How to delete Behance account With Easy Steps in 2022

Did you signup on Behance and subscribed it and now you want to know how to delete behance account with simple ways? You can’t delete online yourself completely.Becuase mostly your things are the online records.But sometimes you can delete your account with all your data as from behance.But before jump to real topic we will know about behance and some important things that we will discuss below

What is Behance:

Behance is a webpage and administration network that has some expertise in self-advancement, including counseling and online portfolio locales.   

Things that should keep in mind before deleting account:

  • Your all contents will be deleted.
  • You would not access to your profile and projects.
  • All information about your profile, comments and messages will be deleted.
  • Removing your Behance record won’t delete your Adobe Portfolio site or any of your work on your Adobe Portfolio site.
  • Cancelling your Behance profile doesn’t drop any paid memberships related with your Adobe ID.

How to delete behance account:

You can close your account easily though website that provides itself. Here we will discuss all the steps of deletion process one by one.

How to close behance account through website:

If you are assured about removing your account then you should have to follow all the steps one by one given below:

  • Go to website and login (if not)
  • Go to profile icon and click on settings
  • Here you will click on Account settings
  • Click on delete account given bottom of the list.
  • Enter here your first and last name.
  • Check the box for confirming deletion process.
  • Then click on delete button.
  • Your account will be deleted.

how to delete behance account

Deletion of behance account is a permanent or irreversible process.Which means you will not get it again.

If you did not find it then click here directly you will reached at delete page

Benefits of Behance account:

There are many benefits of behance account that may be not know about it.Because if you knew about it then you will never delete it forever. Here we gave some advantages of behance

  • You gain admittance to every one of your own information when you pursue a free record. This incorporates your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, orientation, area, IP address, program history, saved passwords, and considerably more.

  • Your Behance username/secret word mix is put away safely behind a login firewall so no other person can see it. At the point when you log out of your record, your secret phrase is deleted right away.

  • All your private messages stay among you and others who joined simultaneously as you. Different clients can’t peruse those messages except if you allow them to do as such.

  • You lose nothing in light of the fact that deleting your record doesn’t influence the nature of your current shots.

You can delete your account by composing and sending email to them.You can use given method.You can take instructions from given video 

About company:

Behance is an online media stage claimed by Adobe “to exhibit and find inventive work“.Behance was established by Matias Corea and Scott Belsky in November 2005. The organization at first depended on income, producing pay by selling standard promotions, work postings, and later, 99U gathering tickets. In May 2012, their first round of outside financing got $6.5 million from financial backers including Dave McClure and Jeff Bezos’ own trading company, Bezos Expeditions.The organization was obtained by Adobe Systems for $150 million in December 2012.


Here we discussed all the possible methods of how to delete behance account and all important info about behance.If you feel any difficulty or confusion then you can contact with us and you also follow them at social platforms:






How do I cancel my Behance subscription?

On the off chance that you might want to erase your membership on Behance, you can do as such by clicking “Erase Subscription” in the upper right corner of your Subscriber Area

How do I delete my Behance profile picture?

Go to Profile on the landing page. Float over your current Banner. Click Replace or Remove.

What is Behance account?

Behance is the main web-based stage to feature and find innovative work. The inventive world updates their work in one spot to communicate it broadly and effectively.

How to delete behance account?

Visit your Account Settings. Click the Delete Account tab (lower part of the rundown). Enter your Profile First and Last Name. Actually take a look at the container to consent to Terms and Conditions.

Is Behance still relevant 2020?

Share Your Creative Work Privately If: It portrays sexual demonstrations, more limit or realistic nakedness, exceptionally hostile substance or graphically vicious substance. Albeit this sort of content is legitimate in numerous nations, we don’t permit it in projects shared openly on Behance even behind the grown-up divider.

Can I delete an Adobe account?

Sign in to Under Privacy, look down to Delete Account. In the Delete account screen under the Final affirmation segment, select Yes I comprehend and need to forever remove this Adobe account. Then, at that point, select Confirm delete account.

How do I temporarily deactivate Behance?

Click on the Project. Explore to the Project’s Settings. Click Edit close to Projects apparent to – – >turn all OFF.

Can you see who viewed your profile on Behance?

Click on the blue button to see the quantity of perspectives, kinds of responses, just as the usernames of individuals who have seen every photograph or video in your Work in Progress. Simply you can see who’s seen your Work in Progress.


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