How to change age on imvu In 2022 | Easy steps with images

Are you new on imvu and want to become an account on imvu but you select you wrong age and want to know how to change age on imvu? You are at the right place we will describe to you about the change in your age on imvu.

What is Imvu?

IMVU is an online metaverse and informal communication webpage. IMVU was established in 2004.

First of all, it is an infringement of the Terms of Service to statement misdirecting data which may bring about your record being debilitated by the staff for 14 days or closed forever. Assuming you are 18 or more seasoned than that, all things considered, then, at that point, you don’t need to stress nor change your age however on the off chance that you are a less than 18 and need to change your age then you need to petition for an assistance ticket through imvu help which may incorporate imvu email change in the event that your record is deleted by the staff.

Methods of How to change age on imvu easily:

There are three methods to change your age easily on imvu that we will describe below.If you are confirm about changing of your age then follow the below methods:

(A). Through Website.

(B). By using mobile app

(C). Through contact them.

You should follow one method all of them but without skipping any step.Let’s start to discuss one by one these methods.

(A).How to change age on imvu through website:

you can follow these steps to change your age on imvu

Login to your account:

log into your account on desktop, if you’re not logged in.

how to change age on imvu

Go to profile and Help:

Attend your Profile then click on Help Center.

Go to Help center

Click on the contact us:

 Help Center will take you to the website page. Click on Contact Us.

click on contact us

Click on Submit a case:

Contact Us will direct you towards Submit a Case, click thereon.

click on submit

Create a case:

Submit a Case will take you to the ‘How can we help you’ page which will guide you on the way to file the case otherwise you can create a case.


Fill up all spaces:

Scroll right down to create a case of your own by filling the spaces within the image. For more information, click on the ‘How do I modify or correct my age’ article.

Get all information:

By clicking on the ‘How do I modify or correct my age’ article you’ll get all the required information got to make the change. you’ll be contacted once your case is processed.

article change age

(B). How to Change Your Age on IMVU Mobile

The process of adjusting your age on an IMVU account in mobile is quickly similar because it requires filing for a ticket either way which accesses your avatar’s name for age verification.

Follow the first two step same as in website if you don;t know then go above process and check steps

  • Help Center will take you to the website page, click on the menu button.

clcick on menu mobile

  • It’ll show Contact Us, click submit a case.

submit case mobile

  • Contact Us will take you to submit your case.

fill up all portions

  • Click on submit a case and it takes you to the How can we assist your page. Either you’ll click create your own case.

fill up all portions

  • Scroll down there you’ll find the create your own case. Fill within the spaces like within the image and submit. The customer service will reach out once your case is processed.

 Note: Please do not send your selfie, ID, or credit card photos unless they ask for them.

(C). How to change age on imvu By contacting them:

Now, you can either contact the organization through the live talk or open a ticket. Then, at that point, you ought to depict your concern and delay until the client assistance reaches out to you. After that occurs, you will be approached to give the records that check your age. Assuming the records are substantial and right, your age on this assistance will be fixed as needs be.You can also know about changing of profile picture.

About Company:

The world’s biggest symbol-based informal organization where shared encounters assemble further fellowships, imagination counts, and all connections matter.Each month 7+ million individuals visit IMVU, where they spend a shocking normal of 55 minutes of the day modifying their symbols, talking with companions, shopping, hanging out at cool gatherings, sharing encounters, and bringing in genuine cash making virtual items.


Here we discussed all the methods of how to change age on imvu with simple methods with easy steps from your mobile and website but if you are facing problem in changing age on imvu then you can contact us by comment section.


Can you change your age on imvu?

Yes, you can change your age on imvu account according to the described method

How to change your birthday on imvu?

Under any condition you wish to change or address your Date of birth, you may do as such by documenting a Help Ticket. After they get the solicitation, they may request a reasonable and intelligible duplicate of any Government-gave ID that contains your date of birth for reference.

What is the age limit for IMVU?

The app is for the age of actually 17 years and above. There is not allowed less than 17 years.

Is it legal to lie about your age?

It is illegal to lie about your age, Your account will ban if you will be caught by Imvu security.

How do I delete my 2021 IMVU account?

Go to the record shutting page of IMVU. You want to sign in assuming that you’re not signed in. Now, enter the secret phrase in the Delete Account page and snap Continue. Presently your IMVU account cancellation process is finished.

How do you get AP passes on IMVU?

It’s a very astonishing component accessible to IMVU clients who are 18+. AP gives TONS of unique honors to the pleasure in all dream cherishing grown-ups! For a one-time frame expense of $20 or 20,000 Credits and Age Verification you can make the way for Access Pass, a selective grown-ups simply world that is ready to be found!

How long is IMVU disabled?

Assuming that you essentially utilized the IMVU erase account choice or got locked out because of secret key issues, clients can in any case buy your items. Be that as it may, assuming IMVU boycotts you for a terms of administration infringement, your substance will become inaccessible except if you can get the record reactivated inside 30 days.

How old do you have to be to get ap?

By and large, any understudy in grades 11-12 who is scholastically prepared ought to think about taking AP. Assuming your kid has taken the PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, or SAT, the AP Potential segment of their online score report will show which AP courses your kid is probably going to do well in view of how they performed on the test.

What is IMVU app?

Most readily accessible in 2004, IMVU is a virtual world that is presumably best considered to be a design game crossed with a visit application. The emphasis is truly on friendly commitment and talking, in spite of the fact that clients can do things like dance, also. IMVU is accessible on internet browsers, Android gadgets, and iOS gadgets.

Is IMVU for free?

it’s thoroughly free! Your fantasy life, love life and virtual life anticipate in IMVU, a metaverse where genuine comes to play. The symbol life is your life, make it what you need it to be

How do I get my IMVU password back?

Download and introduce Password Recovery Bundle. Run Password Recovery Bundle, then, at that point, click the Start Recovery button. Select the IMVU Password choice.

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