How to create Hotmail account| Best Guide 2022

Are you new at Hotmail don’t know how to create Hotmail account, don’t worry we are here to give you detail about the creation of a Hotmail account? But if you have already an account and want to create a new Hotmail account then you are also welcomed. Here you will get all information about how to create Hotmail accounts in more than one. 

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free, easy-to-use Web-based email service owned by Microsoft. you’ll create a Hotmail address for either personal or business email accounts. After creating your new email account, you’ll customize the way it appears in your browser by changing background colors and font sizes.

How to create Hotmail account steps:

There are the following steps to make an account on Hotmail:

Go to browser and open Hotmail:

Startup your browser and visit the Hotmail website (see link in Resources). If you have already got a Windows Live ID you’ll log in at the right side of the page and skip Step 2.

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Press the Sign up button:

Click the “Sign Up” or “create free account” button near the left-center of the page.

Enter unique Username:

Now enter your required username and choose whether you would like your email address to finish with or from the menu next to the Windows Live ID field.

how to create hotmail account

Select your secret password

Type during a password twice; doing so ensures you do not make a mistake in your password unless you create the error both times.

Passwords must be a minimum of six characters long and are case sensitive; as you type the password within the site will show you ways strong it’s (or isn’t).

how to create hotmail account

Enter your contact information:

Here Enter your number if you would like Microsoft to be ready to text you just in case you lose your password.

how to create hotmail account

Enter your personal information:

Enter your first and last names, select your country/region, enter your postcode, choose your gender, select your birth date.

Then enter the CAPTCHA code at the lowest of the page to point you are a person and not a bot.

Mark check box for promotional emails:

Clear the check from the “Send me promotional emails” check box below the CAPTCHA code if don’t want Microsoft sending you promotional emails about Windows Live, Bing and MSN.

Leave it checked if you are doing want these emails sent to you.

Mark, I accept button for accepting terms:

Click the “I Accept” button at the lowest of the page to just accept the terms and make your Windows Live ID and Hotmail account. 

If your chosen email address is already taken, the location will inform you at the highest of the page; you will have to stay trying new IDs until you discover one that may not be taken.

how to create hotmail account

How to start up after knowing how to create Hotmail account?

Now your account is ready but do you know how we can start and change the account etc?Don’t worry if you don’t know what we are describing below. 

Getting started:

After you create a Microsoft account, you will be taken to the Microsoft account settings page. To use the features and services of your Microsoft account, like One Drive or Messenger, you’ll first get to access your profile page.

To access the profile page:

Locate and choose the profile icon within the top-right corner of the screen, then select Edit Profile from the menu.The profile page will appear. From here, you’ll access the toolbar, which can assist you to navigate Microsoft’s online services.

To use the toolbar:

Click the icons within the top-right corner to access Messenger, your profile settings, and therefore the Gear icon, which controls individual settings for every Microsoft service.

Setting up your profile

Once you’ve found your Microsoft account and become conversant in the toolbar, you would possibly want to customize and add information to your personal profile.

  • Basic information, like your birth date and gender
  • Additional contact information
  • Personal information about your work, social life, and education
  • Connections to social networking sites like Facebook Filling in a little information is often useful in some situations. It’s all about deciding what proportion you would like to share.

Editing profile:

To access and edit your profile, click the profile icon within the upper-right corner, then select Edit Profile from the menu.

Adding a profile picture:

  • Go to profile page press on Add a photo or picture

how to create hotmail account

  • When you press the button you will see a screen that asks you to add a picture then press it.

how to create hotmail account

  • if you press on “Add photo” it will take in the computer where you can choose a photo

how to create hotmail account

  • After  you selected a picture just press on “open”

how to create hotmail account

When you press on open you will see your profile pic on your profile pic

how to create hotmail account

If you have already a picture on your profile and want to change your profile picture just follow the below method

Changing your profile picture:

  • Navigate to your profile page, then locate and choose Change Picture.

how to create hotmail account

  • The profile picture page will appear. Click the Choose File button.

how to create hotmail account

  • A panel will appear. Locate and choose the specified picture, then open.

how to create hotmail account

  • Your picture will appear. If you would like, you’ll drag and resize the box to crop your image. As you crop your picture, a preview of the cropped image will appear to the left.

how to create hotmail account

  • When you are satisfied with the cropped picture, click Save. Your profile picture is going to be saved.

If you made a new account after an old account and you could no find your old account then follow the below method. 

How you can find an old account:

If their Hotmail account is especially old, those safety questions may also be forgotten. 

  • Assistance is handy with the Microsoft account recuperation form, found at
  • Certainly enter the e-mail address, telephone number, or username related to the account in query. 
  • Then offer an opportunity email deal that Microsoft can use to get in contact about your request. 
  • Users will next be caused to go into the characters visible on screen to prove they’re not a bot. 
  • A display screen will then appear asking users to affirm the contact e-mail deal. 
  • Check this secondary email for a message from Microsoft with the security code, then enter this code and click verify. 
  • Users must then pick put up while finished and Microsoft need to respond within 24 hours.


How do I set up a Hotmail account?

click settings. 2 click bills. 3 add account. 4 electronic mail. 5 input your Hotmail id and password, then click “guide setup”. 6 tap IMAP account. 7 after checking all mail settings that have been set robotically, tap sign up.

How do I create a free Hotmail account?

To installation a free account, head over to the Hotmail or outlook authentic website. Once more, you’ll want to click on create an account and fill in your info.

As soon as that is entire, comfy your account with a few restoration questions and you’re equipped to start emailing human beings totally free along with your new account.

Is Hotmail still available?

Microsoft closed that carrier years ago, and all Hotmail users are the usage of its modern provider at outlook. Com. If you are using outlook it means you are using a Hotmail account.

Is a Hotmail account free?

Hotmail is a free carrier that offers email accounts with 5GB of free space to save. Once you create a Hotmail account login data (username and password) offers you get entry to Microsoft offerings which include windows live areas other, OneCare, calendar, gallery, and more.

Can I have 2 Hotmail accounts?

Every person can create less than or equal to five accounts. He can change or edit any account at any time.

Are Hotmail and Outlook the same?

Yes, hot mail and outlook are the same. Microsoft has been Hotmail as a brand since 1997 but now Hotmail and outlook are the same.

How do I access my Hotmail account?

Type your Hotmail. Com email address into the “e-mail address” subject. It’s on the pinnacle of the display screen. Tap preserve (android) or upload account (iPhone/iPad). You’ll find this button beneath the text container.

How we can access spam email?

If you can access spam mail and don’t know how to check spam email just click here for detailed information.

How to close my Hotmail account?

If you want to an old account or your current account you can read complete instructions by clicking here.


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