How to Delete Epic Games Account With Simple Steps

 To delete an Epic Games Account, one has to know the particular piece of How to delete epic games account. Epic Games framework is utilized for saving games, communicating between the stages, and numerous different things.
Epic Games Account is utilized for all the purchasing of online titles and downloading them. Be that as it may, it is easy to erase Epic games accounts. There are various strategies on the best way to erase an Epic Games Account.

A quick method about how to delete epic games account:

Login to the account:

Go to general info:

  • Go to general info and scroll down and find delete an account

Click the delete button:

  • Press the delete button 

Enter security password:

  • Enter the security password sent to your Gmail account.

Click confirm:

  •  Click confirm delete request.

Select your reason:

  • Select the reason for deleting the account.

Click continue:

  • Click Continue and you will be logged out after 15 seconds 

Permanently deleted:

  • After 14 days your account will be permanently deleted.

How to delete Your Account Through  Email:

If you want to delete epic games account then it is an easy way to delete your account.

Go to Gmail:

  • just go to your Gmail if you log in to your google account.

Login to the account:

  • If you’re not logged in, first log in to your Google account 

compose a mail:

  • Go to Gmail and compose a mail whose title will delete an epic games account.

Give detail in the email:

  • Give details in the email about delete your account and the reason for the deletion of the account.

requesting a delete account

How to Delete Epic Games Account on PC:

The most straightforward approach to how to delete your Epic Games account is to do as such on your PC.

Go to the general:

  • Visit the General information page of the account.

Go for deleting accounts:

  • Look to the lower part of the page. You will discover the segment for erasing accounts.

Go to the request of deletion:

  • Go to the Request Account Delete and hit it.

how to delete epic games (4)

Enter password:

  • Addition your security code.

how to delete epic games (5)

Enter confirmation code:

  • Return to your email to duplicate the affirmation code, and addition it in the showed spring up.

how to delete epic games (2)

Click confirm:

  • Hit Confirm Delete Request Button.

Select reason:

  • Select your justification for the activity from your drop-down.

how to delete epic games (3)

process complete:

  • The entryway affirms the interaction arrived at consummation.

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Can I Delete Epic Games Account Without Verification?

No, you can not delete your epic games account without verification. If you didn’t verify yet go and to verify for delete your account.

How to remove your Epic Games Account on Mobile Phone:

In the event that you are away from a PC or PC, you actually can erase your Epic Games account. This piece of our guide will tell you the best way to present a solicitation to erase your account on a cell phone. 

Go to the following link:

  • In any case, you should open a program and access the accompanying page:

how to delete epic games on mobile

Click in epic account support:

  • On that page, you need to tap on the “Epic Account Support” choice.

how to delete epic games on mobile

Questions page:

  • Just from that point forward, you will see the page with well-known inquiries and answers to them. Look over that page down. 

how to delete epic games on mobile

Click on the contact us:

  • At the lower part of the page, you should tap on the “Contact Us” button. 

Application structure appears:

  • Following it, you will be diverted to the page with an application structure. 

how to delete epic games on mobile

Fill up the form:

  • Presently, you need to round out the application structure. To start with, select “Epic accounts.” Then, select a language and a stage (Android or iOS).
  • You may likewise determine your name however you are not obliged to do it. Enter your email address and select “delete Epic Games Account” in the request field. Eventually, depict the issue in the keep going field on the page. 

how to delete epic games on mobile

Click on submit button:

  • Eventually, you can present that demand by tapping on the “SUBMIT” button. 

FAQ Page:

  • You will divert back to the FAQ page. By then, notwithstanding, you will see a warning, saying that your message has been gotten. Presently, you need to hang tight for an answer from Epic Games client service and follow their rules to erase your account.

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