How to Delete Canva Account Best Guide In 2022

Making plans has become such a great deal more straightforward and quicker simultaneously.In any case, there may come a period where you need to remove your Canva account. This article is here to assist you how to delete Canva account.We will discuss all the important steps on by one in this article.Before going to main topic we will take a review about Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is an Online Graphic and Print Media Portal that permits its enrolled clients to utilize hand-crafted illustrations, vector pictures, photographs, and textual styles on their web or print media plans.

Cancel all subscriptions and payment cards from canva before deleting account.

What happens when you delete Canva account? 

Not at all like deactivating your record, whenever you’ve deleted your Canva account, you will not have the option to get to every one of the plans, layouts, and envelopes you have made, any media that you transferred, and any groups that you had made. 

What happens with pro canva account: 

In the event that you have a Canva Pro record, you’ll initially have to drop your membership before you can delete your Canva account. Snap-on the Profile symbol > Account Settings > Billing and Teams > Cancel Subscription. 

What happens with a team:

If you have made a Team with more than one part, you’ll either have to move the possession, eliminate every one of the people, and afterward, demand the super durable deletion of the group here.

How to Remove a Credit Card From Canva: 

To remove put away Mastercard data, follow this little advance: 

  • From the Billing and Teams tab under the Accounts Settings page, click on the Remove button under your Mastercard subtleties. 
  • Presently affirm the Mastercard expulsion by tapping on the Remove card button.

Methods of How to delete Canva Account:

There are three main methods or ways that we can use to remove account easily that are

(a). Through website

(b). Through Mobile

(c). By sending Email

You can use one of them to deletion process if you have decided to get rid of it. Before starting we will recommend that don’t skip any step.It means Follow all the steps because every step has unique information and we think that you should not skip them.

(A). How to Delete Canva Account Step by Step Guide? 

Follow the recorded strides down beneath to figure out how to delete canva account. 

sign in canva account

  • Then, at that point go to profile and tap on ‘Account Settings.’ 

account setting

  • Explore your approach to ‘Login and Security.’ 

login and security

  • In the ‘Login and Security,’ you will see the ‘delete Account‘ alternative tap on it. 
  • Snap-on ‘delete Account,’ you will see the accompanying directions. Peruse them, then, at that point on the off chance that you make certain of your decision, type delete in the given space and snap-on ‘delete Account.‘ 

delete your canva account

(B). How to Delete Canva Account on Phone? 

The means are very like how you would cancel your record on the work area with a couple of changes. 

login in mobile

  • On the landing page, click on ‘Menu.’ 
  • In the menu, go-to personal

go to personal

  • Tap on ‘Login and Security under the record-setting. 

login and security mobile

  • Discover the ‘delete Account‘ choice in the record settings. 

account setting mobile

  • When you click on the delete choice, these directions will show up for you to go through prior to erasing your record. At the point when you make certain, type delete in the given space and tap on ‘delete Account.’ 

confirm from mobile

(C). How to Delete Canva By sending Email? 

You can likewise remove your canva account through email. Follow the recorded advances. 

select compose

  • Compose ‘Request to Delete Account‘ in the subject. 
  • Make an organized email resolving your issue with your record and the motivation to remove it. 
  • Solicitation them to deactivate your own data and different subtleties with your record. 

requesting a delete account

  • Your record will be removed from the client information base for all time within 14 days after the affirmation. 
  • For more information you can see our video that is posted below.We hope this is helpful for you.

How to Stop Paying for Canva: 

  • Basically select record settings 
  • Then, at that point open the Billing and Teams tab. 
  • Snap Cancel plan under Team charging data. 
  • In any case, under the Billing and Teams tab, look down to the Deactivate your account area. 
  • Snap-on the Deactivate account button.

About the Company 

Canva is an Australia-based site that lets clients purchase a printed duplicate of actual items too. In 2020 it’s worth raised to 60 million dollars, twofold the worth of 2019 that was 6 million dollars

Canva was established in Perth, Australia, by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams on 1 January 2013. In its first year, Canva had in excess of 750,000 clients. In April 2014, online media and innovation master Guy Kawasaki joined the organization as a central evangelist (brand advertiser). In 2015, Canva for Work was sent off, zeroing in on showcasing materials.


Here we learned best ways of how to delete canva account wih easy steps, cancel subscriptions and removing app in detail.But if you feel any problem in the deleion process then contact us and follow them at social world like





Would I be able to drop my membership whenever? 

Indeed, you can. Go to Account settings and afterward in the charging. Look down and drop your membership. 

Will I get a discount subsequent to dropping my membership? 

Canva doesn’t discount the membership expense and sum despite the fact that you can drop it whenever you need it.

How to quit getting update messages? 

Imprint the messages to be moved to the spam envelope or withdraw from the connection to save reality.

Would I be able to sell my plans in Canva? 

Indeed, you can. Canva gives premade layouts to clients to utilize. It additionally let them make their own plan and sell on the site.

How to change my email on the record? 

In the record-setting, go to ‘Your Account.’ Click on ‘Alter’ and change your email address as needed.

How to unlink Canva from google drive? 

In the record, go to settings and snap-on enrolled administration. Tap on ‘X’ and unlink your record.

How to change my default email? 

In the settings, go to the worldwide route and tap on the Account connect. Then, at that point click on the Settings connection and pick your email address to set as default.

How to delete canva account?

Go to home page=> setting icon=> account settings=>login and security tab=>Delete account=>confirm

Why is Canva so popular?

Sydney-based Canva has flooded in prevalence because of its simple to-utilize application with free formats for planning everything from logos to Instagram posts. The stage currently has more than 30 million month to month dynamic clients across 190 nations, who have by and large made north of 3 billion plans to date.

Can you use Canva as a social media manager?

The free form of Canva should give you all that you want for essential web-based media graphics.If you’re pondering “Would Canva be able to be utilized for business use?” then, at that point, the straightforward response is yes! In any case, you can look at their Free Media License Agreement for additional information.

How to deletivate canva account in simple ways?

when you deactivate your canva account your all data remain in your account so just go to account settings deactivate account.


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