How to compose an email professionally with easy steps 2022

People make online accounts for online work or online communication but when they tired up from these online accounts they want to delete their accounts. But some sites or online web pages allow users only to contact them for deletion of your account. But some users don’t know how to compose an email.

Sometimes, users contact them with live chat or send email but some users don’t know how to write an email and send it easily. Here we explain the easy and general way that you can use on every web page for deletion of your account. So, to write a professional email you must follow the below steps:

How to write a professional email:

Step 1: Open email : 

First of all, you need to open an email account like most users use a Gmail account to send or receive mails then they will go to a Gmail account and login in. If you don’t have an account you can make a new Gmail account But if you already signed in then go to the next step.

gmail window

Step 2: Click compose:

The next step is to click on compose button which is located in the top left corner. When you click on compose button you will see a box that will appear right below the corner.

select compose

Step 3:  Enter email address:

Now you will enter your email address in the “To” section. You will enter those email addresses from which website you cancel your account. Just like if you want to delete your account from a website like zaful or any other website (which you want to leave) you will enter its email address.

enter email address

Step 4: Write in the subject line:

Now you will write in the subject line mostly line is used “Request to delete_______ account”. Here we show to fill in the blank where you will enter the website name that you want to delete like if we want to delete zaful account then we will write it like this “REQUEST TO DELETE ZAFUL’S ACCOUNT” (Show in the screenshot)

write in subject line

Step 6: Write in the body:

Now you will write in the body with details where you will give all the reasons and all the information about your account like account name, account ID, password, etc. Here is a sample in the picture that is shown below.

compose detail email

NOTE: The name, email address, and telephone number that will be contained via the email should be connected to the record you need to erase. This will be evidence that you are a genuine user of the account.

  Step 7: Enter your important credentials/ files:

You can send your important files by attaching them to your email. If you want to attach any important files just click given below icons in the picture and click on files and ok your files will be attached by email.

enter files

Step 8: Click on send:

Now just press on send button your email will be sent to your given email address. You must be sure you have all your credentials and email addresses. If you will enter the wrong credentials you will receive any email from your company.

requesting a delete account

These are the simple steps that you can follow to write an email to any company. By the way, Most email processes depend upon four components like Requesting, Processing, Deleting, and Notification.

Components of the process of Email:


When you write or compose an email its means you are requesting them to delete your account. When you sent it then it will go to the company.


When your email goes to the company then the company will investigate your account according to your given credentials and process. If they verify your account then they start the process of deletion.


In this process, the company team will send you an email or verification code to verify that you really want to delete your account. If you will verify it then its process will continue otherwise it stops.


When you will verify yourself by verification code or other ways then the company team will send you a final notification about the deletion of your account. In this notification, the company will tell you that your account has been deleted successfully.


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