How to create a new Gmail account Easy steps (2022)

If you are new to Gmail and want to create an account then you are at the right place where you will find detailed information about How to create a new Gmail account.But if you have already an account and want to create another account then you are also welcomed here we will discuss this in detail.Before starting we should know about Gmail that what is Gmail. Let’s start to know about Gmail.

What is Gmail and what is the purpose of Gmail?

Gmail is a great email tool for little business owners and freelance professionals. it is easy to line up and use. better of all, Gmail is included freed from charge once you check-in for a brand new Google account.

A Gmail account offers these and a strong spam filter. you’ll use it to access your existing email accounts and take advantage of Gmail eliminating the junk. you’ll also use it to archive old mail or as a backup.

What are the Benefits of a Gmail Account:

Free of cost:

  • It’s free. there is no fee to use it.

Spam filters:

  • It has excellent spam filters and keeps your inbox cleaner than the opposite email client.

Too much space:

  • It has a very generous space for storing allowance, 10+ GB of email space for storing.

Change your theme:

  • You can change your theme and thus the way your inbox works (i.e.there’s more flexibility than with the opposite email client).

Unlimited plugins and extensions:

  • Countless plugins and extensions are available and free to use. These can assist you to customize your workflow and therefore the way you use email.

Google search functionality:

  • You have the power of Google search functionality right inside your inbox.

Easily accessible:

  • it is Easily Accessible means your account is often accessed anywhere where there’s internet access.


  • It’s reliable and infrequently crashes.

After knowing the advantages of Gmail you would like to make more Gmail accounts but how you’ll make a brand new  Gmail account? you’ll follow the below steps to understand the way to Develop a replacement Gmail account

How to create a new Gmail account:

  • Visit the google page and pres sign up for Creating your Google Account for Gmail.

google page

  • Enter your first and surname or second name for your new account which you want to create.

enter username

  • Type your required username. It will be a different and unique name for security.

Your Gmail email address is going to be your username followed by “” If your Gmail username is “example,” as an example, your Gmail address is “[email protected].”

  • Input an email password that’s difficult to guess.
  • For enhanced security, you ought to later enable two-steps authentication for your Gmail account.

enter username

Select Next.

  • Optionally, you’ll enter your mobile number and/or an alternate email address for account verification and authorization. Google uses this information to permit you to recover a lost password.

enter phone number

  • Enter your birth date and gender (all fields are required).

enter date of birth

  • Select Next.
  • You will be asked to verify your telephone number or alternate email. Click Send or skip this by clicking Not now. Gmail verification page.

verfication page

  •  Read and therefore the Privacy and Terms then select I comply with continue.

privacy policy accepting

  • If you are doing not comply with the privacy and terms, you’ll not be ready to continue creating a Gmail account.
  • You’ll be directed to the My Account page for the e-mail address you only created. From there, you’ll check in to your account, manage your personal information, and set your account preferences.

open gmail

How to create the strongest Password for security:

If you have a business account and want to more secure it. you should make a strong password for more security.

After knowing How to create a new Gmail account it is compulsory to know how to create a strong password. For that you should follow below steps: 

Identify a memorable phrase:

Before creating a password, consider a sentence or two that’s meaningful to you and you’ll easily remember. Example: My youngest brother Jan taught me the way to create a secure password.

Create the bottom of your password:

Turn your sentence(s) into a row of letters using the primary letter of every word. This way, any time you would like to type in your password you’ll consider your sentence and remember which letters to use. Example: mysjtmhtcasp

Use of Upper and Small letters:

Make your password more complex by capitalizing certain characters. One option, you don’t forget which letters are capitalized, is to use upper case letters for less than the primary or last half of the alphabet (A-M or N-Z). Example: MysJtMHtCAsp

Adding more characters:

Finally, add symbols, punctuation, and numbers to the start and end to form your password even longer. this is often optional. However, the longer your password, the stronger it’ll be. Example: $MysJt64MHtCAsp!

