How to Delete Doordash Account with easy steps in 2022

We know if you are here it means you are searching how to delete doordash account. We saw most of the users of doordash complaints about their delivery time that became very slow.

They also fed up from their not responding customer service at the moment.That’s why they want to delete their account.

If you are aslo one of them then you are at right place where you will get all information of how to delete, csncel, remove, and deactivate account in simplae and easy ways. But before to start we should know about Doordash so let’s take some info about it.

What is Doordash:

Doordash is an online delivery service that provides food to your doorsteps. You can freely order from any your favourite restaurents then it will deliver to your doorstep. It delivers in United states, Australia and Canada but in united states it shares 56% shares in market place.

Anyhow where it has widely likers on the other hand it also has disliker.But what can be reasons due to which users want to delete their account.   

Why users want to know how to delete Doordash account:

There are many reasons to cancel Doordash account like

  • Another most loved food conveyance administration like food panda, pizza hut , Hellofresh may mean you at this point don’t require the Doordash application. 
  • Or on the other hand, perhaps you need to withdraw or delete your Doordash account because of an individual choice to prepare more and request food less. 
  • Maybe, you have a private matter with your Doordash experience.

Before deleitng your doordsh account you should have to cancel your cards info from your account otherwise it will not possible after deleting account

How to cancel Credit Card Through the Website:

  • First, log in to your Doordash account together with your account credentials
  • Click on the hamburger menu ( ≡ ) on the highest left corner of the screen
  • Now click on Payments. Now, within the Payments section, you’ll see all of your payment methods
  •  Click on the three dots/ ellipses ( . . . ) menu next to the payment method you’d wish to delete
  • Now click on Delete and ensure to get rid of your payment method from Doordash

How to cancel Credit Card Details From mobile Account 

Assuming you need to refresh or eliminate the Visa data from Doordash you can without much of a stretch play out this errand utilizing given bit-by-bit directions. 

  • On the Doordash App, Go to the “Account tab”. 
  • Now select the “Payment Cards”. 
  • To eliminate a Mastercard swipe left on the card and tap “delete”. 
  • Now select Google Pay as your default installment technique.

Deeleing your doordash account is a permanent process. It can not be reversed

How to delete Doordash account Quickly

Here we are describing a quick method to remove a Doordash account. Follow the below steps to delete the account

  • Visit and sign in to your record. 
  • Go to your Account Settings from the landing page. how to delete doordash account
  • Snap ‘Oversee/manage Account‘ at the upper right corner of your profile. 
  • how to delete doordash account (5) Pick ‘delete Account‘. 

how to delete doordash account (4)

  • Pick ‘continue‘ assuming you need to remove your Doordash Account. 

how to delete doordash account (3)

  • Snap ‘delete Account‘ to delete your Doordash account forever. 

how to delete doordash account (2)

  • You will get an affirmation of removing of your account in your enlisted email.

Note: You can’t delete your account from your mobile (Android, iPhone)

How to deactivate Doordash Account by Customer Support

You can deactivate the Doordash account with customer support’ help then follow the below steps

  • Type in your name, email address, and telephone number related to your record. 
  • Select Account from the Category dropdown menu. 

how to delete doordash account

  • Select None as the Subcategory. 
  • Disclose that you need to deactivate your record in the Description field. 
  • Presently, click on Submit to send your record deactivation demand.

If you have panding deliveries doordash will not delete your account 

How to Delete Doordash Account through the Email Process

You can send an email by requesting them to delete the Doordash account. Follow the below steps to know how you can send the email.

  • Open your email account which connects with the Doordash app or website.
  • Just go to the title line and write here “Request to delete Doordash account
  • Now compose a detailed email with reasons for deletion and request them to delete your account.requesting a delete account
  • Send this email at the email address [email protected] 

If you want to take information in detail about sending email then here we gave detailed info that will be helpful for you.

How to Reactivate Doordash Account

If you were deactivated as a Dasher by Doordash, it’s possible to urge your account reactivated by appealing to the Doordash team. But you would possibly not always get reactivated because it depends on why you bought deactivated within the first place.

Which things keep in mind during Requesting them

Make sure to be quiet, formed, and conscious while you present your defense and you very well could get restored as a Dasher.

Method 1:  Through Support

The principal technique to get reactivated is to contact Customer Support at and fill in the form by depicting your circumstance to the care staff. They will hit you up and let you know whether it is feasible to get your Dasher account reactivated.

Method 2: Through Visiting the Office

Go to your neighborhood Doordash office and address the care staff straightforwardly and request them to get your record reactivated. Also, make sure to be firm however aware to the staff and disclose to them you need to be reestablished as a Dasher. Try not to inquire as to whether you can get your record reactivated however disclose to them that you need to get your record reactivated.

If you recieve notifications from Doordash then cancel your subscriptions from your devices.

What happens when you cancel subscriptions from your devices:

when you cancel your subscriptions your will not be able to payment for next billing period. But you should cancel your subscriptions one day before the next schedual.  

How to delete Doordash App from different devices:

After deleting your account you want to delete your app but if you have no knowledge about deletion of your app from your devices like Android and Apple then you should go and take instructions to delete apps from your devices with easy steps. 

Alternatives of Doordash:

In anticipation of the sudden loss of doordash, you should use another online movement organization to replace it. There are other similar food transport organizations like food panda, Grubhub, uber eats, post mates, You can use these plateforms after deleting your account. 


In the last words we conclude that we discussed here about how to delete doordash account in simple and easy ways and according to doordash we discussed all the possible ways of deletion, cancelation of subscriptions and deletion od app from your devices and cancellation of credit cards before deleting your account. If you feel any difficulty you can feel free to contact with us and you can also contact with doordash at socially like Facebook, Twitter and instagram

About company:

Doordash is an innovation organization that associates nearby buyers and neighborhood eateries with conveyance made conceivable by self-employed entities. Furthermore, that is only the start: utilize the Doordash stage to work for yourself, and you’ll bring in cash making conveyances when you need, where you need, and how you need!

It is founded byTony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang in January 2013(8 years ago).DoorDash started venturing into global business sectors in 2015, dispatching in Toronto, Canada. The organization began working in business sectors outside North America in 2019, authoritatively dispatching in Melbourne, Australia, in September and later extending further into the country. In June 2021, the organization extended its market presence once more, dispatching administrations in Sendai, Japan.


Why can’t I delete Doordash account?

you should sign in to your record utilizing an internet browser. You can’t delete your Doordash account on the portable application.

What happens when you delete Doordash account?

When your record has been deactivated, you will not have the option to sign in to your Doordash account utilizing the Doordash application or site. In any case, in the event that you conclude that you need to begin utilizing the administrations of Doordash by and by, it is feasible to reactivate the record

Can Doordash delete my Dasher account?

Yes, Doordash can delete your dasher account. Doordash will eliminate your own data dependent on state business law requirements. Please eliminate the entirety of your booked moves and afterward contact Doordash Support to handle your record deactivation. Make certain to incorporate the email address or telephone number related to your Dasher account.

How to delete my doordash account?

If you want to delete your doordash account then you should follow the above process that is given in detail but if you feel difficulty then you can contact doordash.


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