How to delete Bigo Live account In 2022 | best Guide

If you want to delete your Bigo live account whether it is your second and other account or if you want to remove all details from Bigo live app then you can do it from the given instructions. But you should know very well about Bigo live before deleting your account then you should know how to delete Bigo live account.

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is an app where you can watch 24/7 great live streams, like live gaming, live music, and live chatting, like Periscope, a company event, it’s genuinely corresponding to the IMVU desktop.

There are some features that you will find in Bigo live chat.

  • Live transmission. 
  • Video Call. 
  • Voice Chat Room. 
  • Live PK. 
  • Bigo Lodo (games).

Remember: If you are using premium services then you need to unsubscribe from your membership before deleting your account. because deleting your bigo live account, or app can’t delete your membership you need to do it yourself.

How to delete Bigo live account:

There are two methods that are used to delete your Bigo account easily. We will discuss here methods to delete Bigo live account. So you can delete your account through mobile phone and by requesting the deletion of your account.

Bigolive will handle your request for and delete the account data within 20 days. Assuming you really want to reestablish your account during this period, you can sign in again and adhere to the directions on the page.

How to delete Bigo Live account live through a app:

You can follow the below steps to delete your account through the mobile app easily:

  1. Go to Bigo live app and open it you will go to the homepage of Bigo live.
  2. Now go to your account icon and press it, you will see more options about the account.
  3. Now press-on help and feedback that will give you more options.
help and feedback
Help and feedback

4. You will see in these options “Accounts” press it. You will see more question lists above 

how to delete bigo live account

5. When you click on How to delete Bigo live then it will give you instructions if you want to delete your account then click on “I want to delete my account“.

how to delete bigo live account..

6. Now enter your password for verification but keep in mind that your account will be deleted permanently.

how to deactivate bigo live account

How to delete Bigo Live account through requesting them:

Follow the below steps to request them for deletion account.

  1. Sign in to your account and go to account settings.
  2. Click Account Management.
  3. Look down to the Account Ownership area.
    snap Delete Account.
  4. Enter your account password or secret phrase.
    snap Next.
  5. Make sure that your record has passed every one of the conditions.
    Now Confirm and snap Continue.
  6. Check that you have perused the account cancellation arrangement.
    Furthermore click Delete Account.
  7. Peruse/Read the affirmation of deletion of your account.
    Furthermore click Delete Account.
  8. When you see message”your account deleted permanently“, you will be logged out from the account consequently

Which things are required for requesting :

  • Bigo ID you need to delete. 
  • Your justification behind deleting your record. 
  • Your email address so we can educate you about the outcome. 
  • Screen capture of the telephone model you use to sign in to Bigo Live (Please click Settings on your telephone and discover My Phone/Device). 
  • Your enlistment telephone model (Or Registration general setting) 

Things that you should deactivate before deletion your account:

Here are some things that you should delete and deactivate before deletion of your account that are:

Delete all posts:

  1. Check if you have any posts there then first delete them permanently.
how to remove bigo live account.
how to cancel bigo live account.

Deactivate your app notifications:

Now go to notifications and you will see many options which are activated you should have to deactivate them.

how to delete bigo live account.
how to remove bigo live account

Deactivate your privacy:

After deactivating, go back and click on privacy. You will see also again some options which are activated. Now deactivate them.

how to cancel bigo live account
how to remove bigo live account

Log out or sign out from app:

Now go back and find the logout and click it. When you click on it you will log out from your account. And now delete your app.

What will happen when delete your Bigo account:

There are some things that will happen after deleting your account so that things you should have to keep in your mind:

  1. Once you delete your account then after 20 days you can not restore your account and couldn’t sign in your account.
  2. When you delete your account you will get any refund from them of all payments like sale and purchase anything, remaining payments etc.
  3. Your posts, videos, and all other contents will be deleted permanently after deleting your account.

How to delete Bigo Live account or app:

After deleting or deactivating your Bigo live account your app is useless for you because you don’t have access to your account. So, If you keep your account deactivated then you should delete your app from your device like Android and Apple. If you want to delete your app then read this article How to delete the app from mobile

Can i check my account is deleted?

Yes, you can confirm because when you delete your account, in the last you see a message that your account is deleted permanently and you will log out from your account. So, when you log into your account you can’t log in to your account which means your account has been deleted.

How to restore my Bigo live account?

After deleting your account you can restore your account within 20 days. You just log into your account with login details with 20 days then your account will restore again and you can enjoy it again.


In last words, we gave detail about how to delete Bigo live account easily. We tried to discuss easy ways or methods step-by-step. We hope this will help you to delete your account. But if you face difficulty in deleting your account then contact with us or you can also contact them to your social media like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

About Bigo Live Company:

Watch incredible live streams, appreciate live game streaming, live talk with individuals around the world, go live to be a web-based media influencer. All in BIGO LIVE

BIGO LIVE has more than 400 million clients all throughout the planet now. Furthermore, we welcome you to join our large local area. Bigo live founded by David Li and Jason Hu. BIGO Technology has created exclusive man-made brainpower and AI that is coordinated into the application. The AI highlights are utilized to upgrade client commitment and experience during live streaming.


Is BIGO banned in India?

In June 2020, the Indian Government restricted 59 Chinese applications referring to the security and protection worries of Indian clients. Bigo, the live streaming application, was one of those applications restricted by Indian authorities.

Is Bigo Live app safe?

A huge danger of Bigo Live is that some client-produced content can incorporate awful language, brutality, or nakedness, including attractive talk and attire. Likewise, clients’ remarks are frequently savage, express, and tormenting. Sharing individual data in-application (like age, sexual orientation, and area) isn’t ok for more youthful adolescents.

Who is owner of Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a live-streaming stage possessed by Singapore-based BIGO Technology, which was established in 2016 by David Li and Jason Hu. Starting in 2019, BIGO Technology is claimed by Joyy, a Chinese organization recorded on the NASDAQ

Is BIGO a dating app?

Bigo Live is a live streaming application. Clients can keep a video journal (video blog), live transfer while playing computer games, and host their own shows. There is no age confirmation and clients should give their age and area.

Is BIGO Chinese app?

It is possessed by Singapore-based Bigo Technologies, which, thusly, is claimed by Joyy, a Chinese organization recorded on the Nasdaq

How many days required for deletion process?

The cycle will require 7 working days, your understanding will be valued

How do I delete my BIGO live account?

You can delete your bigo live account by using methods that we described in the above article.Folllow the step by step instructions hope so these methods solve your problem.

Can kids use BIGO?

While not appearing to be effectively malevolent, BIGO Live is plainly not planned for youngsters. Youngsters might be fine on there, yet you should lay some guidelines. Remain off the application’s cash, and don’t give cash to anybody on the application. This component ought to be impeded with parental control programming.

How do I get a refund from BIGO?

You need to demand it through Amazon: in touch with us. Assuming you joined on the web and would like a discount: Contact us and we will audit your solicitation. This is the main membership type our backing group is fit for discounting.

How to deactivate my Bigo Live account?

Here in this article we give details about deletion and deactivating process of bigo live that will helpful for you but keep in mind that don’t skip any step.If you face any problem you can contact us.




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