 Don’t try to make your actual password which is described here.

How to Open Your New Gmail Account:

Go to Gmail link:

Return to the most Google screen and click on the Gmail link or if you already login just click Gmail on the Google page.

google page

Introductory steps appear:

Once you check-in you’ll be brought through the Gmail introductory steps. After the last introductory screen, a popup appears announcing that your new Gmail account is prepared to use.

Your Gmail appeared: 

Enjoy your new email account and appearance at ways to level up your Gmail account to urge the foremost from it.

go to gmail link

If you want to create a Hotmail account and link with Your new Gmail account you should have a unique username but if your user name existing what should you do?

What should you do if your Username already exists?

Use some symbols or variations:

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t distinguish between variations like bread.Jon. bread, Jon, and bre. ad, Jon – they’re all an equivalent as far as Gmail cares.

What you would like to try to do is take parts of your name and be creative with the periods.



[email protected]

Create creative your username:

If you’ve got a standard name – like John – you would like to be even more creative when arising with a Gmail username that will add up to your recipients.

About Company:

Gmail is a free email administration given by Google. Starting at 2019, it had 1.5 billion dynamic clients worldwide. A client ordinarily gets to Gmail in an internet browser or the authority portable application. Google likewise upholds the utilization of email customers through the POP and IMAP conventions.

At its Launches in 2004, Gmail gave a capacity limit of one gigabyte for every client, which was altogether higher than its rivals presented at that point. Today, the help accompanies 15 gigabytes of capacity. Clients can get messages up to 50 megabytes in size, including connections, while they can send messages up to 25 megabytes. To send bigger records, clients can embed documents from Google Drive into the message.


In this article we conlcuded or learned all the possible methods of how to create a new gmail account or create another account with simple and easy steps.You also learned how to make a strong password and what should you do when your user name exist already.If you face any problem in to create an account then you can contact us and you can follow it on social media.





Can I have 2 Gmail email addresses?

The short response is, “Indeed, you can have different Gmail accounts.” Many experts have both an individual Gmail account and a work Gmail account fastened to their CRM. Many individuals additionally keep a different Gmail represent spam mail.

Can I create a separate Gmail account?

Yes you can create a separate gmail account The record gives the Gmail administration. You can have however many records as you really want.

How to create a new gmail account?

Go to the make your Google Account page. Pick a new username: Usernames aren’t reused, so your old email address isn’t accessible. Make a comparable email address by adding a little variety, similar to a number on the finish of your username.

Can you have two Gmail accounts with the same phone number?

You can have up to four Gmail accounts confirmed with a similar telephone number.

Can you have two Gmail accounts open at the same time?

Assuming you have more than one Google Account, you can sign in to numerous records without a moment’s delay. That way, you can switch between accounts without marking out and move in once more. Your records have separate settings, however at times, settings from your default record may apply.

Why can’t I create a Gmail account?

There are various motivations behind why you can’t make a Google Account. The most probable, nonetheless, is that the servers which handle Google Accounts are at present down. You might observe that simultaneously, you can’t sign in to Google Accounts or other Google administrations.

How many Gmail accounts should I have?

Hence, for each client, we suggest having no less than four distinctive email addresses for every one of the assets they access on the web.

Can I create a Gmail account without a phone number?

To make another Gmail account, Google might ask you for a telephone number check. This was discretionary before, yet as of late Google has made it required. Assuming that you don’t need Google to have it or perhaps you’re only not into sharing your telephone number.

How can I permanently delete my Gmail account?

Go to the Data and Privacy segment of your Google Account. Look to “Your information and protection choices.” Delete your Google Account. Adhere to the directions to erase your record.

How many days it will take to delete Gmail account permanently?

There’s a multi day time limit: the record probably been erased something like 20 days prior. Following 20 days, the record, and all its related information, is forever deleted, and Google can’t recuperate it


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