How to check Hotmail login history best Guide| 2022

If you think that another person is using your Skype, your Outlook email service, your Xbox ID, or your Microsoft account, you’ll find the important answer in minutes. We will explain to you How to check Hotmail login history or last login?? 

One of the foremost notable improvements to the Hotmail service was the power to log and track your login history to examine when the last time you logged was, where you were and if somebody else accessed your account without you knowing.

What is activiy page:

Your account has a Recent Activity page that shows your record action, remembering your sign-in data. The page records the date, time, and geographic area of each sign-in and sign-in endeavor. Furthermore, it likewise shows explicit information, for example, the IP address and the working arrangement of the gadget that is being utilized to sign in to your record.

What you can check on ACTIVITY PAGE?

Microsoft allows users to see the recent sign-in location and time. Not only that but also you’ll find the subsequent information:

    1. Device or Platform: Whether it had been a mobile browser, app, Windows, iOS, Android, or anything.
    2. Browser: It shows the name of the browser – no matter whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.
    3. IP address: it’s probably an important thing to get once you would really like to research further.
    4. Account alias
    5. Session activity: If it had been a successful or unsuccessful check-in.
    6. Location: Although it shows a map with location, it’d not be useful when someone used a VPN to mask their IP address and site.
    7. Protocol.

How you can check Hotmail login history?

If you think so that your Hotmail account is used by someone else and you want to how to check login history then follow below different steps from which you can view your activity.

Log in to Hotmail:

Open the official website and click on sign in.If you are new hen click on create an free account.

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Enter login requirements:

  •   First, enter your email.

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How to check the Hotmail login history

If you are facing sign in problems and want to know reasons then click here for detail inforamtion.

Go to security and review activity:

  • Click your profile image within the upper-right corner of the inbox.

How to check the Hotmail login history

  • Select “View Account“.
  • Click on “Security
  • Click on the button “Review Activity

How to check the Hotmail login history

Verify again your Password:

Enter your password again for verification.

How to check the Hotmail login history

Sms Verification:

  • If you’re login in from a unique browser you normally use, you’ll be asked to verify your account by SMS verification.

How to check the Hotmail login history

  • Enter the last 4 digits of your number and click on “Send code“.

How to check the Hotmail login history

  • Enter the SMS code you’ve received on your phone and click on “Verify“

How to check the Hotmail login history

  • you’ll skip this step by clicking on the “No thanks” button, you don’t need this immediately.

How to check the Hotmail login history

Arrived at activity log page:

Finally, you’ve arrived on the activity log page. Scroll down and consider the list of activities.

If you see any suspicious activity like “Successful Sign-In” from a location that you simply think isn’t yours, then you would like to extend the protection of your email account by changing your password, alternate email, security question, number.

How to check the Hotmail login history

What should you do If others steal your Password: 

If you discover any malicious login of your account, you would like to reset your Microsoft account password as soon as possible. Below we’ll show you a way to reset your password 

Reset Microsoft Account Password Online

  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account at:
  • In Security & Privacy section, click on Change password. change Microsoft account password

How to check the Hotmail login history

  • Enter your current password, then enter a replacement password and ensure the new password

How to check the Hotmail login history

Finding any suspicious activity check hotmail login history?

If you discover any suspicious activity, the subsequent tips and tricks will assist you.

  1. Change your account password immediately and log off of all the devices.
  2. Always use a powerful password.
  3. Enable two-step verification in your Microsoft account.
  4. Set up a security key for your Microsoft account.

What happend when your account is hacked?

Assuming hackers get close enough to your email, they could have an open entryway to quite a few different gadgets and records. They can utilize your email to reset other record passwords, get sufficiently close to credit data, or even delete accounts, for example, web-based media profiles. You should call your ISP immediately and tell them about your problem.


In this article we learned about login activity page,and about how to check hotmail login history in details with simple steps, what should you do after finding any suspicious activity and steali you password in detail but if you have nay query then contact us through comment section.


How to check Hotmail login history?

If you don’t find your Hotmail login history check the above methods which will help you to find login history.

How we can create a Hotmail account?

If you want to create a Hotmail account and don’t know how to create then click here for detailed information.

Can someone read my emails without me knowing?

There is no way to prove someone isn’t viewing your email, you’ll only prove they’re. a method to verify if they’re, even once you cannot see IP addresses connected to the mail server, is to trick them into alerting you. Make an email with a link. you would like to be ready to monitor visits thereto link.

How can I check my spam email?

if you want to check my spam email and don’t know how to check just go here for detailed information.

Can you tell if someone hacked your email?

One of the clearest indications of your email being hacked is the way that you can’t sign into it. Assuming your email secret word is dismissed as mistaken and you didn’t transform it, it’s a solid sign that another person has adjusted it.

How do I stop someone from reading my email?

Head over to your Google Account settings.Check out the applications recorded under ‘Outsider applications with account access’.Search for any with the words ‘Approaches Gmail’ close to them and snap them.Click ‘Eliminate ACCESS’, and affirm your choice by squeezing ‘alright’.

Can someone hack my bank account with my email address?

Your email additionally may contain an abundance of data about your ledger, charge cards, and other monetary records. A hacked email can put you and your email contacts in danger for wholesale fraud and ledger or charge card misrepresentation.

How do hackers get into your email account?

The most widely recognized justifications for why your email got hacked incorporate phishing tricks, not logging out on shared PCs, and helpless secret key propensities. Here is a point by point check out the way that somebody probably undermined your email account.

Who is trying to access my hotmail?

Assuming you’re worried that somebody may approach your record, we firmly suggest that you change your secret phrase and update security settings. You can do that on the Security settings page, where you can likewise eliminate every confided in gadget. To study account the board and security, see Security fundamentals.

Can you get hacked just by opening an email?

Would I be able to get an infection by perusing my email messages? Most infections, Trojan ponies, and worms are actuated when you open a connection or snap a connection contained in an email message. Assuming your email customer permits prearranging, then, at that point, it is feasible to get an infection by basically opening a message.

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