in 2022

Do you have an account on Kijiji and used it too much and now you need to delete it but you did not find any way and you are searching now how to delete Kijiji account in easy ways then you are at right place. Because we are made it for you so that you can get information about deletion of Kijiji account in easy and simple way. So, 

Before moving on deletion methods or ways we should know very well about Kijiji account so that’s why we take some  review about it.

What is Kijiji account?

Kijiji is a web-based characterized gateway in Canada that let its clients to look or post arranged promotions dependent on their separate urban communities. The site lets its clients to make and alter account data, transfer pictures, look for grouped advertisements on entry, contact the individual who post promotions or send messages.

After knowing about Kijiji account we move on to the ways of how to delete Kijiji account that will we know in the below section:

How to delete Kijiji account in Different Ways:

According to Kijiji, There are two different methods that you can use for remove your account easily. If you will use other wrong ways (that provided by others) you will never delete your account. So follow the right ways (According to Kijiji) to remove your account. That are:

  1. Through Submit an Email 
  2. Through live chat
how to delete Kijiji account
how to delete Kijiji account

These methods we will discuss here one by one. we hope you will solve your problem by using these methods

How to delete Kijiji account through Submitting Email:

You can contact them by following  the below steps one by one. But keep in mind don’t skip any step otherwise you will not be able to delete Kijiji account easily. So let’s see how many steps are required and what should we do in these steps.

slect others
  • After choosing others you will scroll down more and click on “contact us”
click contact us
  • When you click on it you will see form then you will enter ID(optional) and message here.
type messgae
  • After typing messages click on next.
  • Here you will enter your name and Email and click on next.
enter full name and email
  • In this step you will see two ways to contact them live chat and Submit an email will choose message and then you type your message and send it.
select method
  • They will get back as soon as possible.

This is the shortest and simple way that why we described first in the list. If you feel difficulty or other reason you want to use live chat then you should follow the below method.

How to delete Kijiji account by live chat:

You can live chat them by their giving time frame otherwise you will see them offline and you can’t contact them and chat with them. So if you want to chat with them then do at the given time below.

select method

If you find them offline you can use first method easily by clicking submit an email.If you want to delete Kijiji account from live chat then follow the below steps

  1. Go to same link as given above.
  2. Select others
  3. click contact us
  4. Enter message
  5. Enter your name and email
  6. click on live chat. Now you can live chat with them and ask them to delete your account. 

Delete Kijiji account through Trusted Form:

Another methods that is famous on internet is truste form that provide a form. you fill this form by submitting request to delete your request. You can say it is indirect method but it works that’s why we are giving to you.

You can use it if you did not success in deletion process by using above method but it is not possible because that both process provided by Kijiji. Anyhow we take some review about this method. You should follow the below steps for using this method.   

enter url of kijiji
  • Choose your country and Choose “Removal personal info” in complaint type box.
choose country
  • Enter your reason to delete your account in the “Description of your issue
enter your reason
  • Enter your email and your name in the boxes
enter email and name
  • Choose any one option in the last “whether you want to share your name and email with company or not”
choose any one
  • Solve the captcha and press on submit
solve the captcha

These are all the simple ways that you can use for knowing how to delete kijiji account easily But how you can delete your Kijiji app? For that you can go down and follow the method.

Delete Application from your devices:

As we all know that Kijiji provides two types apps for your devices that are for Android and Apple. That you are using in your devices but after your deleting your account your app will useless for you so you want to delete it from your mobile for your reason whatever you have. If you really want to delete your application then you should go through how to delete app from your devices 

Alternatives of Kijiji:

We will guide you about alternatives or similar to Kijiji account that you can join after removing your account. Some of them are ebay, Amazon, Groupon, Geebo etc. These are almost nearby to kijiji that you can join after cancelling account.  

About Kijiji Company:

Kijiji is the most famous web-based classifieds administration in Canada and attracts more traffic contrasted with contender Craigslist that country. It is dispatched by Adevinta in February 2005,16 years ago. Kijiji offers comparative administrations and is viewed as a contender to Craigslist, with the greatest contrasts being that Kijiji has a broad pets segment, just as a more present day interface. The Kijiji brand is utilized in excess of 100 urban communities in Canada.


In last words, we discussed here about all the possible ways of How to delete kijiji account and its company and gave some alternatives for you that you can join after deletion process. But if you facing any difficulty in deletion process then feel free to contact us and you can also contact with kijiji  socially like at Facebook, Twitter etc. 

Here we are discussing some FAQS that will help you in advance information.


How do I delete my Kijiji?

Tap the menu button at the upper left of the screen and select My Kijiji. Select (and hold) the advertisement you might want to delete. Select the garbage bin symbol to delete.

How do I reset my Kijiji account?

From the My Kijiji drop down menu, click Edit Profile. Enter your new email address in the Details box. Save the changes by confirming your password at the bottom of the page. A confirmation email will then be sent to your new and old address.

Can you change your Kijiji email?

Sign in to the Kijiji account you need to alter. Click the Navigation Menu button (shows up as an individual symbol, K symbol (starting symbol), or your profile photograph) and select Account Settings. Enter your new email address in the Email address box.

Can you be banned from Kijiji?

Any advertisements that don’t consent to Kijiji approaches might be eliminated from the site. Furthermore, clients who disregard such approaches might be hindered from utilizing Kijiji later on.

How do I access my Kijiji account?

Click Sign in on the Kijiji Autos landing page. Enter the email and secret key that you used to enroll. Click Sign in. Whenever mentioned, adhere to the guidelines in the reCAPTCHA test and hit Verify.

How do I remove my email from Kijiji?

Special messages, warning messages and Alert messages have an Unsubscribe button at the lower part of the email. Clicking it will eliminate you from that specific mailing list. Click the Navigation Menu button (shows up as an outline symbol, starting symbol, or your profile photograph) and select Account Settings.



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