How to delete chewy account with simple ways in 2022

Chewy is an internet-based pet food and supply retailer conveying things from more than a thousand brands to cover all that a pet companion could need. But if you are not satisfied with them and want to know how to delete Chewy account then follow the below instructions.  

But before canceling a chewy account you should delete your subscriptions and payment methods and remove payments cards info.

How to cancel Autoship orders:

  1.  First, click to Manage Autoship
  2. Choose your Autoship 
  3. Now press on the “Cancel Autoship” Located below the page. 

This is a shortcut way that will delete all shipments.

Methods of how to delete chewy account: 

According to them, you can remove your account by contacting them, So there are three methods that are:

(a). Delete chewy by sending an email

(b). Remove chewy account through calling

(c). Cancel chewy account by sending messages or chatting

These are the methods that you can easily use to delete your Chewy account. So we will describe them one by one.

(A).How to delete chewy account by sending messages:

You can remove the chewy account by sending messages by clicking on the message us button that is given in below:

how to delete chewy account
Contact by these ways

When you click on it then you will go to the next page where it will request you to enter your account email and select your topic when you will choose “other reason” 

choose your topic
Select your reason

then some other boxes will appear below in which you will enter your request about the deletion of your account with solid reason and just press on submit button below the page that is given in the pictures

order number and details

After receiving your message, the company will contact you if your credentials will match with their data otherwise they will reject it. So you should give your right credentials.

(B).How to delete chewy account by calling:

You can contact them by calling that is given in the above picture. For that you can follow the below process:

  1. Contact them through their contact number 1-800-672-4399
  2. You will request to delete your account from their customer representative.
  3.  You must provide your credential about your account
  4. They will confirm the deletion and your data.
  5. Ask about a refund if it is necessary otherwise just confirm it.

(C).How to delete chewy account by sending an email:

You can remove your chewy account by sending an email but how you can compose a detailed email to them For that you can follow some steps that are necessary for email. But for that, you should know about composing an email. If you have knowledge about it then follow the below steps:

  1. Sign in to your account and click compose
  2. Write “Request to Delete my chewy account” in the subject section
  3. Enter email address  [email protected]
  4. In the body section, you will write your deletion request and your solid reasons to delete your account.
  5. After composing an email just click on send and your request will be sent to them 
  6. They will contact you after receiving your request.

How to delete chewy app from mobile:

After knowing how to delete Chewy account, Your chewy app is useless for you and you should delete it for free space. You can take instructions about how to delete apps from your android and apple devices.  When you delete your app your all data will be deleted. But Firstly, you should confirm delete your data then delete your account.


Here we described all the methods of how to delete Chewy account that is described by chewy But if you are facing any problem then you can write us below or you can also contact them at the given platforms like:




Alternatives of Chewy account:

After deleting your account and app you search for alternatives of chewy. So we are here describing some alternatives of chewy that will be helpful for you in searching for pets. So some of them are Petco, VCA, pet value, etc that you can join easily by clicking on them. 

About Chewy company: is an American web-based retailer of pet food and other pet-related items situated in Dania Beach, Florida. In 2017, Chewy was obtained by PetSmart for $3.35 billion, which was the biggest ever procurement of internet business at the time. The organization finished its first sale of stock in 2019, raising $1 billion


Is Chewy owned by PetSmart?

PetSmart had gained Chewy back in 2017 for about $3 billion yet last year isolated Chewy from its different organizations in arrangements for the IPO

Are Chewy and Petco the same company?

Petco’s proposition would be paid for to a limited extent utilizing stock, while PetSmart offered an all-cash bid that would likewise permit Chewy to stay a totally separate business.

Can you cancel Chewy Autoship immediately?

Your membership will stay essentially until it is dropped. You can drop whenever through Autoship Manager, which can be found in Your Account.

Is Chewy a reputable company?

Chewy has a purchaser rating of 3.84 stars from 747 surveys demonstrating that most clients are by and large happy with their buys.

How long is chewy shipping Covid?

Most clients can hope to accept their food and supplies within 1 to 3 days. Orders that require remedy endorsement or personalization might take more time to transport.

Is chewy overpriced?

Chewy has made it simple for pet darlings and their shaggy companions to find the pet consideration and pet items they need. Chewy’s costs on the site are additionally sensibly low, despite the fact that there are more costly things, yet are for the most part on the bigger things.

How to remove your Chewy account?

You can remove your account by contacting them by message and calling them and their methods are given in detail.


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