How To Delete Jpay account complete guidance in 2022

In this guide you will learn how to delete jpay account with easy ways and steps.Here we will discuss all the easy steps that you can use to remove account and application that you downloaded fror your devices (Android or Apple) easily.But If you listen name of jpay first time then you should know about jpay.Let’s start with a little about jpay.

What is Jpay?

Jpay is an extraordinary installment administration for prisoners in the United States, it is not difficult to use for sending and getting cash across 35 states around United States.

Reasons about close Jpay account:

There are many reasons due to which you can delete your account like You are free from jail and you can easily send money yourself because now you are out of jail and  you can easily send and recieve payments without any worry.So this is the reason.

What happens When you delete Jpay account?    

When you delete jpay account you will no longer receive any emails from jpay.You will not able to send and receive money through this.Your cards info will not delete from it you would have to remove it first and your messages will be deleted automatically.And if you have payment in it then you will not able to recieve it.

What should you do before deleting account?

There are many things that you should you do before closing account like

  • You should have to cancel your subscriptions.
  • You must have to remove your cards.
  • Pull out your all money from it.

But how you can remove your cards from here.Don’t worry we are discribing here in the below process of removing credits cards.

  • Go to your account and Click on My account.
  • Then click on Payment methods.
  • Here you will delete all the cards that you added
  • Click save.

How to delete jpay account:

There are two ways to close jpay account that you can use easily for deletion process.

(A). Through Website

(B). By calling

Here we discussed all the ways one by one with simple steps.Let’s start to discuss them in the below:

(A). How to close Jpay account Through website:

You can remove your account through its website by following the below steps.

how to delete jpay account

  • Enter your email that is attached with jpay account.
  • Put your phone number in the phone box.
  • In subject you will select “Billing, payment and accounts” 
  • In the body you will write all the reasons and request them to remove your account.
  • Then click on submit button.

If you deleted your account then you should move to removing jpay app.

(B). Through calling:

You can call them and request them to delete your account.This is a short and simple way but sometimes their line is busy or has technical faults so that’s why we recommend you the first way for deletion process.You can call them at (800) 574-JPAY (5729) within 24 hours and appeal for remove account by giving details of account. 

You can also compose and send an email at given email address [email protected]

About company:

JPay is a secretly held data innovation and monetary administrations supplier zeroed in on serving the United States jail framework. With central command in Miramar, Florida, the organization contracts with state, region, and government detainment facilities and prisons to give innovations and administrations including cash move, email, video appearance, and parole and probation installments to roughly 1.5 million detainees all through 35 states.

JPay was begun in 2002 by the organization’s CEO and originator, Ryan Shapiro. In 2005, the organization moved its base camp from New York to Miami.In 2009, JPay’s administrations extended to offer a prisoner MP3 player, the JP3, and a library of music tracks for procurement.In 2011, JPay moved its central command from Miami to Miramar, Florida, to oblige a bigger call place.


We hope you have learned how to delete jpay account completely and removing you payment method and applications esily but if you face any problem then contact us we will guide you completely.You can also follow then and direct contact them at your social media by following givn urls.





We are giving some FAQS that may helpful for you so read all the questions.We hope you will ge your answers.


Can you cancel a JPay email?

You might end your utilization of the Service with or without make whenever by giving composed notification JPay at the accompanying location: 12864 Biscayne Blvd. #243, Miami, FL 33181 or by means of email at [email protected].

Does JPay delete old messages?

Indeed. The JPay framework has an email stockpiling breaking point of 200 uninitiated messages and 200 read messages (with our without connections). Anything over the 200/200 cutoff is consequently eliminated.

Why can’t I get into my JPay account?

You should enroll and make a record prior to utilizing Jpay administrations. On the off chance that you don’t recall the email and address you utilized, it very well might be difficult to get to your record. While making a secret phrase, guarantee that it is solid however critical.

How do inmates know they have a JPay email?

You will get a warning on your account that you have gotten Emails.

Can you be blocked on JPay?

MDOC staff can impede a detainee from getting electronic messages from a particular shipper in the event that the messages have over and again been sent infringing upon MDOC strategy.

Why would my JPay account be blocked?

The most well-known explanation a record might be hindered is if a chargeback was petitioned for either a Bank Card exchange, cash request installment, or individual check which was shipped off JPay for handling, and it’s subsequently resolved that the client liable for the exchange documented a chargeback with their responsible bank

How to delete Jpay account?

Sign into your record and snap on “My Account”, then, at that point “Installment Methods”, then, at that point, all things considered “Alter” or “remove”. You can likewise contact our client assistance group by utilizing the web-based Customer Contact structure. Make certain to choose “Charging and Payments” as your title.

Can i deactivate Japy account?

here deactivation and deletion is same  becuase if you want to deactivate your account for a while you will not get back it again which you will delete your account.

How do I recover my JPay account?

Go to the Jpay site and open the choice ‘Failed to remember client ID’.Enter the telephone number related with your record as provoked.You will be coordinated to the following page.Enter the security question that you recently set.

How do I start a new JPay account?

To open a record at we really want the accompanying:
A legitimate case number, court number or the detained’s ID.The name of the office to which you will send installments. A legitimate email address.Your phone number. Your charging data.Your right charging address.


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