How to Change Language on Messenger

How-to-Change-Language-on-Messenger (1)-min

There are a lot of instant messaging apps available on the internet, but Messenger is one of the most popular Instant Messaging applications ever made, Its default language is English.  Your Facebook account allows you to communicate with all your friends by sending video/audio calls, gifs, stickers, and more. As Messenger has global users and … Read more

Facebook Touch Login


With Facebook Touch, users can access their Internet data faster on their mobile devices. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks.  Using Facebook Touch, users can interact with Facebook using their fingers by scrolling, selecting, zooming, and pinching through posts and pages. This software enhances the color quality of images and allows users … Read more

How to add Someone on Facebook

How to add Someone on Facebook

Facebook allows people to stay connected to one another when they create a Facebook account and they can add, find, or remove friends. Their activities appear in the News Feed, Photos, and Stories.  It may be possible for you to find someone you are looking for but have not been able to reach. We can … Read more

How to Download YouTube Profile Picture

How to Download YouTube Profile Picture

From the very first impression of a YouTube channel, design a profile photo that perfectly captures the personality or brand of the channel.  Generally, YouTube channel profile pictures are displayed in small sizes like  88 X 88. Unfortunately, there are no tools online that can help you view and download YouTube profile pictures, but you … Read more

How to Sign Out of Youtube on all Devices

How to Sign Out of Youtube on all Devices

Globally, YouTube has a vast audience. You can watch a lot of interesting videos on YouTube because it’s one of the most popular spaces on the internet. You can subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels , and also you can like, dislike videos, and comment on them. You’ll find videos from all over the world, … Read more

How To Remove Friends Except List On Facebook Easy Guide 2022

how to remove friends except lists

Do you want to hide some posts or videos or statuses from any person? Or are you fed up from too much disturbances of dislike people then here is amazing feature of facebook.In which we discuss How To Remove Friends Except List On Facebook.According to this you can now hide your posts from special one. … Read more

How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook Shortly In 2022

How To Recover Deleted Comments On Facebook

Facebook updates day by day itself according to its clients requirments and provides facilities according to user’s wish.So, If you have deleted your comment accidentally and want to know how to recover deleted comments on facebook then this post will guide you about it.Similarly Facebook give facilites about retrieve deleted posts, poke friends easily at … Read more

How to Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook| Best Guide 2022

How To Recover Deleted Posts On Facebook

Have you accidentally deleted your post and want to recover it then you are at right place where we will guide you on how to recover deleted posts on facebook and undeleted posts.We going to disucss all the info related to deletion posts and retrieve it later. But do you know you if you have … Read more