How to delete HelloTalk account with easy ways in 2022

There are many learning sites on internet that you can use for your learning process But if you want to learn languages and want to learn how to speak with others native language in friendly ways then Hellotalk is one of them that provides you that facilities.

But if you are using this application and having no interest now or if you have completed your learning process and want to know how to delete hellotalk account easily then you are at right place. Before continue to deletion process we take some information about hellotalk app.

What is HelloTalk?

Hellotalk is an language learning app that gives you facilities about talking with others in their native language with easy and friendly way.And it is also an communication app where you can communicate with other people in their native language in easy way.So, you can learn all languages here with highest qualified people who help you in each language.

 HelloTalk provides also jobs facilities. You can apply if you are expert according to their rules.

But if you want to learn how to delete a hellotalk account then read below and learn all the ways to delete your account and app.

How to delete HelloTalk Account in different ways:

Hellotalk provides only three ways to delete and contact them easily that ways are to delete account through app and contact them by chatting with them and by sending mail. So these are three ways you can use for remove your account. Let’s discuss one by one all the methods or ways:

Keep in mind that if you have a premium account then you should cancel your subscriptions first then delete your account.

How to delete HelloTalk Account through app:

As you know Hellotalk is an app that you downloaded for your devices like Andriod and Apple and used it for learning languages.So these apps also use for deletion process. If you really want to delete your account then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Hellotalk app and open it.
how to delete hellotalk account
  1. Go and click on account icon.
account icon
  • Now you are at profile page. Go to setting at top of the right corner.
  • Click on settings and go to “Account settings”
How do I delete my HelloTalk account
  • You will find “Delete account”. Just press it.
Delete hellotalk Account
  • Confirm your deletion process by mark and click on delete account.

This is a simplest and shortest way to delete your account easily.  But if you want to delete your account by sending email then you can use the below method with each step.

How to delete HelloTalk account by sending email:

If you want to delete you account by sending email then you should have to follow the below steps. But remember in your mind follow all the steps mean’s don’t skip any step:

  1. Go to your gmail account and press compose button.
  2. Enter email address at the To section that is [email protected]
  3. Write “Request to delete hellotalk account” in Subject section.
  4. Write all the details about your account in the body section and click on send button.

This is the shortest way to write an email them but if you want to learn in detail then go through how to compose an professional email.

How to delete HelloTalk Account by Chatting them:

If you want to chatting with them and want to talk them you can talk them in your app by following the below steps:

  • Go to your app and open it.
how to delete hellotalk account
  • click on your profile icon.
account icon
  • Go to the settings
account setting
  • And then go to account setting where you will find “message Hellotalk team”
message hellotalk team
  • Just click on it. You will go to messages where you can talk and ask them to delete your account.
write message hellotalk

How to delete Hellotalk app from your devices:

Are you deleted your hellotalk account and your app is useless for you?Now you want to know how to delete your app from your devices like Android and Apple then you should go through how to delete hellotalk app from your devices for step by step deletion of your app.Here we discussed all the methods and steps to delete your apps.

About company:

Hellotalk offers understudies the capacity to observe language accomplices all over the planet, and talk, text visit or video through moment couriers. This has permitted understudies who already couldn’t observe unknown dialect accomplices to look online for local speakers of that language.

One more advantage of this innovation is that clients can confirm their texts with local speakers. This way there will be less punctuation botches and greater upgrades in dialects.

It is founded by Zackery Ngai in 2012 and It is allowed to download and can be utilized during heading out to improve your experience.

The application has 20 million clients learning another dialect through text and discourse highlights. It likewise interfaces the client with locals to assist with working on the way to express specific words.

Alternatives of Hellotalk:

When you delete your account due to any major reason then you see alternatives. As it is when you delete hellotalk account you choose alternatives of it first then delete your account. If you are searching alternatives then here we gave some alternatives like  Rosetta Stone, Tandem. These are the best alternatives that you can join after deleting your account.


Is HelloTalk a dating app?

Yes its really a dating app but you can also learn different languages.

Is HelloTalk any good?

Yes it is a wonderful app with advanced features like free calls and audios and easy to use for everyone.

How can I change my age in Hello talk?

First Go to your profile and click Edit. Then click Birthdate and submit your date of birth.

How to deactivate hellotalk  account?

you can deactivate your account from your app and send them email. If you reaaly want to delete account then follow the instructions.

Is HelloTalk good for beginners?

Hellotalk is an extraordinary stage assuming you meet that a couple of individuals you really associate with and practice with.

Is HelloTalk good for learning Korean?

Hellotalk truly helps me in learning Korean. Through the application I have met some language accomplices and they have helped making my Korean sounds more regular.

How can I change my country in HelloTalk?

Tragically, this is difficult to do all alone. To protect the well being of our language learning local area, and to forestall misuse, age, sexual orientation, identity and local language can’t be altered by the client.


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