How to Delete Chegg Account In 2022| Best Guide  

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for how to delete Chegg account? Then, at that point, you have nothing to stress over as we are here to help you. We will walk you through the entire interaction in a bit-by-bit way for you to have the option to finish without any problem. 

What is Chegg?

Chegg is a training innovation organization that serves American residents, especially understudies in school and secondary school. With more than 3,000,000 supporters, the stage has acquired prevalence over the course of the years since its establishment in 2000. It highlights school application guidance, temporary position matches, grant look, schoolwork help, and course reading rentals.

How to remove Payment methods:

Before deleting your account you should have to remove your payment methods like your credit cards debit cards and so on. You can remove your card according to Chegg by calling or text them and request them to remove your details. You can text them at 408-351-0942 and request them. You also call them at 855-477-0177 at a specific time Mon-Fri 9am-8pm EST. 

Methods of How to delete Chegg account?

There are two methods to delete your account that you can use to remove account that are:

(a). Through website

(b). By sending Email

here we will discuss one by one these methods in the below step by step

 (A). How to Delete Chegg Account through Website? 

You can drop or eliminate your account through Chegg’s site too by following the rundown of steps down underneath. 

  • Sign in to your Chegg account on an internet browser.
  • Go to My Account at the upper right corner.
  • Snap Orders to check for any open exchanges.
  • Drop any dynamic memberships, and return leased books
  • At last, round out this structure Privacy Web Form.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  • Select Data Deletion Request under Select solicitation type. Snap Submit
  • Affirm your personality by tapping the email shipped off to you. 
  • how to delete chegg accountYour Request will begin after you click affirm.

(B). How to Delete Chegg Account By Sending Email: 

Before you erase your Chegg account, you should return all the course reading and drop your membership as notice down beneath then continue to drop your account. 

1.Log into your email account and press on compose button. 

select compose

2. Write Request to Delete Account in the title: 

3. Compose an organized email resolving your issue with the application or site and motivations to erase it: 

4. You can likewise ask the client assistance to eliminate the entirety of your own subtleties from their data set alongside your account: 

How To Delete Chegg Account

5. Send out your email to this location [email protected]

You can delete your loseit account by using the email method easily. 

Not understood? Then see a complete video for deletion of your account.

How to uninstall chegg app from devices:

After knowing all th possible methods if deletion process you should go for canceling of subscriptions and memberships (if necessary) Then you go for removing app  from your devices that you downloaded for Android and Apple. When you delete your app without deleting your account then all the information will remain in your account.

About Company:

Chegg is an organization that allows its clients to give reading material on lease and discover coaches for them on the web. The site allows its clients to make or alter accounts, transfer pictures, enlist mentors on the web and take reading material on lease.

Chegg is a blend of the words chicken and egg and references the originators’ conundrum sensation of being not able to get some work without experience while being not able to secure insight without a job. The organization was consolidated in 2005 via Carlson, Rashid, and Aayush Phumbhra. At that time, it offered grant look, temporary job coordinating, and school application advice. Some beginning up financing was given by Rashid.

After deleting your account you need an alternative of chegg then you should join course hero platform.


Here we learned all the possible methods of how to delete chegg account, removing app and cancel subscriptions in detail with simple steps. we also learned removing credit cards and other payment methods in an easy way. Feel free to contact us if you feel any difficulty and you can also follow them and message them at socially like:





Before contacting you should read all the FAQS that we are describing below. We hope you will find your solution.


How to delete an inquiry on Chegg? 

Your question can be deleted by Chegg, on the off chance that it has abused a Terms and Conditions code or another approach. You can visit and round out the structure to persuade questions as opposed to being seen.

Does Chegg remove account information with the account? 

Indeed, it erases all the individual data identified with the account and proprietor with the account to account for other people.

How to drop Chegg on the phone? 

account settings, go to ‘Memberships,’ select Chegg and afterward drop it.

How to eliminate installment data for my account? 

You can alter your installments subtleties by tapping on ‘Alter Profile’ and roll out the vital improvements.

How to deactivate Chegg account? 

Drop your memberships, return course reading and hang tight for the rental paid period to expire before you can continue erasing your account. Whenever that is done you should email the client care to erase your account.

How might I cancel Chegg’s set of experiences? 

You can do it by messaging to [email protected] and mentioning to him to erase your account alongside its set of experiences.

How might I stop my account? 

Go to your ‘Memberships and discover the choice of ‘Respite’ to require your account to be postponed until further notice.

Would I be able to get a discount in the wake of returning a book? 

It depends, in the event that you didn’t care for the coursebook you have leased and you have returned it before 14 days you will get a full discount without question you should simply adhere to the guidelines for your page.

What will happen when I drop my membership? 

In the event that you have dropped your membership, you can keep utilizing it till it lapses or can require the motel to be postponed through the settings to evaluate the free time for testing.


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