How to check spam email in outlook Best Guide in 2022

Do you want to know how to check spam email in outlook But what happens when your outlook receives an email.

When Hotmail or outlook receives your message, it checks the message either it is spam or not if Hotmail outlook is sure 100% about the spam message it sends it in the spam folder? But how to check spam emails in outlook? For this purpose, you can follow the procedure given below. However, we should know that what is spam folder?

What is the SPAM or junk folder and Where it is located?

A spam folder is a folder for storing spam messages filtered out by the FREE anti-spam plugin Spam Reader. The default location is the “Spam” subfolder of “Inbox”.

To specify another location click the “Browse” button. within the displayed “Select Folder” window you’ll either select one among the present folders or create a brand new one.

how to check spam email in outlook

You don’t have a Hotmail account and want to create a new one.

What is the difference between spam and junk emails?

There is a moment difference between spam and junk emails. The junk emails will usually be targeted at unknown recipients. But, once you receive spam emails, you would possibly know who the sender is, but wouldn’t want to receive emails (probably advertising) from that person.

But now in the new update junk and spam folders merged together.

Method to how to check spam email in outlook? 

If you want to know how to check spam email in Hotmail or outlook you can just follow the below steps:

Sign in (if you are not logged in):

On your computer or laptop, Click here for the log-in page. Fill up all requirements for login.

how to check spam email in outlook

                If you are facing problems in sign in go here to check problems and thier solutions. 

Go to the MAIL menu:

On your device (laptop or computer ), navigate to the Mail menu.

Press on spam or Junk folder:

Click the Spam folder. you’ll usually find this folder on the left side of your page.

how to check spam email in outlook

Open the spam or junk folder:

Now, your Spam folder will open.It will show you a listing of email messages that are designated as spam.

Recognize spam messages:

Any spam email in Outlook usually features a ***SPAM*** tag attached to its subject line. Since the spammers keep developing new techniques to send spam messages to their recipients, it’s possible for the recipients to overlook these spam messages.

Sometimes, it’s also possible to classify legitimate messages under the Spam category

What should you do if any mail is not spam?

If you discover that a specific email isn’t spam or junk, you’ll drag and drop it in your Inbox or the other folder of your choice.  By using these steps we will execute that the way how to check spam mail in outlook.

Do you want to customize the Spam or Junk folder?

If you feel you have some important messages in your spam or junk folder you can customize it.

You should Safe Senders List: 

Email addresses and domain names during this list are never treated as junk. All names and addresses within the global address list during a Microsoft Exchange Server account are automatically considered safe.

how to check spam email in outlook

You should Safe Recipients List:

Users can add the mailing lists and distribution lists that they’re a part of to the current list so they’ll never be marked as spam.

You can Block Senders List:

Once users add an email address or domain to the present list, messages from that source are automatically sent to the Junk Email folder.

how to check spam email in outlook

You can Block Top-Level Domains List: 

 To block messages from another country or region, users can add country/region codes to the present list.

You can Block Encodings List:

To block messages that contain another list or alphabet, users can add encodings to the present list.

Do you want to notify if a new spam message is received?

If you would like to know about new incoming spam the program can display a tray notification window once you receive a brand new spam message.

Mark the “Show tray notification” when new spam received” checkbox and in the future, you’ll see this tray window at the proper bottom corner of the desktop whenever once you receive new spam messages.

(A). How you can Delete Spam Emails through the web?

If you want to delete spam emails on outlook just follow the below instructions, I will help you to delete spam emails

  • Open your Outlook account.
  • In the Folders tab on the left, click Junk Email. (On the online app, this is often the name Outlook uses for the spam to check spam email in outlook
  • Select the message you would like to delete from Junk Email and click on Delete at the to check spam email in outlook
  • If you want to clear your Junk folder just press the “empty folder”. Your all junk or spam emails are deleted from the junk folder.

how to check spam email in outlook

(B). How you can Delete Spam Emails or Outlook through the Mobile app?

If you have a mobile app and want to delete spam emails on outlook you should follow the below steps.

  • Open your Outlook app.
  • Click the menu button icon at the highest left.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • You’ll find the Spam folder within the list, where you’ll view your spam messages.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • To delete one email from Spam, select the e-mail and click on on the delete or delete icon at the highest right.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • To clear your Spam folder, just click Empty Spam at the highest left

How you can Block Spam Email Addresses in Outlook:

Here are the steps if you want to block spam emails. But if you block spam email addresses you will not receive any spam emails.

  • Select an email/emails you would like to block from your Inbox.
  • Click on the Junk tab at the highest.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • From the drop-down, Press on Block.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • Click OK from the confirmation pop-up. And it’s done.

how to check spam email in outlook

How You Can  Unblock Emails on Outlook?

If you blocked any address which was important and wants to unblock its address. So follow the below steps simply to unblocking emails on outlook.

  • Go to Settings and choose View all Outlook settings.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • Select Mail and click on Junk email.

how to check spam email in outlook

  • Click the delete icon at the proper of the address/domain you would like to unblock and click on Save.

how to check spam email in outlook


here are some frequently asked questions for you.If you have still issues you can read our FAQS for how to check spam email. we hope it will helpful for you.

How do I view spam in Outlook 365?

Threat management>Review>Quarantine>Click any message.

How we can create a Hotmail account?

If you are new and want to create a new account or you are also older and want to create another account you can take instructions here

How we can log in into our outlook account?

If you forget your password or don’t know how to login in Hotmail account here are some instructions which give you access to your account.

Does Outlook have a built in spam filter?

The Junk E-mail Filter in Outlook distinguishes messages that are reasonable garbage and moves them to the Junk E-mail envelope. You can undoubtedly change the degree of garbage email insurance or naturally erase garbage email.

Why can’t I see spam folder in Outlook?

Assuming your Junk organizer is vacant, it’s conceivable that you have a choice in Junk that erases messages when Outlook is shut. So really look at your Deleted Items envelope; assuming that you don’t observe any Junk sends there, your main decision is to recover those messages.

How can I see the sender of an email in Outlook without opening it?

Right snap the email in your inbox. It will be chosen by won’t open it. On the drop down menu, click View message source. It will open another tab or window showing text.

Why is Outlook spam filter so bad?

You likely have as of now hailed various messages as spam and a few decent messages that have a large number of similar similitudes as spam are being distinguished as spam and being sifted. In the spam/garbage envelope you can hail the great messages as not being spam and new comparative looking messages will begin going to your inbox.

Is junk the same as spam in Outlook?

Outlook has another envelope called “Garbage Email.” When you block an email shipper, messages from that source are placed in the Junk Email organizer, what capacities as a conventional spam organizer. Assuming that you use Outlook, garbage email is spam; there’s no distinction.

Why can I see the sender in Outlook?

Assuming Outlook is showing the source’s name, all things considered, an outsider application is causing the issue. Restart the Outlook customer in typical mode. Handicap all the outsider add-ins that you have introduced. To do this, go to File > Options > Add-ins.

How do I check spam for spam?

Click the Mail menu, then, at that point, click Spam Folder. Your Spam Folder will open and show a rundown of any messages assigned as spam.

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