How To Delete 2K Account With Simple and Easy Steps 2022

If you are worried about late response of 2k about solve your problem or you like any other gaming platform and now you want to know how to delete 2k account then you are at right platform where you will get all the info about it with details.But before going to main topic we should know complete about 2K company.

What is 2K?

2K is an American computer game distributer situated in Novato, California. 2K was established under Take-Two Interactive in January 2005 through the 2K Games and 2K Sports names.It allows users to make or remove profiles and access to games.Where user can buy them and character of these games.

How to remove credit card from 2K?

If you add your credit or debit cards for purchasing games in 2k and now you want to close your account then you should have to remove that cards from it first, otherwise you will not remove it later.For removing your credit card you should have to write an email them and request them to cancel your membership and remove your credit cards.

How to delete 2K account?

As A friend, we tell you that there is no direct option to deactivate your account.You should have to compose an email and request them to remove your account with clear your all data.

For composing an email You should have to go your email (Gmail) account and click on compose button.

how to delete 2k account

Write all the details here related to your account and send it at their email address [email protected] or [email protected].For more details go down and see a complete video.

About Company:

On January 24, 2005, Take-Two Interactive declared that it had gained Visual Concepts, including its Kush Games auxiliary and the licensed innovation of the 2K sporting event series, from Sega for US$24 million. The next day Take-Two Interactive laid out the 2K distributing name, comprising of the sub-marks 2K Games and 2K Sports, with the last option zeroing in on sporting events. A few of Take-Two Interactive’s advancement studios-Visual Concepts, Kush Games, Indie Built, Venom Games, PopTop Software, and Frog City Software-became studios of 2K, and Take-Two Licensing was converged into the new name.


In this guide, we learned about how to delete 2K account in details with simple steps.We also learned about cancel memberships and removing credit cards etc before removing account. You can follow them and contact them at social media by following the below links.






How do I link my 2K account?

Go to: Click “Sign In” at the upper right of the screen. Follow the prompts to associate your comparing stage account. Whenever you sign in effectively, this is a programmed confirmation of your record by means of the sign in.

How do you create a 2k21 account?

You need First Name and Last Name. Enter Email Address and now Confirm Email Address.Pick up Password. And Confirm Password.

How do you delete your 2K21 account?

In the event that you have a 2K Account and might want to erase it, you’ll have to connect with 2K Customer Service to do as such. How would I connect various profiles to my 2k record.

How do I delete my 2K account on ps4?

To remove your NBA 2k record. You should go to the record settings page. From that point, you can tap on the “delete Account” button.

How do you delete my MyCareer in NBA 2k20 mobile?

Contingent upon which saves you’re hoping to remove, you could go to various tabs, like MyCareer, MyFranchise, MyGM, and so on To close any of your saved documents, however, you’ll have to open up your preferred game on the foundation. Once inside, go to whichever save document you need to delete.

How do I find out how many 2K accounts I have?

Go to: Click “Sign In” at the upper right of the screen. Enter your “MyPLAYER” account name AND secret phrase. At the point when you sign in effectively, this is a programmed check of your record by means of the login.

How to delete 2k account?

You can delete your account by write and email to their customer services. According to their customer services you will send at different email center according to the condition.

[email protected]


How to Chat with 2K Support?

Login to your NBA2K accoutn and click on message icon and now fill out form according to your account info then clikc on submit.Now you will chat with them easily.

Why is 2K called 2K?

The name “2K Games” comes from Visual Concepts’ sporting event arrangement regularly alluded to as the 2K series, which were initially distributed only for the Dreamcast console. 2K Games is settled in Novato, California.

How many games does 2K have?

The NBA 2K series comprises 23 essential portions and a few side project style titles.


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