How to create imvu account| best Guide in 2022

If you wish to possess fun and meet new people online then we invite you to require a glance at one of the most effective virtual communities called IMVU. find out how to create IMVU account quickly and simply.

What is IMVU?

Imvu is intended in order that users can create a personality and an honest time celebrate conversations with other users who also want to possess a good time.IMUV is an avatar-based application that permits you to fulfill and chat with new people.


How to create Imvu account on a Computer or Pc:

Go to the Imvu website:

  • Go to and fill out the registration form within the center of the page.

create a new account

Choose your avatar(according to your gender):

  • Choose your starter avatar, simply click on one among the choices on the left if you’re a female, or one among the choices on the right if you’re male.

select a gender

Select avatar name:

  • First, choose your avatar or profile name.

Create a strong password:

  • Create your passwordconfirm to form a robust/strong password by using a minimum of 8 characters, lower and capital letters, numbers, and special characters also.

chooose avatar name

Confirm password:

  • Confirm your password.

Enter email address:

  • Enter your current email address.

Choose the date of birth:

  • Select your date of birth from the sink menu.

chooose avatar name

Fill up captcha:

  • Click verify and Enter the letters that you’ll see within the security check box. Or select a correct image (shown in the picture)

fill up captcha

Click create Imvu account:

  • Click on the yellow button at rock bottom of the page that says Create IMVU Account”.click creat account

Do you have an account on imvu and you want to change your password. We will discuss all the methods of changing age and how to make secure password

How to create imvu account on mobile:

Making our account on work area, application, and portable is very comparable with the exception of the check interaction which isn’t required when making a record on versatile.

Download the Imvu app:

  1. Introduce the application through the ISO or Play Store. Snap-on Join by Email to begin.

click on join by email

Select your gender:

  1. Pick your symbol as per your sexual orientation.

select a gender

Pick up avatar’s things:

3.Pick hair, eyes, and skin, and so on type subtleties to make it extraordinary.

select clothing

Click on save:

click on save

Fill up personal data:

5. while clicking on the saving look, you will go to the data page. Fill in your name, email, secret phrase, and birthday.

fill up you perosnal data

Click on join now:

6. At that point click on Join Now and begin interfacing with individuals.

About Company:

IMVU is an online metaverse and long reach relational correspondence site. IMVU was set up in 2004 and was at first upheld by experienced monetary supporters Menlo Ventures, AllegisCyber Capital, Bridgescale Partners, and Best Buy Capital. IMVU people use 3D images to meet new people, visit, make, and wreck around. In 2014, IMVU had about 6,000,000 unique players and had the greatest virtual product stock of more than 6 million things beginning at 2011. The business was as of late arranged in Mountain View, California. It was known as one of the primary specialists of the lean startup approach.


Here in this article we learned about how to create imvu account in detail with simple steps.We discussed both methods mobile and website in this article.If you feel any difficulty in this process then you can simple contact us and tell us your problem or you can also follow them at facebook , linkedin, twitter, and instagram.


Is IMVU free of charge?

It’s thoroughly free! Enter a virtual world and social visit room

How to enroll for a name?

Go to the store on here and look down moves up to perceive what amount it costs for enrolling for your own name.

How to change your password?

If you want to change your Imvu password for security then go here for complete information

Can You have 2 IMVU accounts at a time?

Yes, of course, you can make 2 accounts at a time but you should have remembered their passwords.

Does IMVU delete accounts or how you can delete yourself?

when your account is deleted Imvu sends a confirmation email to your related email account, when you confirm it then it will delete.if you want more information about the delete account go here. 

I am 11 years old Is IMVU safe for an 11-year-old?

How to change profile picture or avatar?

If you want to change your profile image then go to settings and follow the given steps.

How to change my email?

Snap-on the profile symbol on the upper right corner and go to settings. In their tap on the email and afterward on the top will see the change button, click on and change your email in like manner.

what is the most effective method to refresh your secret key?

Whenever you have enrolled on the site, you will get an email confirmation interface, click for to check you.

Is IMVU a safe game?

In any case, neighborhood specialists are cautioning of its risks. IMVU permits clients to make a profile and a virtual symbol, which as indicated by specialists from the Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County, is dangerous for clients, all things considered. “I wouldn’t actually suggest this in any event, for 18 year old’s.

Is IMVU safe for 15 year olds?

There’s a great deal of swearing and a ton of unseemly stuff that your kid shouldn’t be presented to right now. There is a ton of cyberbullying as well. Generally speaking, 15-to 16-year-olds are permitted to utilize it assuming that they use it appropriately.


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