How to Change Profile Picture on Imvu Best Guide 2022

Your profile picture can mirror your state of mind, and in IMVU, you can change your profile picture however much you like. If you don’t know how to change profile picture on imvu follow the given steps.You can snap a photo of your IMVU 3D symbol or even transfer an image of yourself. This image will be shown on your landing page and on your symbol card in the Chat Software and site.

Before going to main topic we will discuss a little bit about IMVU.

What in IMVU?

IMVU is an online metaverse and person to person communication webpage. IMVU was established in 2004 and was initially upheld by adventure financial backers Menlo Ventures, AllegisCyber Capital, Bridgescale Partners, and Best Buy Capital. IMVU individuals utilize 3D symbols to meet new people, talk, make, and mess around.

Methods of how to change profile picture on IMVU:

There are three different methods that you can use to change profile picture according to Imvu.We will discuss all the three ways in the below with simple steps.

(A). Through Website

(B). Through 3D chat software

(C). By using mobile app

If you are serious and want to really know about changing profile picture then follow the below steps and don’t skip any step.

(A). How to Change Profile Picture on IMVU Steps:

Go to the IMVU website page and make your IMVU account if you are new here then select an effective profile picture. But if you have already a user then Follow the below steps to change your profile picture on imvu.

  • Log into your account/record by click on ‘Sign IN‘ and entering your enrolled email address and Password in the given space pointed by the bolt.

how to change profile picture on imvu

  • On the landing page, go to profile by click on the ‘change Profile‘ symbol with your symbol’s picture point by the bolt for visual reference.
  • It will take you to ‘Profile Edit‘ There click on ‘Change profile picture‘ pointed by the bolt to make the important adjustment to your profile picture.

change profile picture

  • Here on ‘Change Profile Image,’ you can pick the picture you needed to change your profile picture.
  • It will guide you to pick the picture of your inclination. Snap-on the picture like displayed in the image.
  • It will return you to your profile, where you can change the picture as indicated by space. When done tap on save changes and it’s finished.

 If the picture you have pick is of a more limited size, then, at that point zoom in utilizing the ‘Amplifying glass‘ in the corner to set in completely in the round space.

  • You can likewise zoom out if the picture is extremely pixilated to make it look far away as opposed to all over

(B). How to change Profile picture on Imvu by 3D software:

You can change your picture by using 3D software camera. If you want to use this methods then follow the below steps:

  • Go to IMVU Client then login if you are not login yet.
  • On the main page click on Dress up.
  • Now you will see camera icon that you will simple click.
  • Choose anyone avatar or picture that you want to use or you can choose camera if you want to use your own picture.
  • When you will choose your favourite one then click on save.
  • If you want to change then click on “Take another picture
  • Then repaeat Point five easily.

But if you have an mobile app for your devices like Android and Apple then you can change profile avatar by following the below method.

(C). How to Change Profile Picture on IMVU at Mobile:

In case you are battling to discover how to alter profile picture on IMVU on android then, at that point follow the beneath steps to keep away from stress. Here are six stages on the most proficient method to change profile picture.

  • log in to your record, in case you are not signed in as of now.

how to change profile picture on imvu

  • Once on the landing page, go to profile.

select profile

  • On the profile page, click on Edit.
  • Snap on the change profile symbol in the altered profile.

click chnage profile

  • It will give both of you choices either ‘Take photograph‘ or ‘Pick Existing.’ Click on anybody.

choose any two options

  • Snap-on ‘Done‘ in the wake of choosing the image.

But if you want to delete Imvu app from mobile then cancel your subscriptons first. 

About IMVU:

IMVU is an online metaverse and interpersonal interaction website. IMVU was established in 2004 and was initially supported by adventure financial backers Menlo Ventures, AllegisCyber Capital, Bridgescale Partners, and Best Buy Capital. IMVU individuals utilize 3D symbols to meet new individuals, visit, make, and mess around.

In 2014, IMVU had around 6,000,000 dynamic players. what’s more had the biggest virtual products inventory of in excess of 6 million things starting at 2011. The business was recently situated in Mountain View, California. It was known as one of the main specialists of the lean startup approach.It is founded by Will Harvey, Eric Ries, Marcus Gosling, Matt Danzig.


here we discussed all the possible ways of how to change profile picture on imvu with simple steps and all the information related to it.We hope you have solved your problem but feel free to contact us if you still facing any problem.You can also follow them at social media.






1. How to transfer my image to IMVU?

Go to Feed and tap on the ‘Photographs’ it will guide you. Additionally, You can follow the above technique to transfer your image on imvu

2. How to change my symbol picture?

You can change your IMVU symbol on your versatile and work area by following similar three stages and afterward click on change profile look.

3. How to include text in my IMVU account?

Go to your feed in your profile and select ‘Text’ to compose and impart to other people.

4. How to save pictures from IMVU account?

Go to the picture on the feed you need to save and right-snap to choose the ‘save as picture’ alternative.

5. How to change the symbol in the work area?

Go to ‘Stock’ and afterward go to Avatars to pick your symbol and afterward click on three dabs to change the outfits from the shop appropriately.

6. How to change IMVU profile picture?

Go to ‘Profile’ and tap on ‘Alter Profile Picture.’ Then pick the picture of your decision and set it as per space gave.

You can likewise finish the means referenced above for your better comprehension.

7. How to alter the IMVU profile picture?

You can zoom in/out of your picture utilizing the instruments on the left side.

For better agreement allude to our exhaustive article up here.

8. Step-by-step instructions to change your profile picture on IMVU?

We have addressed bit by bit above how to change profile picture, so finish those means for your assistance.

9. Instructions to alter IMVU picture?

You can change the size of the picture by utilizing the apparatuses given on the left half of the profile.

10.Step by step instructions to change my symbol picture?

In the profile, go to change the profile picture of your symbol by tapping on alter and picking the picture you need to supplant it with.