How to delete DealDash account Best Tips In 2022

Are you trying to find a “How to Delete DealDash Account”? we offer aggregated results from multiple sources and sorted them by user interest. DealDash is a penny closeout site where anybody can offer on an item and each bid builds the cost by one penny. Dealdash cancellation is done on the DealDash site later you have signed in to your record.

It is from your profile page that you’ll observe settings choice from where you can erase or deactivate your record. You can likewise close your record without a secret key, email, or signing in.

How to Delete DealDash Account By sending Email?

You should realize that the site doesn’t have any deactivation choices or cancellation measures. You should address a ready email expressing why you need your record to be deleted or deactivated. 

  • Sign in to that email account that you have used to enroll with on DealDash. And press on compose button for a new email.

select compose

  • Make an email under the subject “Solicitation/request to Delete My Account.” 
  • Enter the [email protected] email address. 
  • Compose an organized email expressing the issue you are looking for with your record, at that point demand them to remove your record, and if conceivable clear every one of the records and data from their information base.

you can also use this method to delete meetup account. Before deleting the dealdash account you should cancel your subscription because after deleting you can not cancel your subscriptions.

How to delete Dealdash account By ticket submitting:

There is another method that you can use to remove your account in simple and easy steps.If you want to use it then follow the below steps and keep in mind that don’t try to skip any step.

  • First of all Go to official website and login to your account.
  • Go to help section and click on contact support
  • After clicking you will see a form that you will fill to request them.
  • In subject, you will select other inquries 
  • Enter your email address in email section
  • Enter your name and user name.
  • In the last, write your all details and request them to delete your account.
  • Click on Submit Ticket button.Your ticket will submit and they will contact you.  

How You Can Set Up a DealDash Account?

Setting up a DealDash account is just easy. This is the way to set up an arrangement run an account bit by bit.

  • In the first place, download the application from the Play Store for android clients or App Store for ISO clients.
  • Enter a proper client name alongside a substantial and working email address and a solid secret key.
    Purchase a ‘Pack of Bid‘ which will go about as your cash practically you, can get the pack that suits you’re really amazing by a glance through the offered bid packs.
  • Then, at that point, observe the things you are keen on and begin bidding.

Keep in mind:

  • Auction, is a booked occasion to grandstand a thing for Bidding.
    BIDs, is the money utilized for offering in Deal Dash.
  • Bid Pack, incorporates the offers offered in the pack for the clients to conclude the amount they need to offer on a thing.
  • Bid Buddy, is presented by the Deal Dash to offer for you naturally.
  • Buy It Now (BIN), this element permits the client to purchase a thing rather than win it. Once an is bought, DealDash returns your offers.
    Dashboard, uproots new data connected with all that you need to know.
  • Winner’s List, is an ongoing rundown that shows the names each time somebody wins a bid.
  • Profile, addresses you as a player by utilizing the picture given by you at whatever point you remark or bid.

How to delete the DealDash app from different devices: 

After canceling a subscription and canceling an account you want to remove an app from your mobile devices like Apple and Android. We know you are fed up from dealdash account and that’s why you want to know removing of app. 

 About Company:

DealDash was established in 2009 by William Wolfram, a 16-year-old Finnish business person, who had lost $20 bidding ineffectively for a MacBook on a previous penny sell off-site. Wolfram had created roughly $500,000 in offshoot deals a year sooner purchasing well-known YouTube recordings for $50, acquired from his mom, then, at that point, gathering income from subsidiary advertising joins he would add. He utilized the cash he had saved to begin DealDash.


We concluded that how to delete dealdash account, cancel subscriptions and removng app from your devices.If you face any problem then you can contact us by using comment section given below or you can contact them socially like 






Do you have to pay for DealDash?

It is free to join you to get back 100% money for your first bid pack purchase.

Does Deal Dash use bots?

The extent of the commitment was to look at the sale records of DealDash to give affirmation that offers on barters are set by real clients, without the utilization of bots, shill offering, or offering by representatives.

 How to deactivate my Deal Dash membership? 

Sign in to your PayPal account and go ‘Setting.’ Tap on installments, at that point preapproved installments and drop the programmed charging. 

What amount does it cost to pursue DealDash? 

Enrollment for DealDash is free, yet you should pay for the offer. 

How to contact DealDash for an issue? 

You can either call them at the give Customer Service number (855) 455-3325 or email them at [email protected]

Would I be able to get my cashback on DealDash? 

Indeed, you can get your cashback. You can a full discount in the event that you are not happy with the acquisition of your first offered pack. 

How would I get free offers? 

DealDash refreshes you with new offers and special codes through email. Yet, in the event that you have missed the cautions, you can generally take a gander at their Facebook page for more data. 

How to enter for promotion code? 

Get the coupon code first, at that point enter the replicated code in the ‘Promotion Code’ and checkout. 

How does DealDash have such low costs? 

The DealDash barters items brought by different clients at a generally lower cost than genuine ones.

How to delete Dealdash account?

You can use all the given methods in this article in the deletion process but if you feel any problem then contact us from below comment section.


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