How to close Hotmail account easy steps 2022

Do you want to delete your Hotmail account and you are searching for a way how to close Hotmail account, then you are at the right place where you will get all the information in detail about deleting an account and tips before deleting an account, etcBefore jump to main topic we will learn about Hotmail.

Do you know about Hotmail?

Hotmail is essentially an email service provided by means of Microsoft. Microsoft offers the power to use create greater accounts as plenty as you want.

Best Tips For how to close hotmail Account

You should have some important points in your mind before deleting the Hotmail account.

(A). Drop memberships

if you’re subscribing to other services the usage of your Microsoft account identity, cancel those subscriptions now. If now not, you won’t be able to access the services of the one following deletion

(B). update and download all your information

If you have any data in email account like messages, mails etc, you should also download a copy in your computer. Otherwise you will lose your all mails and messages after closing of your Hotmail account.

If you are using that email in xbox then you have to update the email and as well download all your games from there otherwise, you will lose saved game advancement, your Gamer score, and your Gamer tag. If you are using music in Xbox will not play after deleting your account. Once your Microsoft account is gone, so is all the cash related to it. Cash that will vanish likewise incorporates any Skype credit. 

(C). Forward all your email

Before closing your account we will suggest you forward and change your Hotmail email wherever you are using this email because after 60 days you can’t be able to access your email when you delete your account .

we will suggest you either deleting your account you can also forward your email toward new account so that you can get your all email from there as well but you don’t need to open that email

(D). Manage sub-Accounts:

 Child accounts stay open in any event when you delete your account, yet they will require another parent account to give them agree when endeavoring to sign into a PC running Windows 8 or later, a Windows telephone, or an Xbox

 How to close Hotmail Account permanently :

Follow these means underneath to close (delete) your Outlook or Hotmail Account

Stage 1.

Go to and enter your login details. like email, phone, etc which is required for login. when you want to log in Microsoft gives pop up about security 

how to close hotmail account

when you want to log in Microsoft gives pop up about security 


if you facing login problem and want to know how to remove a sign in problem you can read how to resolve sign in problems.

Stage 2.

Snap-on the Security tab at the highest point of the page. when you click on you will see a security detail page just like sign-in activity, account information and advanced security, etc.

how to close hotmail account

Stage 3.

Go to More Security Options. when you go here you will find a page about you all detailed information.

If you did not find your close page just click here to find your delete page.

how to close hotmail account

Stage 4.

Just follow the below options which are giving below before deleting. If you already do that just click on the “next” button.

Stage 5. 

When you click on Next you will find a page that will confirm that have you save your data? if you have not saved your data you will lose of your data. If you already do all the steps just mark all the points.

how to close hotmail accounthow to close hotmail account

Stage 6:

If you mark all points then choose your reason for deactivating your account. When you choose your reason just click on “Mark account for closure”.

how to close hotmail account

Last chance to review to deleting Hotmail account:

The last screen shows you that you can reopen your account within 60 days if you don’t want to cancel your account just sign in again. Your account will again activate.

how to close hotmail account

“But remember you can reopen your account within 60 days otherwise your account will be deleted permanently

Can i access back my account after deleting the account 

Yes you  can get back your account if you can login your account within 60 days. you can only recover an account within the primary 60 days of the deletion. Microsoft will keep hold of the address for these 60 days, but the account are going to be permanently deleted after these days .

Can I deactivate my old Hotmail account?

If you made an account years ago and want to close now and think about that can you delete your old account? And how to close Hotmail account?

So its answer is very simple yes you can delete or close it if you remember your password but if you don’t remember the password then you have to keep in mind the recovery email password because when you press on “forget password” it will send you an email. But if you don’t remember it also, then it’s your bad luck.

If you access your recovery email that’s great! Just to change your password and log in again and simply go to shut it down.     

What will happen with your associated account of Hotmail?

If you close your Hotmail account you will lose the data that you have stored in associated accounts. You will not able to reactivate your account.So, if you want to prevent data just take a copy of your all data on your computer by downloading.


Here you found detail about how to close Hotmail account but one thing to keep in mind is that it is an irreversible process. It means that if you delete your account it can’t be recovered after 60 days. If you have any confusion and question don’t worry you can ask us but we suggest you that just read some FAQS given below.


How to create our new Hotmail account?

you can your new account and if you are new at Hotmail and want to create an new account you can take detailed information by clicking here.

How to close Hotmail account permanently?

For the closing of Hotmail account just follow below path:

login>>Settings > Accounts > Email and account>>select the account> select Manage>>delete account>>confirm to close

Do unused Hotmail accounts get deleted?

Following 360 days (five days shy of a run of the mill year) of dormancy, a Windows Live Hotmail account is forever erased. In the event that you don’t utilize your Windows Live ID (which is your Windows Live Hotmail email address) for 365 days (about a year), it, as well, can be for all time erased.

Can I deactivate my Outlook account?

From the primary Outlook window, select File in the upper left corner of the screen.Select Account Settings > Account Settings.Select the account you need to erase, then, at that point select Remove.

Can you close an email account?

You can likewise delete your email account on Android, utilizing an internet browser like Chrome, yet erasing it on the work area is more helpful.

How do I change my Hotmail account?

Go to the Microsoft account page and sign (in case you’re not as of now). Snap “Your data” at the highest point of the screen. Snap “Oversee how you sign in to Microsoft”. Under “account moniker,” click “Add email”

Do Hotmail accounts get deleted?

Following 360 days (five days shy of a normal year) of idleness, a Windows Live Hotmail account is forever erased. Assuming you don’t utilize your Windows Live ID (which is your Windows Live Hotmail email address) for 365 days (about a year), it, as well, can be forever deleted.

How do I delete my hotmail 2021 account?

Go to and enter your login certifications.Click on the Your Info tab at the highest point of the page.Look down to the Help with Microsoft account area. Click on How to close your record.

Is Hotmail safe to use?

As far as security, Hotmail truly is one the most dependable messaging administrations around. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer start to finish email encryption, Microsoft’s administration is incredibly secure. Also the assistance will just output your messages to assist with target adverts to your inclinations.

Is Hotmail a bad email address?

In the event that you have a Hotmail address, it implies you have been on the web quite a while, yet are not a genuine client of email. In particular, it says you have low guidelines for email, and couldn’t use the energy to move up to a superior email administration. Individuals feel much the same way about AOL email addresses.


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