How To Delete Droom Account with Easy ways in 2022

If you want to  know how to delete droom account then you are at the right place where we will discuss how you can easily delete your droom account with in minutes.

Before starting deletion process we take some review about droom because mostly users do not know more about it.  

What is Droom?

Droom is an Indian online commercial center for purchasing and selling new and utilized cars. So at more than 65% of the auto exchanges piece of the pie on the web.

Is an online platform that enables online purchasing and selling of cars easily and smoothly and you can exchange of money or your transaction easily without any worry. It is one of the huge platforms in the India.

So here we will guide you about all the possible ways to delete your account.

How to delete Droom Account

According to droom, you can delete your account by two simple and easy methods that are given below 

(a). By sending Email

(b). Through live Chat 

(c). Through Contact us Page

We will discuss them in the below one by one. But before starting it is very humble request that don’t skip any step in the process. If you will skip any step then you will not delete your account properly.

So, let’s start with our first method. 

(A). How to Delete Droom Account through Chatting or Calling:

  • Call their business line: 9650 08 08 
  • Request the agent that you need to delete your account. 
  • Give all information about your account to the the specialist. 
  • A solicitation that you be refunded (If fundamental) 
  • Inquire as to whether you will be charged once more 
  • Lastly, hold the confirm data you’re given.

(B). How to Permanently Delete Droom Account by Sending Email:

You might present an irrefutable solicitation for them to delete any close-to-home data they have gathered with regards to you. Kindly note that this is dependent upon specific exemptions. 

  • Follow these below steps: 
  • Sign in to your Email Account that is connected to the account you need to delete. 
  • Form an email mentioning account cancellation, with your genuine explanation. 
  • NOTE: You should express your account data on the body of your message. 
  • Presently, in the Subject area type “Solicitation TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT
  • Lastly, send the email to
how to delete droom account
This is shortest way to send an email but if you want to know how to compose email professionally then go through it.

(C). How to Delete Droom Account by Contacting them:

Another method that can be used if you will not successfully  delete your account by following above method then you can contact them through official website. For that, you need to submit your query through contact us page.

So how you can submit your query for that you should follow the below steps:

1-Go to following link for contact us page.

Permanently delete droom account

2- Where you will enter your name in the name section.

3- In the emial section you will enter your email address that you connected with dreoom

4- In the query, you will request them to delete your data and account from your account. 

Solve the recaptcha and press submit button. 

How to unsubscribe droom Account

If you want to unsubscribe from your devices you should have to complete know about unsubscription from droom account. If you feel any difficulty you can simply contact with us.

How to delete droom account and app:

After deleitng your accoutn and cancelling your subscriptions your app will useless for you that downloaded for your devices like Android and Apple. You should delete it from you device because it is just a lose of memory or space.So if you really delete your app keep reading how to delete app from all devices. Here you will find all the information about deletion of app from all your devices.

About Company:

Droom is India’s solitary internet-based commercial center for purchasing and selling new and utilized autos. At more than 65% of the car exchanges piece of the pie on the web, Droom is the biggest auto-entry in India. Droom is the just completely value-based web-based stage empowering start to finish exchange among purchaser and seller.


In the last, we discussed here all the posssible methods of how to delete droom account and its cancellation subscriptions and deletion of app in simple and easy ways.

We hope you will solve your problem easily but if you face any problem then feel free to contact us and you can also contact with Droom at socially like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin etc.

here you can contact them and message them and tell them your problem.  

Here we discuss some FAQS in the below we hope that will helpful for you.

FAQS about how to delete droom account:

How to deactivate droom account?

If you want to deactivate ro delete your droom account then email droom customer service then ask them they will solve your problem.

How do I request a deletion account?

You can request a deletion account by using email method that we described above if you feel difficulty then follow these instructions

How do I delete my droom account?

You can simply send an email about deletion of data and account they will act upon on your request.

What happens when you Request to Delete an Account?

To demand a record be forever erased communicates your aim to completely eliminate both your client account and any current data pertinent to your client account.

This can’t be scattered, and we will not have the option to recuperate any of your information including your saved records and email cautions later on.

Is cod available on droom?

This Offer/arrangement can end whenever with or with next to no earlier notification by Droom.

This Offer can be profited with online installment strategy as it were. There is no COD (Cash on Delivery) choice accessible on this Offer.

How do I check the status of my droom?

Please login to your record on and allude to My record segment to effortlessly look at your request status

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