How To Cancel Fundonkey Account best Guide in 2023

Are you wondering about how to cancel fundonkey account with easy and simple steps then we are here to give detail about removing your account, canceling memberships, and removing credit cards or payment methods in detail. If you are confirmed about the cancellation of the account then follow the given ways that we described below. But before going to the original topic then we should know about fundonkey.

What is Fundonkey?

Fundonkey is a web-based media organization, offering music, films, computer games, and books to clients for a month-to-month membership expense. 

What should you do before canceling Fundonkey:

You should keep in mind before deleting your account that you should cancel your memberships and remove the payment method. For that, you should have to follow the below methods.

(A). Cancel your memberships:

You should cancel your memberships before cancellation of your account.New members will actually want to partake in a free 5-day preliminary. After the preliminary, your record will be moved up to an exceptional participation. Premium enrollments are $39.95 each month. The month to month enrollment expense is charged on a repetitive premise and is normally taken out around the same time every month. You can without much of a stretch drop your Fundonkey participation.If you want to remove your memberships then follow the below steps:

  • Go to My Account
  • Pick “membership”.
  • Select “cancel Membership” and follow the means gave.

(B). Remove Payment Methods:

You should remove payment methods or credit cards before deleting your account.For removing your credit cards follow the below steps:

  • Sign into Fundonkey’s and snap on My Account.
  • Click Edit in the Payment Method segment.
  • Roll out the vital improvements, and hit Save Changes.

Methods of how to cancel fundonkey account:

There are only two methods of canceling fundonkey account that you can use to deactivate the account. Here we have given those methods below:

(a). By live agent

(b). By submitting a request

let’s start to discuss these methods to cancel your account with simple steps.

(A). Delete fundonkey account by live agent:

It is a simple and easy method to remove your account. You can simply contact with a live agent and tell them to cancel the account.For cancellation, you can use follow the below steps:

  • Contact the business at 1-888-983-1287 or 1-302-319-4668 in 24/7 in a day.
  • Prompt the agent that you need to drop your record
  • Demand that you be discounted
  • Furnish the specialist with your record information
  • Request a verbal affirmation code or email as confirmation of your undoing
  • Hold the affirmation data you’re given    

(B). Remove fundonkey submitting a request:

you can submit a request or ticket to cancel your account and memberships/subscriptions from fundonkey. If you feel difficulty with the above method then you can use this method. Follow the below steps to move on.

  •    Go to the following or the given link
  • You will go to the main page of submitting a request.
  • Here you will submit your email address that is attached to fundonkey account.
  • In the subject, you will write “delete/cancel fundonkey account”
  • You will select the “none of the above” option in the slider of what you need help with.
  • In the description folder, You will give all the descriptions or info of your account and request them to remove your account.
  •  If you have any document then attach it by clicking attach button.
  • Then in the last just click on submit.
  • They will contact you when they find your request.

how to cancel fundonkey account

You can composean email for cancellation at given email address

Things that are required for canceling fundonkey:

Thre is many things that are important for canceling account. You have must these things that we are describing below:


  • First Name and Last Name
  • Password and Username
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Amount of Last Charge
  • Date of Last Charge
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Billing Address
  • City and Country
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code.

About Company:

Fundonkey is an online media association, offering music, films, PC games, and books to customers for a month-to-month participation cost. The site is possessed by KingPlay Corporation, which is an organization that was established in 2015. KingPlay Corporation is settled in Wilmington, DE. The site is accessible to clients in the United States and perhaps different regions also.


We discussed in this article we learned about how to cancel fundonkey account in simple and easy ways. We also learned how to cancel memberships and remove credit cards and payment methods. We knew about important things that are important for deleting accounts. You can follow them on social media by going to the given links in below:






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