How to delete Glassdoor account With Easy Methods 2022

If you are jobless and search for job then Glassdoor is best for you But if you have an account on Glassdoor and found a job and you have no need it and you want to know how to delete Glassdoor account with simple and easy ways. Here we will guide you about all the possible ways to remove  acccount.

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is an incredible spot for work searchers with each developing organization’s surveys and the most recent occupation postings.If you didn’t figure out Glassdoor worth your time, you should delete your record. Deleting your record will eliminate every one of your information from the site, and you will not have full admittance to meetings, surveys, and pay rates. 

What should we do before deleting account: 

Unsubscribe glassdoor:

You may basically need to withdraw from Glassdoor promoting messages or other email alarms, which will, in any case, permit you to utilize your record later on however can decrease the number of messages you get from us. 

Removing of social connections:

You can eliminate your social associations from being associated with your Glassdoor site login. 

Removing of boss access:

On the off chance that you have an Employer-Account, you can select to eliminate your boss access yet keep your Glassdoor account (and your previous audit reactions) dynamic.

Methods of How to delete Glassdoor account?

Here we will discuss all the possible ways to remove your account.Some of them are given below:

(a). Through Website

(b). By sending Email

(c). Remove account when sign in socially

Here are the means by which to delete your Glassdoor account.

How to delete glassdoor account through the website:

  • Visit and sign in to your record. 
  • Snap-on your profile in the upper right corner. profile icon
  • Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu. 

account settings

  • Look down and click on Close Account. 

click close

  • A popup will show up, enter your secret phrase, and snap-on Close Account. 

Once you delete your record, you will not have the option to have full admittance to audits, meetings, and compensations. And all your substance will be taken out from the site.

How to delete glassdoor account through the email process:

You can send an email by requesting them to delete the glassdoor account. Follow the below steps to know how you can send the email.

  • Open your email account which connects with the glassdoor app or website.
  • Just go to the title line and write here “Request to delete glassdoor account
  • Now compose a detailed email with reasons for deletion and requesting them to delete your account.

requesting a delete account

How to delete glassdoor account if you sign in socially (google, Facebook, and Apple):

If you sign in socially like Google, Facebook, or Apple ID and want to delete your account you should follow the below steps:

  • Separate Apple, Facebook, or Google from your Glassdoor account. 

disconnect social

  • Utilize the email address related to your Apple, Facebook, or Google account and go through the means to reset your secret phrase on Glassdoor. 
  • Sign in to Glassdoor with the email address that your Apple, Facebook, or Google account is under and the new secret phrase that you made. 

glassdoor sign in

  • Snap the Glassdoor Profile symbol on the upper right-hand side of the page. 

profile icon

  • Snap Account Settings in the drop-down menu. 

account settings

  • Look to the lower part of the Account Settings page. 
  • Snap Close Account

click close

  • Affirm that you might want to for all time close your record by entering your secret phrase. 

confirm password

  • Snap Close Account once more. 

click close again

  • You will get a message demonstrating your record was effectively shut.

How to unsubscribe glassdoor account from different devices:

You can cancel your subscriptions before deleting account. Ans it is better to delete your subscriptions otherwise you will recieve notifications about it or may be charged with new every new subscriptions.If you want not recieve any notification then you can cancel your subscriptions from your devices like Apple, Android and Mac etc.

How to delete glassdoor app from from different devices:

After deleting glassdoor account you want to know how to delete app from your mobile devices like Android and Apple and other devices.Here we will guide you about how you can delete your app from mobile and other devices that you can use for deletion.If you want to know about alternatives apps then see below.

Alternatives of GlassDoor:

Expecting you need to discard GlassDoor out of nowhere, you should utilize another internet-based development association to override it. There is a gigantic heap of other comparative food transport associations like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn Job Search, Indeed Hiring Platform, Monster, CareerBuilder Job Board, and so on.


Here we will discussed all the methods of How to delete Glassdoor account with all simple and easy steps.And we also discussed cancel your subscriptions and removing your app from your mobile or different devices.If you feel any worry or difficulty then you can contact us through below comment section or you can also contcat them through social media like




About company:

Glassdoor is an American site where current and previous workers secretly audit organizations. Glassdoor additionally permits clients to secretly submit and see compensations just as look and go after positions on its foundation. You can take detailed information here.

The organization was helped to establish in 2007 by Tim Besse, Robert Hohman, who fills in as the organization’s CEO, and Expedia author Rich Barton, who filled in as the organization’s Chairman. The thought came from a meeting to generate new ideas among them when Hohman transferred the tale of incidentally leaving the aftereffects of a representative review on the printer while working at Expedia


Would you be able to delete your own Glassdoor audit? 

You might alter any survey (or commitment) that has been submitted to Glassdoor inside the most recent 30 days except if the business has reacted or they have been stamped useful. You have the alternative to erase your surveys whenever. 

Are glassdoor accounts public? 

You can decide to share data about yourself, your work insight, instruction, abilities, and then some. Private data, like mysterious surveys or private record settings and data, is never remembered for your Glassdoor profile. 

Would you be able to get terminated for posting on Glassdoor? 

As a general rule, no. Generally, it is legitimate to post your perspective with regards to your organization, your work environment climate, and your senior administration via online media. 

Does without a doubt claim glassdoor? 

Without a doubt and Glassdoor are sister organizations, claimed by Recruit Holdings. Both keep up with unmistakable brand characters.

Can I remove my salary from Glassdoor?

Managers can likewise eliminate a business gave pay gauge. At the point when you eliminate, all positions will return to the first Glassdoor compensation gauge, on the off chance that there was one.

Can Glassdoor reviews be removed?

You might alter any audit that has been submitted to Glassdoor inside the most recent 30 days except if the business has reacted or they have been stamped useful. You have the choice to erase your audits whenever.

How to delete glassdoor account if i signed in with google?

You can delete your glassdoor account if you signed in wth socially like Google, apple and Facebook etc. You should follow the all the steps described in this article ad don’t skip any steps.

How to deactivate glassdoor account?

Click the Glassdoor Profile symbol on the upper right-hand side of the page. Click Account Settings in the drop-down menu. Look to the lower part of the Account Settings page. Click Close Account.

Can you reactivate a Glassdoor account?

Assuming you have shut your Glassdoor account or are getting a message that your record has been deactivated, go ahead and Contact Us for help with reactivating your record. Note: When finishing the Contact Us structure, select Job Seeker Help and Feedback starting from the drop menu.

How do I access Glassdoor?

To begin, visit and create a free account. You just enter your email address and create a password to get started. You will have to create an account to search for and apply for jobs, so it’s best to do this right away.


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