How to change imvu password easy guide in 2022

If you forgot your password or whether you have security issues then you can go to change your Imuv password. Here we are going to discuss about how to change Imvu password follow the below methods.

What is Imvu:

Imvu is an online metaverse and interpersonal interaction site.A platform where you can meet and talk with new people for entertainment.You can make your profile and also edit or delete it it.

(A). How to change imvu password through Website:

If you want to change your Imvu account password then follow these points

  • GO to the Imvu website and log in to your account

how to change profile picture on imvu

how to change imvu password

  • You will find the current password space here you will enter your current password
  • Then retype your new password and pres on continue.

how can change imvu password

  • Again login to your account with the new password

how to change profile picture on imvu

(B). How to change your password on mobile

If you want to change your password on mobile then it’s a very simple method to do so. You will follow these steps:

  • Open any browser from your mobile
  • Open the Imvu website and login into your account
  • how to change profile picture on imvuAfter that go to the settings shown below and then You will find the change password link on the left side of the account page

how can you change imvu password

how to change imvu password

  • Here you will enter your current password and then retype your new password for confirmation

how can change imvu password

  • Now click continue for the complete process of change the password

how can change imvu password

How to reset imvu password?

Are you forgot your Imvu account password and want to reset your password of Imvu account then you will follow these steps:

  • In the first place, open the secret key reset page “

click on forget password

  • Enter the email address and snap on the proceed with the button.

enetr your email

  • Presently an affirmation email was sent with directions and a brief secret key
  • Your impermanent IMVU secret key is the title of the mail you get
  • Presently click on click here blue connection in the email
  • Affirmation that new secret word shipped off your email address At long last, you get your symbol name and transitory secret word.


Here in the last we concluded that we discussed in this article all the possible methods of how to change imvu password easily.And all info about resetting of password. For more queries you can contact us through comment section.


What should i do I Forgot My Password?

Ans: Go to the catalog page of Imvu and give your email address here you will find an email from where you can change your password

What is my IMVU password?

Ans: Go to the Imvu account page and go to forget password page here you have to give an email and you will find an email in your email (check also in junk or spam folders) now click a button given in the email now you will reset your temporary password

How do I change my IMVU password and email?

Ans: Go to the Imvu page and click the account link (located upper right hand). Click change the email address in account tools then put out a new email and password you will receive an email with a code after verifying your email you will receive the message “congratulations email changes”

How do I change my IMVU account?

Open the IMVU Mobile application. Tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.Tap the “Alter” button close to your symbol name on the right-hand side. A spring up window will show up. Enter your ideal showcase name. Tap to “Save Changes.”

How do you reset IMVU?

Go to your inbox and quest for an email that says “IMVU Alert: Your record has been deleted.”Open up the email and you will see a connection to reactivate your record.Click on the reactivation connect and follow the given methodology to reestablish your closed account.

Does IMVU delete old accounts?

yes Imvu removes dormant records to make them accessible for new clients.

How do I delete my IMVU account from my Apple ID?

The best way to remove your imvu account is to reappear the secret key. The secret word is obscure when you join with the Apple ID.

What is IMVU premium name?

At the point when a client pursues IMVU, they are needed to pick a username that will turn into the record name with which they sign in. It’s additionally the name shown in visit rooms, in the conversations area, gatherings, profile pages

How can I get free IMVU credits?

You can procure free credits ordinary playing this pleasant game! Simply sign into IMVU Next or IMVU Mobile and twist! Day by day Spin will be accessible one time per day.

How do you change your age on IMVU?

Look down to the “Case Description” segment of the on the web “Present a Case” structure, then, at that point, click on the field close to “Case Category” and select “General Support” starting from the drop menu. A “General Topics” field shows up. Select “Age Verification Request” starting from the drop menu.for more detail about change age visit us.


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