How to delete imvu account permanently| Easy Ways 2022

IMVU welcomes you when you come back after too much time again on it. If you didn’t use imvu for a long time then if you want to come again on it you can use your previous or same account.But  If you still want to delete your imvu account then we will discuss here about how to delete imvu account in detail.

What is Imvu?

Imvu is an online web-based media site that allows its clients to make or alter profiles, make explicit 3d symbols, meet with existing individuals and talk with them by means of sending messages.

Things that you have to do before deleting imvu account:

How to delete credit cards from imvu:

If you have saved your payment methods that are credit cards then you should have to cancel before deleting your can delete your cards or payment methods by following the given link or and Just by tapping on the little ”x” symbol, you can eliminate a card or cards.

How to cancel memberships from Imvu:

Before deleting you should also cancel your memeberships otherwise you will not be able to cancel it after removing your account.According to imvu there are three methods of it that depends on your memberships

(a).Subscription from credit card

(b). Through paypal

(c). IMVU dollar store

It is compulsory before deletion process that’s why we will discuss them here one by one in the below.

(A). From Credit Card:

You should follow the below steps  that you will use to cancel memberships

  • Go to, and afterward login to your record.
  • Under Account Tools, click the Manage memberships connect, which will take you to the fitting alter board.
  • When you are there, you will see the choice to drop your membership.
  • An confirmation message will show up on your screen confirming the dropping. You should click Yes to totally drop your membership.

(B). Through Paypal:

Assuming that you pursued membership with Paypal, if it’s not too much trouble, adhere to the guidelines beneath to drop a membership with IMVU:

  • Log in to your record at
  • Click More at the lower part of your screen.
  • Click Manage your memberships and that’s just the beginning.
  • Select the Plan you wish to drop.
  • Click Cancel Payments, then, at that point, Cancel Subscription. A popup will affirm that the VIP Subscription has been dropped.

(C). IMVU dollar store:

  • Go to this connection:
  • Click More Info.
  • Pick Cancel VIP.
  • A popup button will show up. Click Yes, I am certain I need to drop.
  • Another popup will seem affirming that your VIP membership has been effectively dropped.

How to delete IMVU account:

There are three main methods that you can use to delete your account easily and these methods will discuss below one by one.You should use one of them to remove your account.

(a). Through website

(b). Through mobile app

(c). By sending email

We are discussing them in the below one by one.

(A). Through website: 

  • Go to imvu website [] and log in to your account
  • After that go to the deletion page and enter your account password


  • Click continue for proceeding of delete account
  • Now wait for the success page when it will be done a confirmation mail will be sent to you  


  • Now you can see the BACK TO STORE button, press it and go to the catalog page.

You can use same steps through mobile by deleting you account.

(B). How do I delete my IMVU account on the app?

  • Go to imvu app that you downloaded for your devices like IOS and Android and log in to your account
  • After that go to the deletion page and enter your account password
  • Click continue for proceeding of delete account.

(C). By sendinng email:

You can send an email to imvu and request them to close your account. It is simple and easy way that you can use easily but for that you should know about how to compose an email professionally. If you know very well then go to main points and you should follow the below steps and don’t skip any step

  • Open your email account and login if you are not login to your account.
  • In gamil, you will press on compose button for composing an new email.
  • Enter email address at To section
  • In subject write”delete my imvu account
  • In body you will write all the reasons and info about your account professionally.
  • Click send button after describing all the info.

We discussed all the steps in the above but if you skip any step you will not able to send email.If you face any problem then see a complete veideo that will give solution your problems.

You should cancel your subscriptions before if you want to delete your imvu app.

How to Recover/Reactivate IMVU Account after deleting it?

If you delete your account accidentally and now you want to reactivate your account then follow these points:

  • Go to your mail house (Gmail) and find the email about deleting the account of imvu
  • Then press the reactivate your account
  • If you had not verified your email then it will not work.

How to disable imvu account:

  • If you want no longer use imvu account then you can go to disable your imvu account
  • Go to delete your account and confirm your password. 
  • You will receive an email about the deletion account.


Here in this article we learned about how to delete imvu account easily in a few steps with simple methods.we also discussed about removing app and cancel of your subsriptions with recovery of your deleted account. You can disable your account by following steps that described in this article.You can contact us if you have any questions about deletion process. We will guide you in your every problem.You can also follow imvu on social platfroms:






Does imvu delete inactive accounts?

Ans: Yes to clear the data-based and make those inactive accounts available for new users.

Why is my imvu account disabled?

Ans:  There are many reasons for disabled account

  1. You disabled your own account
  2. Anyone try to hack your account
  3. Try too many times to forget password
  4.  Due to violation of rules or terms

Can I temporarily disable IMVU?

Ans:  Yes you can disable your imvu account temporarily

How to reactivate imvu account?

Ans: If you want to reactivate your account then go here How to Recover the IMVU Account after deleting it

How to recover a deleted IMVU account?

Ans: If you want to recover your imvu account then go to above link.

How to make a new IMVU account?

Ans: Go to imvu page and go to the free trial 

2) Select your to gender

3) Now select your avatar. You can also draw your avatar.

4) Go to create an account. For more or detailed information click here.  

How to Delete IMVU Account through Email?

Ans: Go to the delete the page and then press delete your account you will receive an email about deletion then confirm it for the deletion process. You will delete your account.

How to get IMVU account back without an email and password?

Ans:  Go to the email account and find the email with subject Email has been changedThen read it and if you did not authorize it then select “No I don’t want to change my email address”Then reset your email and password again then go to the homepage of imvu ( and log in here again.

What do you do when your account is banned or deleted?

Ans:  If imvu staff banned your account they will send you an email about this you can contact them from this email and you can reactivate your account.

When can I try to log in to my IMVU account again?

Ans: If you cannot log in to your account then try after 15 minutes again log in.

Can you deacivate your IMVU account?

Ans:  yes you can delete your imvu account if you don’t want to use it any longer.  

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